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Check out this guide for Zane the Operative's best builds in Borderlands 3. This guide includes detailed build breakdowns, recommended skills, leveling up guide, & more!!!

Table of Contents

More About Vault Hunters Skill & Traits

All Character Tree - Build & Overview

Zane Best Build - Freeze Shut Down

Freeze Shut Down Build
Click Here for the Skills Breakdown
Action SkillBarrierBarrier
Digi CloneDigi Clone
Augment SkillNanites or Some ShiteNanites or Some Shite
Digital DistributionDigital Distribution
HitmanUnder CoverDoubled Agent
Violent MomentumViolent Momentum Lvl. 4AdrenalineAdrenaline Lvl. 5SynchronicitySynchronicity Lvl. 5
-Hearty StockHearty Stock Lvl. 3Borrowed TimeBorrowed Time Lvl. 5
-Ready for ActionReady for Action Lvl. 5DonnybrookDonnybrook Lvl. 5
-Brain FreezeBrain Freeze Lvl. 1Quick BreatherQuick Breather Lvl. 1
-Confident CompetenceConfident Competence Lvl. 1Old-UOld-U Lvl. 1
-Best Served ColdBest Served Cold Lvl. 5Supersonic ManSupersonic Man Lvl. 3
-RefreshmentRefreshment Lvl. 3-
-Calm, Cool, CollectedCalm, Cool, Collected Lvl. 1-

Build Overview

Freeze enemies in place with the Freeze Shot Build. Centered on Zane's Cryo and Barrier Support Skills, this build will balance your survivability and DPS! Using his Action Skills will allow you to tank as much damage as you can, while also dishing it out to enemies.

Check Out the All Skills List Here

Prioritize Under Cover Skill Early On

Prioritize adding Skill Points to the Under Cover Skill Tree since most of the core skills for this build are there. Once this is done, you can start leveling up the Doubled Agent skill tree.

Build Strengths

Balance Between Support & DPS

This build can sustain players in fights with the additional buffs since it is a hybrid between a support & damage build. It's not a pure support or pure DPS build so it allows you to become more flexible in combat.

Focus on Freezing & Slowing Enemies

This whole build revolves around Zane's Cryo abilities, particularly increasing its damage and proc rate. Slowed down & frozen enemies become easy targets for players while also stopping a bit of aggro for a while.

Tips for the Build

Main a Cryo Weapon

Do not rely solely on the skills to freeze your enemies. It would be best to get a strong cryo weapon for a constant stream of freezing. You can also choose to get a cryo grenade if you want to maximize your damage.

No Need to Tweak when in Multiplayer

With the build you have, you'll give benefits for your team whenever you use your Barrier. Additional gun damage and healing are given to your whole team whenever you bring out you Barrier.

Zane Best Build - Agility & Survivability

Agility & Survivability Build
Click Here for the Skills Breakdown
Action SkillDigi CloneDigi Clone
Augment SkillSchadenfreudeSchadenfreude
Which OneWhich One's Real
Bad DoseBad Dose
HitmanUnder CoverDoubled Agent
Violent SpeedViolent Speed Lvl. 5-SynchronicitySynchronicity Lvl. 5
Violent MomentumViolent Momentum Lvl. 5-Borrowed TimeBorrowed Time Lvl. 5
SalvationSalvation Lvl. 5-DonnybrookDonnybrook Lvl. 5
Death Follows CloseDeath Follows Close Lvl. 1-Old-UOld-U Lvl. 1
Violent ViolenceViolent Violence Lvl. 5-Supersonic ManSupersonic Man Lvl. 3
Playing DirtyPlaying Dirty Lvl. 5-Quick BreatherQuick Breather Lvl. 1
SeeinSeein' Red Lvl. 1-Fractal FragsFractal Frags Lvl. 1

Build Overview

Agility & Survivability Build

Gotta go fast! This build is meant for you to be quick on your toes and even quicker on your trigger finger. As long as you keep your Action Skills up, you will gain extreme amounts of damage output!

Check Out the All Skills List Here

Prioritize Hitman Skill Early On

The Hitman skill will give you high survivability through healing and damage. Max out Violent Momentum, Violent Speed and Salvation until unlocking Death Follows Close. Equip the Bad Dose augment and start investing in Doubled Agent tree from there.

Build Strengths

High Maneuverability

Agility & Survivability

This build will require you to always be on the move to receive your buffs. Use weapon brand like Atlas or Tediore to hit enemies even while on the move.

Check Out the All Legendary Weapon List Here

Keep Up Action Skill As Often As Possible

Keeping your Action Skills up at all times is essential to giving Zane his boost of speed and damage. He will become relatively easy target once skills are down, so learn when to time your strike and when to fall back.

Tips for the Build

Seein' Red Recommended for Late Game

Due to the enemy becoming substantially more powerful and tough to take down in end game battles, it is recommended to get the Seein' Red skills ready to be used. This skill allows you to utilize the Kill Skills when you deploy any action skills.

Use Digi-Clone When Under Heavy Fire

The Digi-Clone will act as your survivability tool when under enemy attack. Use it to distract enemies and should you ever get downed, as an instant Second Wind. With the help of some tweaks to the skill, you can use it to teleport out of pinches to help you recover.

Zane Best Build - Shield & Clone Sustain

Shield & Clone Sustain Build
Click Here for the Skills Breakdown
Action SkillBarrierBarrier
Digi CloneDigi Clone
Augment SkillNanites or Some ShiteNanites or Some Shite
Which OneWhich One's Real
HitmanUnder CoverDoubled Agent
-AdrenalineAdrenaline Lvl. 5SynchronicitySynchronicity Lvl. 5
-Ready for ActionReady for Action Lvl. 4PraemunitusPraemunitus Lvl. 1
-Brain FreezeBrain Freeze Lvl. 2Borrowed TimeBorrowed Time Lvl. 5
-Stiff Upper LipStiff Upper Lip Lvl. 3DonnybrookDonnybrook Lvl. 5
-Confident CompetenceConfident Competence Lvl. 1Quick BreatherQuick Breather Lvl. 1
-Best Served ColdBest Served Cold Lvl. 4Pocket Full of GrenadesPocket Full of Grenades Lvl. 3
-Futility BeltFutility Belt Lvl. 1Old-UOld-U Lvl. 1
-RefreshmentRefreshment Lvl. 1Supersonic ManSupersonic Man Lvl. 3
-Calm, Cool, CollectedCalm, Cool, Collected Lvl. 1Boom. EnhanceBoom. Enhance Lvl. 1
--Double BarrelDouble Barrel Lvl. 1

Build Overview

Shield & Clone Sustain Build Overview

With a focus on sustaining Zane through his Digiclone and Barrier Action Skills, this build will keep your survivability at the max. Additional cryo damage and effects add to overall damage.

Check Out the All Skills List Here

Prioritize Under Cover Skill Tree When Leveling

Although both trees are highly important in this build, the Under Cover Skill Tree takes more of a priority when leveling up since it gives both defensive and offensive skills.

Build Strengths

High Sustain Build

High Sustain Build

The whole point of this build is to keep Zane in the field through the use of his barrier and digiclone. It's a high survivability build that will work especially well against multiple enemies.

Additional Cryo Damage

Cryo is a powerful element in Borderlands 3 as it universally affects all enemies unless otherwise stated to be immune. This build amps up the elemental chance and damage of Cryo for Zane!

Check Out the Elemental Damage & Types Here

Tips for the Build

Use Cryo Weapon as Main Weapon

Take advantage of the additional Cryo damage and chance by maining a Cryo Weapon. Besides the additional damage, freezing enemies also add health regen in this build.

Check Out the All Legendary Weapon List Here

Equip a High Recharge Rate Shield

Confident Competence can amp up Gun Damage to up to 20% so long as Zane's shields are active. Always go for shields with a high recharge rate when running this build.

Check Out the All Legendary Shield List Here

Zane - Skills & Character Overview

Zane - Skills & Character Overview

A member of the notorious Flynt family, Zane is a semi-retired corporate hitman who uses gadgets and trickery to get the upper hand in battle. Zane's arsenal is composed of a SNTNL drone, a Barrier Shield, and a Digi-Clone!

Check Out the Zane Character Guide Here

Versatile Skills To Adapt To Any Situation

Zane's skills allow him to be flexible when in combat. He charge into the heat of battle with his drone, drop his barrier to hold his ground, or even deploy his Digi-Clone to draw the enemy's attention.

Can Equip Two Action Skills

Zane is the only Vault Hunter that can equip two action skills at a time. This allows him to control the tide of battle on the fly. He can mix and match skills for maximum DPS, or even create a balance between offense and defense!

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L3Bl3u 11

So i'm going for the first build, but im lvl 50 and have already all the skills mentioned in the skill tree, in what should i put my other skill points?

Anonymous 10


Anonymous 9

how toy get the best skill with clone and hit man?

Anonymous 8

With level 57, you can get down to Double Barrel, which can really do some good things for you. Also, consider replacing Schadenfreude with Doppelbanger to decrease time the Clone is out but unnecessary and when the Clone is needed but on cooldown.

Anonymous 7

Have you even played Zane?

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