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A guide with all treasure in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8, RE8). Includes list of treasures, treasure map, treasure locations, how to combine treasure, and where to find!!!

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Latest Info On Resident Evil Village

All Treasures & Combine List

Treasures You Can Get By Combining

Treasures To CombineCombination Result
Azure Eye:p: 1200 Lei!!!
Silver Ring:p: 1800 Lei!!!
Azure Eye Ring:p: 12000 Lei!!!
Wooden Animal (Head):p: 1750 Lei!!!
Wooden Animal (Body):p: 2000 Lei!!!
Wooden Goat:p: 15000 Lei!!!
Madalina (Head):p: 2000 Lei!!!
Madalina (Body):p: 3000 Lei!!!
Miss Madalina:p: 20000 Lei!!!
Necklace with Two Holes:p: 4000 Lei!!!
Pigeon Blood Ruby:p: 3000 Lei!!!
Large Pigeon Blood Ruby:p: 5500 Lei!!!
Dimitrescu's Necklace:p: 50000 Lei!!!
Mechanical Part (Cylinder):p: 7000 Lei!!!
Mechanical Part (Shaft):p: 4000 Lei!!!
Heisenberg's Hammer:p: 45000 Lei!!!

List of All Treasures

: Items which can be combined with other treasures. We'll be adding more of these regularly as we find them!!!

TreasureSell PriceHow To Get
AngieAngie28000Defeat Lady Beneviento in House Beneviento.
Antique CoinAntique Coin8000Found in a secret cave. From the Lone Road, use the crank to lower the bridge and ride the boat. Head to the left and you will get to the area where the secret cave is.
Azure EyeAzure Eye
1200Inside the Special Chambers of Castle Dimitrescu. It's inside one of the coffins.
Crystal Eye RingAzure Eye Ring12000Silver Ring + Azure Eye
BerengarioBerengario's Chalice18000Use the Broken Slab to open the grave in the Garden
Bister SkullBister Skull30000Can obtained after solving the Labyrinth Puzzle that is located at the B4 level of Heisenberg's Factory.
CesareCesare's Goblet19000Found inside a chest in the road between the Altar and the Ceremony Site. Requires Luiza's Key to open
Chartreuse SkullChartreuse Skull20000Complete the Labyrinth Puzzle in Reservoir
CigarCigar3000Can be found in the table inside the function room of Cargo Bay at level B1 of Heisenberg's Factory.
Crimson GlassCrimson Glass3500Found on the table of the bedchamber in Castle Dimitrescu.
Crimson SkullCrimson Skull8000Complete the Labyrinth Puzzle in Castle Dimitrescu
Crystal Ancient BeastCrystal Ancient Beast80000Defeat the Alpha Valrac found in the fields of Fallow's Plot.
Crystal BeastCrystal Beast20000Drops from Varcolacs (large werewolves).
Crystal DimitrescuCrystal Dimitrescu25000Defeat Lady Dimitrescu.
Crystal FragmentCrystal Fragment2000- Found inside of the Stronghold's Crystal Cavern
- Can be looted outside of Otto's Mill
- Shoot the Right Eye of the Goat Shield (Maiden Statue - Village)
- Can be looted on the rail tracks when exiting Flooded Houses.
Crystal HammerCrystal Hammer35000Defeat Urias in the Stronghold
Crystal MoreauCrystal Moreau40000Defeat Moreau.
Crystal TorsoCrystal Torso5000Drops from Lady Dimitrescu Daughters.
Crystal WingCrystal Wing2400Drops from Samcas (Spawns around the Castle Rooftops)
Crystal SkullCrystal Skull900Drops from Lycans and Vampires
DimitrescuDimitrescu's Necklace50000Combine Necklace with Two Holes, Pigeon Blood Ruby, and Large Pigeon Blood Ruby
Father NicholaFather Nichola's Angel22000Found in a chest inside of Otto's Mill. It's in the locked room with multiple padlocks.
Giant Crystal AxeGiant Crystal Axe30000Defeat the Urias in Otto's Mill and House Beneviento's Garden
Golden Lady StatueGolden Lady Statue20000Complete the Brazier Puzzle in the Riverbank Treasure House.
Pigeon Blood Ruby LocationGuglielmo's Plate25000Found in the lowest room of the Stronghold. Can only access the area after defeating Urias.
Heisenberg’s HammerHeisenberg’s Hammer45000Mechanical Part (Cylinder) + Mechanical Part (Shaft)
IngridIngrid’s necklace2000Drops from one of the vampires in Castle Dimitrescu's dungeon
LadyLady's Lipstick6000Found inside the bathing area beside Dimitrescu's Chambers in Castle Dimitrescu
Large CrystalLarge Crystal3000- Found inside the Stronghold's crystal cavern.
- Found inside the bathroom in the house with red chimney.
- Found around MB3 level of Heisenberg's Factory, by bombing or shooting down the wall.
Platform Puzzle SolutionLarge Pigeon Blood Ruby
5500Go down the well behind the Craftsman's House and complete the Well Puzzle to get to the area where the Large Pigeon Blood Ruby is located
Madalina (Body)Madalina (Body)
3000Hut west of the Village
Madalina (Head)Madalina (Head)
2000Can be found in the garden well beside the Village Church.
Mechanical Part (Cylinder)Mechanical Part (Cylinder)
7000Found in a secret room close to where the Casting Machine is in Heisenberg's Factory
Mechanical Part (Shaft)Mechanical Part (Shaft)
4000Found inside a chest in Heisenberg's Quarters in Heisenberg's Factory
Miss MadalinaMiss Madalina20000Madalina (Head) + Madalina (Body)
Necklace StoneNecklace Stone8000Examine Luiza's Necklace to obtain the stone.
Necklace with 2 holesNecklace with Two Holes
4000Can be found in the Well near the Village Chapel.
Onyx SkullOnyx Skull15000Complete the Labyrinth Puzzle in House Beneviento
Perfect Crystal SkullPerfect Crystal Skull10000Drops from Armored Lycans / Large Lycans
Pigeon Blood RubyPigeon Blood Ruby
3000Use the Crank to gain access to the locked area in East Old Town. Climb the Rooftops to access the roof to where it is.
Silver RingSilver Ring
1800Found in a drawer in the Castle Dimitrescu's Hall Of Pleasure [2F]
Steel HraesvelgrSteel Hraesvelgr14000Open the cabinet with pin-lock inside Maestro's home
Teddy BearTeddy Bear4000Can be obtained on a shelf in a basement of a house east of the Maiden of War
VivianiteVivianite5000- Shoot down from the walls of the Stronghold. Also found in the Crystal Cavern
- Can also be found round MB3 level of Heisenberg's Factory by shooting down or bombing a wall.
Wooden Angel StatueWooden Angel Statue3000Use a lockpick to open the drawer inside the Opera Hall (2F) in Castle Dimitrescu
Wooden Animal (Body)Wooden Animal (Body)
2000The Wooden Animal (Body) can be found inside a house southeast of the Maiden of War
Wooden Goat (Head)Wooden Animal (Head)
1750The Wooden Animal (Head) is obtainable after using a Well Wheel to pull the bucket in a well located on east of the Maiden of War
Wooden GoatWooden Goat15000Wooden Animal (Head) + Wooden Animal (Body)
Polycrystal SkullPolycrystal Skull3500Drops from Haulers.
Crystal Mechanical Heart MapCrystal Mechanical Heart9000Crystal Mechanical Heart can be obtained by killing Soldat Eins.
Large Crystal Mechanical HeartLarge Crystal Mechanical Heart25000Drops from Soldat Zwei.
Giant Crystal MaceGiant Crystal Mace60000Drops from the Urias Strajer in Chris's part in the story
Yellow QuartzYellow Quartz10000- Use the Crank to gain access to the locked area in East Old Town. You will find it on the floor to the left when facing the outhouse.
- Inside the Crystal Cavern in the Stronghold
Silver Angel StatueSilver Angel Statue10000Found in a Treasure Box near the Boat's Dock
Crystal HeisenbergCrystal Heisenberg70000Defeat Heisenberg.
Complex Mechanical HeartComplex Mechanical Heart45000Defeat Sturm

Uses Of Treasures

Sold For Money

Collecting treasures and selling them can earn you a lot of Lei, Resident Evil Village's main currency. Find them around the different maps and sell them to the Duke for cash.

Learn More About Duke The Merchant

Some Treasures Can Be Combined

Combine 1
Combine 2

It's possible to combine certain treasures with others, resulting in an item that can be sold for a very high amount of money. You can find out if an item is combinable by reading its in-game description, so make sure to check this before you sell it!

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Anonymous 5

hi my name is shawn Gerrity

Chris Redfield 4

There is another Yellow Quartz in the Luthier's House. It is found in the strings of a lute hanging from the ceiling. When you walk in it is the only lute hanging that doesn't face the entrance.

Doom Saber 3

I should give myself an alias since I am not the first Anonymous, but the second here. Proof of what the first Anonymous said is true in which that Ingrid's necklace is not combinable.

Anonymous 2

Ingrid's necklace sells for 2000 Lei; I am selling my items to the Duke as we speak.

Anonymous 1

Ingrid’s necklace, from one of those ghouls in the cellar prison. I forgot how much it sold for. Was not combinable

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