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Heisenberg's Factory is a location in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8, RE8). Guide includes Heisenberg Factory walkthrough guide, map, weapons and items, and enemies!!!

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Heisenberg Factory - Up To The Duke's Shop

1Place the Torso Flask into the altar
2Place the Giant's Chalice in the stone structure and proceed down
3Follow the path and head to Heisenberg's factory. Examine the clothing to start a cutscene
※ Once you enter the factory, you won't be able to leave!
4Escape from enemies by fleeing into nearby ducts
5Go further in through the ducts and climb up the ladder. You'll find the Duke's shop here.
※ Save point
Can expand your inventory here

Stock Up On Shotgun & Sniper Rifle Ammo

The Shotgun and Sniper Rifle are extremely useful in this coming section, so you'll really want to make sure you don't run out of ammo. Stock up on as much as you can, and buy new weapons/upgrades if you can afford it too.

Heisenberg Factory - Up To The Relief Of The Horse

Quick Navigation Table
▲Shop▶Relief of the Horse▼Cog
▼Elevator▼Key▼Sturm Battle
▼Boss▼Full Map
1Follow the road past the Duke's shop and destroy the door with the orange ball
2Leave the room with the elevator control panel and go to the room with the casting machine
3Head to the left of this room to get the Relief Mold.
4The enemy that was sitting will start move, so fight it while running away (aim for the red part on its chest)
5Return to the casting room and use the Mold there to get the Relief of the Horse

Relief Mold Inside Factory's Interrogation Room

Relief Mold Inside Factory

The Relief Mold can be found inside the trunk in the Interrogation Room. It's in the room behind the enemy sitting on the chair.

Aim For The Glowing Red Part

There are several enemies in the factory whose weak spot is their heart! They will often defend their weak point with their left hand, so you should wait until you see them begin to start their attack animation to fire!

▲ If you get close, the enemy will start to wind up for an attack.

Relief Of A Horse After Using The Casting Machine

Relief Of A Horse  After Using The Casting Machine

After placing the Relief Mold into the Casting Machine, it will create the Relief of a Horse.

Heisenberg Factory - Up To The Large Cog

1Place the Relief of the Horse into the indentation to the right of the machine to advance forward.
2Go forward through this next area
※ Aim for the glowing orange parts to stop the device
3Climb up the ladder in the back and pass through the ducts to head to the generator
Destroy the cracked wall on the way with a pipe bomb, as there's a Mechanical Part (Cylinder) in there.
4Go along the path and get the Factory Map (Lower Level) and the Cog Mold
5Return to the casting room and use the Cog Mold to get the Large Cog

Wait Until The Machine Slows Down

When shooting out the orange lights on this machine, it's easier to determine the trajectory by noting when the machine stops, then not moving your gun. Adjust your reticule slightly after each rotation and shoot when it slows down. This will help you save ammo.

▲ Don't just mindlessly shoot or try to follow the orange lights as they move - wait until they slow down!

Heisenberg Factory - Up To The Elevator

1Return to the generator room and use the Large Cog to return power to the area
2Enemies with weak spots on their hearts will spawn here, but if you're low on ammo you can just use the area's geography to avoid battles instead
You can electrocute these enemies by luring them over into the 3 red fuses nearby and shooting the fuse.
(Optional) You can enter a surgery room if you break a specific wall
Get the Long Barrel attachment for the M1851 Wolfsbane
3Head to the room with the elevator control panel, use it and proceed forward
※ The fan-like enemies from before will appear here too, so run away
4Head outside and call the elevator by pulling the lever. You'll be able to access the Duke's shop and a save point here.

Lure Enemies Into Breaking The Wall

If you lure the enemy in the location seen in the video below, you'll be able to get them to break the wall for you. This will let you enter the surgery room.

▲You'll have to get close so the enemy starts to attack, then dodge away.

Shop Can Be Used For Movement


The shop and save point are in an elevator, and can actually be used as a means of transportation after you've restored power to the area. You can go to B1, B3, and B4 this way.

Heisenberg Factory - Up To Getting Heisenberg's Key

1Climb up the ladder near the elevator and proceed forward into the cave.
(Optional) On the way, there's a wall you can break right behind the place where you climbed off the ladder. There's a treasure behind this wall!
2When you get out of the Grinder Shaft, destroy the 4 orange orbs on the ceiling while climbing up.
※ Two new enemies will pop up here
3Proceed forward and get the Factory Map (Upper Levels)
4Push a wheelbarrow to open up a secret passage. Go through here to get the Ball Mold.
5A cutscene will trigger where you get sucked up by a massive fan. Then, destroy the orange part in the middle.
※ If you fail to do this, you'll get a Game Over
6From inside the fan go along the pipe and climb up a ladder
7Go along the path and open a chest in a small room here to get the Key Mold
8Go on ahead and take the elevator back to B3. Head for the casting room
※ Enemies spawn along the way
9Use the Key Mold in the casting machine to get Heisenberg's Key. Also use the Ball Mold to get the Iron Horse Ball.

4. Get The Ball Mold

Ball Mold

After getting the Factory Map (Upper Level), look for a wheelbarrow you can push. This will reveal a hole you can climb through to get the Ball Mold.

Ok To Run From New Enemies

The new enemies which spawn in the shaft are quite bulky and mobile. If you're running low on health items or ammo, it's okay to just run away from these. You can do this by destroying the devices on the ceiling.

▲ Make sure to guard when you see this dash move incoming.

Equip Your Handgun

The event where you get sucked in by the fan will give you a game over if you do nothing. Make sure to equip your handgun before and aim for the orange bit in the center.

▲Make sure your gun is equipped before this!

Use Both Molds In Contraption

Iron Horse Ball & Heisenberg

Be careful not to use this contraption just once! Place the Ball Mold in to get the Iron Horse Ball first, then place the Key Mold in to get Heisenberg's Key.

Heisenberg Factory - Up To Sturm Battle

(Optional) Drop by Heisenberg's private quarters to get the Mechanical Part (Shaft)
(Optional) On your way to returning to the elevator, some heavily armored enemies will appear. Defeating them will give you the item Crystal Mechanical Heart
※ You'll need to use explosive items like a land mine to break their armor
1Return to B1 with the elevator and use Heisenberg's Key to proceed
It's possible to drop down onto the pipe from the part with no window bars, so you can collect items this way if needed
2Continue on and fight Sturm
※ Avoid his charge and hit him from behind
3Defeating him will trigger a cutscene and you'll drop down to the basement again
4Proceed onward after the ducts for another event. You'll now fight Heisenberg
▼Read about the Heisenberg battle below

Sturm Battle Tips

  • Keep distance from the boss.
  • Make use of mines in the area.
  • Make Sturm destroy walls to widen the field.
  • Focus on attacking the back of the boss.
  • When the boss is on fire, focus on dodging.

Sturm Is Powerful At Close Distance


Sturm is a corrupted machine with overwhelming close combat power. It is generally recommended to keep distance from the boss.

Widen The Map With Sturm / Explosives

The area starts off as narrow making players unable to dodge easily. The battle area can be widened by using explosive or making Sturm attack walls. Guarding is recommended to avoid huge damage from boss attacks when you are unable to dodge.

Heisenberg Boss Fight

Strategy Points

  • Focus on hitting the red parts of the boss.
  • Actively use the cannon.
  • Make sure to guard.
  • Use explosives after destroying the machine.
  • Try to hit his stomach

Attack The Red Area Of The Machine

Red Area

The battle suit that Heisenberg uses has a reddish part on it. Hitting this area will stun him, so you'll want to prioritize this.

Actively Use The Cannon


Using the cannon will let you stun the boss easily! Do this as much as possible.

Cancel Attacks With The Cannon

Cannon 2

By blasting structures towards the boss using the cannon, you can also cancel his upcoming attacks.

For More Tips Check The Full Heisenberg Guide Here

Heisenberg's Factory Map Guide

Factory 1F

Factory 1F

Factory B1

Factory B1

Factory B2

Factory B2

Factory MB3

Factory MB3

Factory B3

Factory B3

Factory MB4

Factory MB4

Factory B4

Factory B4

Factory B5

Factory B5

Goats of Warding Locations

Ventillation Duct (Near The Shaft)

Map 15
Location 15

Elevator (B1F~B3F, West side)

Map 16

On a beam near the elevator that the Duke is riding. This can be hard to hit, so make sure to use a weapon that's easy to fire repeatedly, like a Handgun.

Room Before Cargo Bay

Map 17
Location 17
Goats of Warding Locations

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