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Bloody Harvest Halloween Event & Mission
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Bloody Harvest Halloween Event & Mission

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Find out everything to know about the new halloween event "Bloody Harvest" of Borderlands 3! Check out the event walkthrough, details, release date, and features and rewards!!!

Table of Contents

Bloody Harvest Mission Walkthrough

Bloody Harvest Walkthrough Map

Heck Hole

Heck Hole Map

Bloody Harvest Mission Walkthrough Chart

1 Meet Maurice the Saurian aboard Sanctuary
2 Collect 25 Hecktoplasm from Haunted Enemies around the world
3 Revisit Maurice to open portal to Heck Hole
4 Descend deeper through Heck Hole map
5 Confront the boss Captain Haunt at the deepest reach of Heck
6 Travel through the portal out of Heck to Maurice

2. Hunting Haunted Enemies & Hecktoplasm

Look for Enemies with Colored Aura

 Look for Enemies with Colored Aura

Haunted Enemies are denoted by a ghostly glow around them. Defeat them and a Ghost would be released for you to defeat. They drop both loot and Hecktoplasm!

3 Types of Ghosts Available

3 Types of Ghosts Available

3 different types of Ghosts may spawn depending on the aura on the enemies; regular Green Ghosts which charges into you for kamikaze attack, Red Badass Ghosts attacking with projectiles, and rare Yellow Loot Ghosts filled with goodies.

4. Exploring the Heck

Use Electric Weapon Against Undead Maliwan

Use Electric Weapon Against Undead Maliwan

Heck is populated with undead Maliwan soldiers, which are fully geared with shields. Use electric weapons to make quick work of them!

Check Out Elemental Damage Types Here!

Defeat Keymaster Enemies to Progress

Defeat Keymaster Enemies to Progress

You will come across badass variants of enemies named Keymasters while fighting hordes of ghouls. Defeating these Keymasters will open a path that leads deeper into Heck.

Solving Colored Skull Puzzle

Solving Colored Skull Puzzle

You will come across a suspicious colored Skull ornament on the wall around midway through the map. Turn back check the color of the jack-o-lanterns from the previous room from left to right, interact with the skulls in that order to open a secret loot room!

7. Defeating Captain Haunt

Defeating Captain Haunt

The very much dead Captain Traunt seeks his revenge as Captain Haunt in the deepest reach of Heck. Be light footed to avoid his jack-o-lanterns and Terror attacks.

Captain Haunt - Bloody Harvest Boss Battle Tips

Captain Haunt - Boss Battle Tips
Recommended Level

Avoid Flaming Jack-o-lanterns & Burning Floors

Avoid Flaming Jack-o-lanterns & Burning Floors

Stay on the move when Haunt lobs a large flaming jack-o-lanterns. These ablaze the floor upon impact and will deal damage over time.

Destroy Shielding Phylactery to Remove Barrier

Destroy Shielding Phylactery to Remove Barrier

After dealing few damage to Haunt, he will shield himself in impenetrable shield. Destroy the aura spurting Shielding Phylactery spawning around the arena to remove his Barrier.

Bloody Harvest Challenge List & Rewards

Cosmetic Rewards

During the event you have a chance to get event related cosmetic rewards by completing Event Challenges. These challenges and rewards can only be earned during the Bloody Harvest Halloween Event.

Bloody Harvest Challenge List

ChallengeHow to Complete
An Eye for Quality HecktoplasmKill 20 Loot Ghosts
Chaotic Good ClericKill 500 Ghosts in Mayhem Mode
Charon's TollCollect Bloody Harvest loot
El Campeon FastasmalKill Haunted El Dragon Jr
ExorcistKill 150 Haunted Badasses
Friends Don't DieKill Haunted Demoskaggon
I am Rakkman!Kill Haunted Rakkman
My Ghost Has Been Ghosting Me All WeekKill Captain Haunt 25 times
Nate's HostileKill Haunted Borman Nates
Pumpkin SpicedEquip 3 pieces of Bloody Harvest loot at the same time
Reap What You Sow, BroKill Captain Haunt with a Bloody Harvest Gun
Snowball's Chance in HellKill Haunted Enemies with Cryo Damage in The Heck Hole
Easy as Pumpkin PieSolve the Pumpkin Puzzle
HeckraiserLoot a Bloody Harvest Legendary
Lawful Good ClericKill 250 Ghosts

Bloody Harvest Reward List

RewardHow to Unlock
"Shrunk 'n Dead" Weapon TricketComplete 4 Challenges
"HECKO-3" Echo DeviceComplete 8 Challenges
"If Spooks Could Kill" Character SkinComplete 12 Challenges
"Ghoul Metal Grey" Weapon SkinComplete 15 Challenges
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Bloody Harvest Event Overview

Halloween Themed Event

ReleaseOctober 29 - November 4, 2019

Get ready for further chaos because Halloween themed event is coming to the world of Borderlands 3! It's expected to launch on October 29 as the finale of Borderlands Anniversary Celebration.

The First & Free Update Content

The Bloody Harvest event is the first event and it is not exclusive. Anyone who plays Borderlands 3 can join the event as long as one has reached Sanctuary spaceship in the game.

Official Announcement

Bloody Harvest Event Features

Haunted Enemies & Boss

Haunted Enemies & Boss

As a start of the event, you will encounter Haunted enemies. They should be ghosts, aggressive apparitions but there may be others.

Haunted Enemies Induce Terror Debuff

Haunted enemies induce terro debuff, which partially shrouds your vision in a mysterious mist and weakens your gun handling, accuracy, and spread.

Boss Captain Haunt, Not Captain Traunt

Boss Captain Haunt, Not Captain Traunt

Captain Traunt is a boss from the Borderlands 3, a gigantic Maliwan heavy soldier with some killer elemental attacks. In the event, he will be a bone-headed Captain Haunt, the event boss. Boo the Captain Haunt and send him to a casket!

Check Out Who Is Captain Traunt Here

Event New Map

Event New Map

According to the official announcement, "These Haunted enemies are your key to accessing a new event-specific map". This probably means you need to hunt down haunted enemies to get a clue to the event map or maybe you just get to the event map and encounter the haunted enemies.

Turn Hecktoplasm Into Maurice

Throughout the event you will get Hecktoplasm and this can be turned into Maurice, your scaly new pal who's taken residence aboard Sanctuary III.

Bloody Harvest Event Rewards

New Legendary Items With Terror Mechanic

During the event, there would be legendary items to loot. They will be with the new terror mechanic.

New Legendary Item list

New Legendary Item list
Check Out All Legendary Weapons Here

Drops May Have Terror-based Modifiers

Terror-based Modifiers

Drops from enemies during the event could have Terror-based modifiers. Having those items to prove your participation to the event!

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abrahambane 1

One should be warned....there is no going back until Captain Traunt is defeated. It was very irritating going up against this Boss as I am a single player.

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