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Mayhem Mode 2.0 - Guide & How to Unlock

Mayhem Mode 2.0 - Guide & How to Unlock | Borderlands 3

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Mayhem Mode 2.0 - Guide & How to Unlock | Borderlands 3 - GameWith
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Find out everything to know about Borderland 3's Mayhem Mode 2.0 in this guide! This includes what is Mayhem Mode, gameplay differences, Anointed Gear, Mayhem Mods, & more!!!

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New Features and Changes

What is Mayhem Mode 2.0?

New & Improved Mayhem Mode

New & Improved Mayhem Mode

Mayhem Mode gets a new and improved version that is sure to offer a more varied, challenging and lasting experience to players! It releases on April 23, 2020, and is full of new features and challenging modifiers!

Choose From 10 Mayhem Levels

Mayhem Mode is now comprised of 10 challenging levels! Each Mayhem level has a fixed set of Modifiers. You can check out the table below to learn more about what Mayhem Level has what Modifiers.

Mayhem Levels & Modifiers

LevelMod 1Mod 2Mod 3Mod 4
8EasyVery Hard--
9EasyMediumVery Hard-
10EasyMediumHardVery Hard

Keep in mind that even if modifier difficulties are set per level, the Modifier assigned in your game will be at random.

Change Level On Echo Device

The devs have also implemented a quality of life improvement! A new tab in your Echo Device will let you change what Mayhem Level you want to play! This makes it less tedious since you do not need to go back to Sanctuary III to change your level.

Over 25 New Modifiers

Over 25 New Modifiers

Aside from a revamp to Mayhem Levels, over 25 new Mayhem Modifiers have been added! These modifiers slightly change up the gameplay mechanics, forcing you to switch up your strategy on-the-fly!

List of New Confirmed Modifiers

Big Kick EnergyIncreases your weapon's damage, but also increases recoil and bullet spread.
Galaxy BrainIncreases the size of enemy heads, making crit shots easier to hit.
Floor is LavaStanding still will create a damaging pool of lava beneath your feet.
Drone RangerHealing Drones now accompany and assist enemies.
Click Here for the Original Mayhem Mode!

High Risk, High Reward Mode

What is Mayhem Mode?

Mayhem Mode is a new feature introduced in Borderlands 3 that raises the game mode's difficulty. Its a high risk, high reward game mode where you fight stronger enemies, but get better rewards in return.

Select from 4 Mayhem Modes

Mayhem Mode has 4 levels of difficulty which players can choose from. These are Mayhem 1, Mayhem 2, Mayhem 3 and Mayhem 4 with Mayhem 4 being the hardest difficulty.

Mayhem 4 Added in November 21 Hotfix

Starting November 21, players will be able to choose Mayhem 4 in the Mayhem Console. This will remove all negative modifiers and will have its own pool of exclusive Legendary drops!

Click Here For Legendary Grenade Mods!

Only 1 Modifier for Enemy, Player in Mayhem 4

Unlike in Mayhem 1 - 3 where you can get multiple modifiers, Mayhem 4 will only have 1 for the player & 1 for the enemies. This is separate from the 1000% buff to enemy health and shields.

How to Unlock Mayhem Mode?

Complete the Main Story

Complete the Main Story

Mayhem Mode is unlocked by completing the story mode. The Mayhem Mode terminal will appear in Sanctuary III once a player has cleared it.

All Mayhem Modes Unlocked Immediately

Players can choose from all 10 of the Mayhem Modes immediately upon unlocking the Terminal. It's not advisable to go straight to higher Mayhem levels though until you have enough gear to survive.

Need to Progress Story in True Vault Hunter Mode

Need to Redo Story in True Vault Hunter Mode

Mayhem Mode is unlocked separately in True Vault Hunter Mode and the normal mode. You'll need to clear the story in TVHM up until you get access to Sanctuary III to be able to use Mayhem Mode.

Check Out the True Vault Hunter Mode Here

Gameplay & Mode Differences

Increase Enemy Stats & Damage

Increase Enemy Stats & Damage

Enemies you meet in Mayhem Mode has increased health, damage, and armor. This is applied to all enemies whether they're regular mooks or bosses.

More Anointed and Badass Enemies

Mayhem Mode increases the chance for Anointed and Badass Enemies to spawn. With the difficulty spike, they're more deadly and can quickly take you down if you're not geared well enough.

Earn Better Rewards & Loot

Earn Better Rewards & Loot

Playing Mayhem Mode becomes worth it with the loot you'll get. There's a higher chance of enemies dropping good loot here and players receive higher XP, money, and other rewards.

Check Out the Best Legendary Weapons Here!

Anointed Weapons Drops

Anointed Weapons Drops

Enemies in Mayhem Mode have a chance of dropping Anoiunted gear. These items can provide nice buffs to player Action Skills.

Check Out Anointed Gear Here!

Changes Gameplay with Modifiers

Changes Gameplay with Mayhem Mods

Besides the difficulty spike, Mayhem Mode changes the gameplay in worlds with Mayhem Mods that apply specific modifiers. These include players having higher elemental damage or enemies doing more gun damage.

Random Mayhem Mods per Planet/Area

Mayhem Modifiers are randomly applied to planets and areas with some only available in different Mayhem levels. Players can check which Mayhem Mods might be applied in their maps.

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Anonymous 8

I too turned on mayhem as soon as I got to sanctuary in tvhm and did not have to wait until the story was complete.

Anonymous 7

There is 0 useful information in any of your sections.
How about numbers - stats - modifiers anything that would be remotely useful.

Anonymous 6

Pc need to complete story mode to acces TVHM

Anonymous 5

It seems that PC players have immediate access in TVHM where as console players dont

Anonymous 4

I did not have to clear the story in TVHM to get mayhem, it was already there.

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