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Check out this guide for Moze the Gunner's best builds in Borderlands 3. This includes build breakdowns, recommended skills, leveling up guide, & more.

Table of Contents

More About Vault Hunters Skill & Traits

All Character Tree - Build & Overview

Destructive Splash Build

Destructive Splash Build
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Action SkillVanquisher Rocket Pod
Vanquisher Rocket Pod
Augment SkillActive Tracking
Hammerdown Protocol
Demolition WomanShield of RetributionBottomless Mag
Fire in the Skag DenFire in the Skag Den Lvl. 5-Cloud of LeadCloud of Lead Lvl. 5
Torgue Cross-PromotionTorgue Cross-Promotion Lvl. 5-Matched SetMatched Set Lvl. 1
Stainless Steel BearStainless Steel Bear Lvl. 2-Stroke the EmbersStroke the Embers Lvl. 3
Pull the Holy PinPull the Holy Pin lvl. 3-RedistributionRedistribution Lvl. 1
VampyrVampyr Lvl. 5-Scorching RPMScorching RPM's Lvl. 5
Why CanWhy Can't I Carry All These Grenades? Lvl. 3-The Iron BankThe Iron Bank Lvl. 2
To the LastTo the Last Lvl. 1-Specialist BearSpecialist Bear Lvl.
Explosive PunctuationExplosive Punctuation Lvl. 5--
Short FuseShort Fuse Lvl. 1-

Build Overview

Unleash the heat to all that stands in your way with this destructive splash damage Moze Build. Explosions will have you taking down multiple enemies at a time!

Build Strengths

Works Against Boss or Multiple Enemies

This Splash Damage build can clear out mobs or bosses due to its high damage. The high damage output with the right weapons can melt bosses easily!

High DPS Moze Build

The main point of this build is to amp up Moze's DPS when in battle. The Vampyr skill will help sustain, but that's about it. Everything else is DPS.

Tips for the Build

Use Class Mods with Iron Bear Skills

Class Mods that can add skill points to the Deadlines or Stainless Steel Bear Skills will help greatly with this build. This will keep Iron Bear in the battlefield longer.

Torgue Weapons for Splash Damage

Make the most of this build with Torgue Weapons or Rocket Launchers. Since splash damage is what is aimed for in this build, these weapons are the best to utilize it.

Bottomless Magazine Build

Bottomless Magazine Build
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Action SkillMinigunMinigun
Augment SkillExploding. Bullets.Exploding. Bullets.
Capacitive ArmatureCapacitive Armature
Demolition WomanShield of RetributionBottomless Mag
DeadlinesDeadlines Lvl. 3Security BearSecurity Bear Lvl. 1Cloud of LeadCloud of Lead Lvl. 5
GrizzledGrizzled Lvl. 5Armored InfantryArmored Infantry Lvl. 5Matched SetMatched Set Lvl. 1
-Drowning in BrassDrowning in Brass Lvl. 3Stroke the EmbersStroke the Embers Lvl. 3
-Thin Red LineThin Red Line Lvl. 1RedistributionRedistribution Lvl. 1
-Vladof IngenuityVladof Ingenuity Lvl. 2RushinRushin' Offensive Lvl. 1
-Full Can of Whoop-AssFull Can of Whoop-Ass Lvl. 1Scorching RPMScorching RPM's Lvl. 5
-Experimental MunitionsExperimental Munitions Lvl. 1The Iron BankThe Iron Bank Lvl. 4
--Specialist BearSpecialist Bear Lvl. 1
--Some for the RoadSome for the Road Lvl. 1
--Click, Click..."Click, Click..." Lvl. 3
--Forge Forge Lvl. 1

Build Overview

Build Overview

This build's goal is for Moze's magazines to never run dry while in the midst of battle. With enhancements on Iron Bear and her continuous stream of bullets, it's an all DPS build!

Check Out the All Skills List Here

Prioritize Bottomless Mags Skill Tree When Leveling

Most of the skills needed to make Moze a never-ending bullet storm is in the Bottomless Mags skill tree. Take note that since it's high on DPS, defense may be an issue.

Build Strengths

Focus on Overall DPS

Focus on Overall DPS

Although there are skills in this build that focuses on shields and overall defense, this is build mainly buffs DPS for both Moze and Iron Bear.

High Chance of Not Spending Ammo

Multiple skills in the Bottomless Mags Skill Tree will help you sustain your ammo count even in the midst of battle. This will help towards staying in the offensive longer!

Tips for the Build

Use Weapons with Small Magazines

The "Click, Click..." skill provides additional gun damage the closer Moze's gun is to being empty. Shotguns with 1 to 2 shots gets the most out of this skill.

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Shield of Retribution Build

Moze Shield of Retribution Build
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Action SkillMinigunMinigun
Augment SkillLet Off Some SteamLet Off Some Steam
Hell On RailsHell On Rails
Demolition WomanShield of RetributionBottomless Mag
DeadlinesDeadlines Lvl. 3Armored InfantryArmored Infantry Lvl. 5Cloud of LeadCloud of Lead Lvl. 5
-Drowning In BrassDrowning in Brass Lvl. 2Matched SetMatched Set Lvl. 2
-Thin Red LineThin Red Line Lvl 2Stoke the EmbersStoke the Embers Lvl. 3
-Vladof IngenuityVladof Ingenuity Lvl. 5ScrappyScrappy Lvl. 5
-Full Can of Whoop-assFull Can of Whoop-ass Lvl.1RushinRushin' Offensive Lvl. 1
-Experimental MunitionsExperimental Munitions Lvl. 1Scorching RPMScorching RPM's Lvl. 1
-Behind the Iron CurtainBehind the Iron Curtain Lvl. 2-
-Desperate MeasuresDesperate Measures Lvl. 3-
-Phalanx DoctrinePhalanx Doctrine Lvl. 5-
-Force FeedbackForce Feedback Lvl. 1-
-Tenacious DefenseTenacious Defense Lvl. 1-

Build Overview

Build Overview

This build focuses on turning Moze into a nearly indestructible gunner! Primarily building around the Shield of Retribution Tree gives her the sustain needed to tank huge amounts of damage from multiple sources!

Check Out The All Skill Tree List Here

Prioritize Shield of Retribution Tree When Leveling

Majority of the skills needed to turn Moze into an indestructible soldier can be found in the Shield of Retribution tree. Some of the skills also increase her DPS so that she can still deal damage against the best of them!

Build Strengths

Focus On Defense and Tankiness

Focus On Defense & Tankiness

This build was designed to keep Moze's shields up against enemies. She will also constantly regenerate her shields making her a tough soldier to bring down. To add to this, the Iron Bear's armor turns Moze into a walking fortress!

Tips for the Build

Use Tankiness To Stack Phalanx Doctrine

The "Phalanx Doctrine" is a Kill Skill that increases your Maximum Shield and Gun Damage per stack. This skill does not have a stack limit. Use your tankiness to get up close and personal with enemies and gain unlimited stacks!

Moze - Skills & Character Overview

Moze - Skills & Character Overview

Moze is a former Vladof soldier who specializes in mechanized combat. She is able to digistruct her Iron Bear Mech, which allows her to rain down heavy firepower on her enemies.

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Mix & Match Your Arsenal

Moze's Iron Bear suit has multiple hardpoints to attack different weapons and firepower. She can choose from railguns, miniguns, flamethrowers, and more to augment how she fights on the field.

Skills Allow You To Take The Frontline

Moze's skills focus on getting her as tanky as possible, increase her splash damage, and regenerates her ammo. This helps her stick to the frontlines and deal with the endless hordes of enemies coming at you!!

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Anonymous 5

Iron bear is utter garbage and anyone who says different is a liar. Moze has a few plash dmg build variants that are pretty good but until they fix scaling with iron bear that pile of s**** will never have any use in Mayhem 3.

Anonymous 4

Bear is totaly useless on vault hunter mode with mayhem.
The only strong build atm but allmost broken build is the splash dmg build with her

Anonymous 3

and im pretty sure bear scales with item lvl or level of character i could be wrong on this tho im sure i read it somewhere cant member where

Anonymous 2

firstly bear is not useless at mayhem 3 at all guy who said this is a mor0n, secondly yes bear gets shredded but not if you use brains and line of sight/dodge correctly i have no issues with bear at M3 infact bear helps me alot alot

Anonymous 1

The blast master moze build is hands down the best build the game has to offer. These are all basic. Dont waste any skill points on leveling up the iron bear because at mayhem 3 he gets shredded anyway and does little damage to mobs. They really need to boost the bear dmg at higher difficulties.

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