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Miranda Boss Fight - How To Beat & Strategy
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Miranda Boss Fight - How To Beat & Strategy

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Miranda is a boss enemy for Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8 / RE8). Learn how to defeat Mother Miranda, weakness, strategy, tips & more about final boss, Mutated Miranda!!!

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Miranda - Tips & How To Beat

Miranda Battle Strategy Points

  • Stock up on Ammos, Bombs, and Mines at Duke's Shop.
  • Aim for the head for max damage.
  • Focus On Evading Miranda's slice attacks.
  • Guard to block leap attack damage.
  • Shoot orb to stop them from damaging you.

Stock Up On Weapons Before Battle

Sniper Rifle

Miranda is the final boss fought in the Ceremony Site area. Stack up on weapons especially Ammo for Shotguns and Sniper Rifles. Make sure to upgrade your weaponry too.

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Recommended Weapons For Boss Fight

Weapon TypeRecommended Features
Sniper・Able to dish out a lot of power even at a distance
・All guns in this category are recommended
・Will require a bit of skills at aiming correctly
Magnum・Powerful and easy to keep shooting with
・Recommended for Phase 2 & 3 due to its limited amount of bullets
Grenade・Has a wide area of attack
・Recommended for Phase 3
Shotgun・Recommended for Phase 2 which is more of a short-range battle
Handgun・Can continuously shoot with ease & provides a high level of mobility
・Lacking somewhat in power

Powerful weapons such as magnums and grenades are particularly recommended for the final phase. However, due to the limited amount of bullets of these weapons, you may have to switch between different types as you go along.

Phase 1: Keep A Safe Distance

Mother Miranda Boss Fight

Mother Miranda will be mostly moving slowly at Phase 1, making it relatively easy to clear as long as you keep a safe distance. Maximize the use of long-range weapons.

Hide Behind Trees & Attack From There

Mother Miranda Boss Fight

If you notice that suddenly trees start to spring out from left to right, she'll be attacking right from the center of that structure. If you hide behind the trees, you won't get hit by her attacks. You can also attack through the gaps between the trees. Take note that she'll attack from the side at the end of this attack.

Phase 2: Focus On Guarding

Mother Miranda Boss Fight

If you inflict a certain level of damage on her, she'll shift to Phase 2. She'll grow legs on her back and will be moving quite quickly in this form. Because of this, it'll be difficult to avoid getting hit, which is why it's important to focus on guarding yourself while keeping a safe distance between you and her.

Run Forward To Avoid Jump Attacks

Her jump attacks are characterized by her going up on higher ground. You can easily avoid getting hit by running forward.

Phase 3: Fight With Sniper Rifle Or Magnum Weapons

Mother Miranda Boss Fight

Phase 3 will have Mother Miranda growing wings which will enable her to fly. This will mostly be an aerial battle, so utilize your long-range weapons that can deal plenty of damage like Sniper Rifles and Magnums.

Avoid Her Shots Of Light By Moving Left & Right

Mother Miranda Boss Fight

When you see 3 orbs of light by her head, she's preparing for a shooting attack. You can avoid getting hit by moving left & right. They may also be stopped midway if you counter them with hits, so shoot at them one by one, or use a grenade to destroy all of her 3 shots at once.

Prevent Aerial Attack By Shooting At Her Head

When you notice her flying up in the air as if collecting light & gas as she prepares to attack, quickly aim at her head and shoot with a Sniper to prevent it completley.

Attack Loop After Phase 3

After you inflict a certain level of damage at Phase 3, she'll turn dark and grey for a moment, signaling the start of her attack loop of all phases. The attack patterns remain the same, so remember your strategies and keep fighting till the end.

No Need To Attack During Dark Phase

Mother Miranda Boss Fight

Mother Miranda will only appear right before she attacks, so there's no need to keep attacking during this dark phase. She'll attack after a certain period of time, so focus on avoiding that first attack instead.

Focus On Evading Slice Attacks


Miranda will glide in the air and attack you. This attacks will heavily damage you so make sure to focus on dodging or blocking these attacks.

Aim For The Head To Deal Most Damage


In the first phase of the battle, you have a clear view of the head of Miranda. Make use of this short phase to easily deal damage to the boss. Using shotguns like M1897 is recommended for this stage.

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Prepare To Guard When Miranda Glides Up


Miranda can glide high up or climb a platform and leap towards you. Guard to avoid damage from this attack. After blocking the attack, the boss will be open for damage so make sure to use this instance to attack the boss.

Snipe The Head After The Boss Backs Off


After successfully blocking the leap attack, the boss will move back enabling you to easily snipe its head. Make use of this moment to deal more damage.

Stop Orb Attacks By Shooting Them


Miranda can summon three powerful orbs during battle this will severely damage you so make sure to shoot them with rifle and make them explode and stop it from damaging you.

Miranda - Boss Details

Final Boss Of The Game


Mother Miranda is the final boss in Resident Evil Village. After finishing this boss, you will reach the ending of the game. Miranda is the "ruler" of the 4 lords and the head honcho of the village.

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Anonymous 2

For the darkness round all you need to do is run around the outside in a circle. The moment you see Miranda in front of you turn around and head the other direction

ZZ 1

Something to note about the Phase 3 darkness part, you can actually end it early by using a flashbang round, saving some time and making it a bit easier to get through.

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