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Castle Dimitrescu Walkthrough & Map Guide | Resident Evil Village (RE8 / RE Village)

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Castle Dimitrescu is a main location in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8, RE8). Guides includes Village Pt. 2 Castle Dimitrescu Walkthrough, map, shotgun, items, & codes!!!

Table of Contents

Campaign Progression & Walkthrough

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1. The Village 3. House Beneviento
Story Mission Walkthrough List

Castle Dimitrescu Map

Castle Dimitrescu Maps Of All Floors

Castle 1F

Dimitrescu Castle Map

Castle 2F

Dimitrescu Castle Map

Castle B1

Dimitrescu Castle Map

Castle B2

Dimitrescu Castle Map

Castle PH

Dimitrescu Castle Map

Castle Roof

Dimitrescu Castle Map

Up To Entering The Castle

1Go through the cave and go left at the crossroads. Destroy the wall and jump down.
2After being pushed by the Lycan, avoid the spiked ceiling and roller
3Follow the road to leave the cave. Outside you'll meet the Duke
4Enter the castle, go through the door to the left on the floor with a picture of 3 young women.
5Follow the road until you reach the room with the 4 angels. In front of you to the left will be a door with four angels on it - examining it will trigger an event
There's a save point near here

Dodging The Spiked Ceiling & Roller

Your best bet here will be to dodge here - move forward to the destructable wall. For the roller, try to hide in a little indent in the side wall.

Note The Save Location

The room you enter from the previous room with the 4 angels will eventually have the Duke's shop. It will also be the save point for the castle, so you'll do well to remember its location.

Up To First Daughter Fight

1Remove your hand from the hook and start moving
2Check the fireplace with a door in the next room and go inside
3Get the Maroon Eye Ring from the bronze statue inside. Examine it to get the Maroon Eye
※Open your item page and check the key items tab to do this
4Follow the path forward until you arrive in the room with the 4 angels. The Duke's shop will open up in front of you.
5Enter the in a slot in a door towards the back of the 2nd floor area and you'll see a witch spawn. Run away from her.
6In the final room, break the floorboards and descend down
7Go forward and you'll come out into Dimitrescu's room. Keep going forward.
8In the room with soldiers depicted on the walls, knock the brazier in the middle around until it lights the other two torches.
※ You can move the brazier with Ethan's body or by hitting it with a weapon
9Go past the prison cells
※ Enemies will pop up here, so be careful
10Head to the very end of this area and break down the boards to get another Witch to spawn. You'll have to fight her.

Collect Items In The Cells

The prison section here will contain a lot of cells for you to explore. You'll be attacked by enemies, but there are in fact many items for you to pick up along the way, making it worth your while.

Find The 4 Masks

4 Masks

Your main job in the castle will be to find 4 separate masks and place them all on statues to unlock the way forward. If you want a concise guide of the location of all 4 masks, check the link below.

4 Mask Locations Guide

First Witch Guide


Taking this first Witch down is just a matter of being accurate with your handgun or shotgun. If you land headshots with your shotgun it's possible to take her down in just a few shots! The fact that these witches dislike the cold air will be key in future fights as well, so make sure to remember that!

Check Out Other Daughter Locations

Up To Mask Of Sorrow

1Take the wine, bring it to the wine room and get the Courtyard Key
2Advance forward using the Courtyard Key, get the map.
3Solve the puzzle with the 4 statues and go down
4Proceed underground, then take the elevator to the second floor
5Get Dimitrescu's Key, go underground
6Pull the lever. When you do so, Lady Dimitrescu will appear. Run away from her.
5Get the Mask of Sorrow from the statue and go up.

3. Solve The Statue Puzzle


The statue puzzle in the Hall of Ablution requires you to adjust the orientation of the statues to match the hint. If you trouble with it check out the answer in the article below.

Hall of Ablution Puzzle

Avoid Dimitrescu Carefully


Dimitrescu will chase after you, but she'll be moving quite slow in this part. It's easy to avoid her by just being careful. Don't rush or panic! If she gets close to you, run around the room in circles.

Up To Mask Of Pleasure & Iron Insignia Key

1Use Dimitrescu's key to unlock the Hall of Pleasure on the 2nd floor
2Check the statue to get the Mask of Pleasure
3Fight with one of Dimitrescu's daughters in the room in the back
4Get the Mounted Animal Skull from above the door. Examine it to remove the mounted portion and get an Animal Skull
5Place the Animal Skull on the statue where the Mask of Pleasure was
6Use Dimitrescu's key in the Courtyard to access the next room
7Get the map of this area in the next room
8Do the piano puzzle on the 1st floor to get the Iron Insignia Key

Need To Break Wall With A Pipe Bomb

This battle will be similar to the previous one, in that Dimitrescu's daughter really dislikes the cold air. You'll need to do something to bring cold air into the room!

▲Move the shelf near the wall...

▲ and blow it up with a pipe bomb!

There is a pipe bomb in the area where you'll be fighting, so you'll definitely be able to pull this maneuver off even if you don't happen to have one on you initially.

Play The Sheet Music On The Piano


This puzzle requires you to play the melody on the piano in front of you. If you can read sheet music, you're set. If you can't, follow the numbers we've added to the image above!

Can Get A Treasure After You Have The Key

The Iron Insignia Key is a necessary item for progressing the story, but it will also let you get other optional items off the beaten path.

▼See more about such treasures below

Up To Mask Of Joy

1Use the Iron Insignia Key on the 2nd floor to advance
2Fight the 3rd Witch
※ Pulling the lever on one of the pillars in the room will let cold air into the room. When the lever resets you can pull it again.
3Get the Mask of Joy in the Hall of Joy

Witch Fight - Calmly Pull The Lever

Witch Lever

There are a total of 8 pillars in the room where you'll fight this witch. If you pull the lever found on one of these, you'll be able to let cold air into the room and prevent the witch from attacking! Don't panic and pull this lever as much as you can.

Up To Mask of Rage

1Ring the bells in this area to open the door (Puzzle)
There's a Goat of Warding up the stairs
2Get a treasure map and F2 Rifle (Sniper) behind the roof
3Go along the roof, eventually using a zipline to obtain the Mask of Rage

Bell Locations

On a chairOn a shelf
Through a windowAbove the chandelier
Outside the window
Check Out The 5 Bell Locations In Detail Here

Dimitrescu Battle

1Place all 4 masks in the Hall of the Four
2Proceed to the very end here and pick up the knife to start an event
3Boss: Lady Dimitrescu

Bring Amped-Up Weapons & Ammo

Lady Dimitrescu has a lot of HP, so you need to deal a lot of damage to take her down. Customize your weapons to get them to deal plenty of damage and don't forget to bring lots of ammo with you.

Long-Distance Weapons

We recommend bringing a weapon that can deal long-distance shots like the F2 Rifle.

Aim At Her Human-Like Body

Lady Dimitrescu becomes a terrifying creature with little resemblance with her human form. This form enables her to fly and deal devastating attacks. Her main weakness is her human-like body, so aim majority of your attacks there.

See How To Beat Lady Dimitrescu

Castle Dimitrescu - Optional Items

Flower Swords Ball (+Crimson Skull)

1Get the Flower Swords Ball from the 2F in an area past the Solarium
2Go to the room with the Duke in it and play a small mini game where you have to tilt a model. Clearing this will give you a Crimson Skull, which can be sold for 8000!

Azure Eye (Azure Eye Ring)

1One place in the prison cell area can be opened with the Iron Insignia Key
2Pick up the nearby pipe grenade and blow up the wall. Light the two torches one after the other.
3From a box in the back, pick up the Azure Eye
Combining this with a Silver Ring will create an Azure Eye Ring, which can be sold for 12,000!

▲Check out the map for item locations

Check Out Details On Azure Eye

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