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The Reservoir is one of the main locations in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8, RE8). Guides includes Village Pt. 3 ~ Drowned Houses Walkthrough, map, shotgun, item and more!!!

Table of Contents

Campaign Progression & Walkthrough

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3. House Beneviento 5. Stronghold
Story Mission Walkthrough List

Reservoir Walkthrough - Up To The Altar

1After leaving House Beneviento, you'll be able to travel north and south of it (Optional)
2In the southern part, get the W870 TAC Shotgun as well as a Sun and Moon Ball
3In the north, you can get the Luthier's Key and an Onyx Skull
※ To get the Onyx Skull you'll need to do another tilting mini game with the previously obtained Sun and Moon Ball
4The path to the altar is littered with items, so make sure to pick them up as you head back
※ There are enemies here, so beware.
5Use the Luthier's Key to go get the Maestro's Collection from the village (Optional)
The code here is「270917」
6You can get the key item Broken Slab near a fence on the left side of the base (Optional)
7Use the Four-Winged Unborn Key to the south of the Altar and proceed forward
※ Enemies will attack you right away
8Use the Iron Insignia Key in the small room with the water wheel and get a GM79

Get Items Along The Way

Get Items Along The Way

After leaving House Beneviento, you'll now be able to access more places than before. You can find the W870 TAC Shotgun as well as other treasures here. In the next part leading up to the altar, you'll also be able to find tons of items to pick up, so don't miss out on them. You will be assaulted by enemies, but it's worth the hassle.

Prepare For Battle


When you go past the gate and further south, you'll be assaulted by a series of Lycans. You'll be able to attack once you seek shelter in a small hut, so keep your distance and try to dispatch these enemies quickly using a shotgun.

Get The GM79 Beforehand


Use the Iron Insignia Key in the small hut with a water wheel in it to obtain the GM79. This is a very high damage gun that can definitely be useful for upcoming battles.

Up To The Reservoir Walkthrough Guide

1When you go along the water in the eastern settlement, you'll see a green sludge. Destroy it with a knife.
2Go along the road, destroy the sludge in front of the ladder and climb up
3Get the Photo of a Rare Animal from a small hut in this area
4Drop down into the basement and follow the path. Take the elevator at the end
5Follow the path forward. When you get the Arms Flask, an event will trigger
6Go back the way you came to find the gate in front of the elevator open. Go through it.
7There's a boat outside which you'll need a key for, so go up the stairs in the back of the tunnel and destroy the boards with a yellow mark on them to proceed.
8Get the Boat Key from a small room here
※ There are a lot of Lycans here
9Exit the tunnel and ride the boat up until the cave.
※ You can get at the chest near the boat this point.
10When you walk into the curtains at the end of the cave an event will start

Get The Boat Key In The Tunnel

Boat Key

There's a boat outside of the tunnel which you'll need a key to access. The key can be found inside the tunnel here, so climb the stairs near the exit of the tunnel. This looks like a dead end, but if you destroy the boards with yellow tape on them you'll be able to go further in.

Large Amounts Of Lycans Appear


Around the room containing the key, you'll find a huge amount of Lycans. Try to use AoE weapons or items such as land mines to deal with them. When you get in the room you can barricade yourself in there, so use that to help deal with this wave of enemies.

Up To The Sluice Gate

1After the event, get away from the water and head to the sluice gate control area (on the hill)
2There's no power here, so you'll need to head farther in until the windmill.
The Duke can be found past the door in the back (the one that isn't the exit)
3If you try to move the crank it will break, so climb down into the basement area out of the windmill.
4Walk across the broken boards and head to the other windmill
※ If you fall in the water you'll get a game over, so be careful
5When you reach a spot where you can't progress, use the knife to break down some boards with yellow tape on them.
6By pulling on levers here, you can open up the path marked by tape of the corresponding color
7Push the wheelbarrow and make your way forward
8Destroy the green sludge and climb the ladder. When you pull the lever, you'll pull up a large ship
9Climb onto the bow of the ship, destroy the sludge quickly and move forward
※ If you're too slow you'll lose your footing here, so be careful
10Destroy the lock found at the base of a ladder here in the middle.
11There will be a crank up here you can obtain. If you use the crank on the same gear and turn it, you'll be able to climb up a ladder.
12Use the rope here to travel to the other windmill. When you get back, use the crank.
13Return to the sluice gate controls and turn the lights on in the order written on the paper
※ The paper is slanted 90 degrees, however, so use the black ■ as a reference
14When you use the lever, the water will withdraw and Moreau will run away on land. Follow after him.
15Battle Moreau
▼See boss fight info below
16Continue forward after you've beaten him and get the 『Six-Winged Unborn Key』, then return to the surface.
※ You can now get the chest near the boat, as well as another Goat

Destroy The Boards Marked With Yellow Tape

Yellow tape

▲There are 3 boards you can break, one of which can only be broken by using a gun

In order to get to the 2nd windmill, you'll need to float across the water. At one point you'll be blocked from progressing further - here your should simply destroy the boards marked with yellow tape to proceed. Note that if you get attacked by Moreau and fall into the water, you'll get a game over!

Pull The Colored Levers

Colored Levers

Pulling on the three colored levers (blue, orange, and white) will cause a path to form in the location where that same color tape is wrapped. These paths will disappear over time, so make sure to move quickly.

White -> Blue -> Orange Is The Order

The first time you'll have to pull the orange and then blue levers to get to the area in the back. After this, you can use the levers in the order of white -> blue -> orange. The time to get across each bridge will be different for each lever. If you don't make it across, you'll have to repeat part of this process.

Light Up The Panel According To The Diagram


When you've turned on the power and returned to the Sluice Gate Controls, you'll have to do a short puzzle where you turn on some lights. Use the diagram you're provided to solve it. Note that the image is initially titled 90 degrees.

Stock Up At The Duke's Shop

Duke's Shop

You acn find the Duke past the door in the back here (the one that isn't the exit). You'll be fighting a boss after this, so you'll want to take this opportunity to stock up on anything you might need, including ammo. Don't forget to save as well.

Moreau Boss Fight

Moreau Battle Strategy Points

  • Attack the body inside Moreau's mouth.
  • Battle Moreau while keep your distance.
  • Use explosives in the area to deal massive damage.
  • Avoid the acid showers attacks by hiding in places with a roof.

Attack When The Mouth Of The Boss Is Open

Open Mouth

▲ Shoot the body when the boss is in this form.!!!

The "real body" of Moreau is inside of its mouth. When hit, it will deal huge damage so it is recommended to focus on dealing damage when the boss' mouth is open.

Maintain Distance

Remain Distance

Since the boss attacks in a wide AOE and the battle area is narrow, it would be difficult to fight in close combat. Maintain distance with the boss and attack with range weapons and explosives.

Make Use Of Explosives In The Area


In the battle area, several explosives are set. Hit them with range weapons like gun when Moreau is close to stun the boss.

Avoid Acid Showers By Hiding In Structures With Roof

Acid Shower

Once Moreau climbs a platform, it will spray acid covering the whole area dealing continues damage. Once you spot the boss climbing, quickly search for a place to cover.

Moreau Boss Fight Full Guide

Map & Item Locations

The following maps will be translated into English soon, so check back regularly.


Village Map


Reservoir Map

Goats of Warding

Reservoir (Near The Bridges With The Levers)


Boat Loading Area (After Moreau Battle)

Goats of Warding Locations

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Story Walkthrough

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