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Beneath the Meridian - Story Mission Walkthrough
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Beneath the Meridian - Story Mission Walkthrough

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Read this Borderlands 3 story mission walkthrough guide of Beneath the Meridian. Including mission tips, boss fight battles, and more!

Table of Contents

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Beneath the Meridian Walkthrough

Beneath the Meridian Walkthrough Map

Promethea - Meridian Metroplex Map

Promethea - Meridian Metroplex Map
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Promethea - Neon Arterial Map 1

Promethea - Neon Arterial Map 1
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Promethea - Neon Arterial Map 2

Promethea - Neon Arterial Map 2
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Promethea - The Forgotten Basilica Map

Promethea - The Forgotten Basilica Map
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Beneath the Meridian Walkthrough Chart

1Fast Travel to Sanctuary
2Give Vault Key fragment to Tannis then proceed to the bridge
3Listen to Rhys' dialogue
4Fast Travel to Meridian Metroplex then digistruct a vehicle
5Proceed towards the designated location
6Eliminate the Maliwan squad guarding the area
7Talk to Zero and continue to the next zone, "Neon Arterial"
8Ride "Project DD" and drive your way towards the first gate
9Eliminate all enemy vehicles and face the gate to proceed
10Proceed to the second gate
11Again, eliminate all enemy vehicles and face the gate to proceed
12Continue forward until you see a corridor. From here, dismount and continue on foot
13Defeat the cultists guarding the entrance to Appolyon Station
14Progress through the caverns while battling Wraiths
15Defeat the Wraiths and Summoner guarding the entrance of The Forgotten Basilica
16Restock and prepare for a boss fight
17Jump down and place the Vault Key on the contraption
18Defeat The Rampager
19Enter the portal to loot the vault
20Melee the Eridium deposit three times to be able to use the lodestar
21Exit via the portal then talk to Ava
22Fast Travel to Sanctuary
23Talk to Lilith then talk to Ava for a reward
24Speak with Lilith again to end the mission

4~12. Highway To The Danger Zone

Starts With A Lot Of Vehicular Combat

Vehicular Action

Part of this mission involves vehicular navigation & combat. You'll have to drive through the broken highways and canals of Neon Arterial in order to proceed. Maya can assist by lobbing grenades and mines at enemy vehicles so make good use of her during a fight.

8~18. Fight With Maya

Maya Paralyzes Enemies & Can Revive You!

Fight with Maya

Maya goes along with you for the greater part of this mission, aiding you by fighting and supporting. She can paralyze enemies, holding them in place for you to attack. She can also revive, though it is best to still rely on Second Wind instead as she'll leave you if she's under attack.

14~15 Use Shock Weapons

Take Down The Vault Guards With Ease

Vault Guards Shield

Prior to entering the vault, you'll encounter its ancient guards, the Wraiths. Wraiths do not have HP but do have shields instead. Easily take them down by bringing in Shock weapons.

Bring Corrosive Weapons For Good Measure

Shield and Armor Wraith

You'll also encounter Possessed Wraiths and a Summoner before entering the vault. These enemies are armored and shielded, making them capable of taking more damage than the average Wraith. First bring their armor down with a Corrosive weapon, then deal the finishing blow with a Shock weapon.

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The Rampager - Boss Battle Tips

Rampager Intro
Recommended Level

The Rampager Fight Has Three Stages

Ravager Three Stages

The fight with The Rampager can take a lot of time as it becomes stronger and changes its fighting style every time it loses 1/3 of its health.

Stage 1
Stage 1 The Rampager
The Rampager can leap to quickly close the distance and it attacks by hurling energy balls. Try to bring it down from behind and attack the mouth to score criticals.
Stage 2
Rampager 2
Stage 2 Rampager is more mobile and has more attacks than the first one. Beware as it can now attack and move at the same time. It can also blast the ceiling to cause rocks to fall.
Stage 3
Stage 3 Rampager
Stage 3 Rampager can fly, is more aggressive, and has more attacks. In this stage, it is recommended to fight it with a sniper rifle or an assault rifle.

Wraiths Spawn When You're Down

Wraith Spawns

4 Wraiths that are easy to kill spawn when you go down to help you in getting a Second Wind. They also drop ammo.

Don't Rely On Maya For Revives

When you're down, it's best not to rely on Maya for a revive. She'll take her time to dispatch enemies that are attacking her before she can come to lend you a hand.

Do Not Shoot When It Transforms

Immune The Rampager

The Ravager is invulnerable during its transformations. Do not waste ammo by firing at it.

Bring LOTS Of Ammo

The Rampager can take in a lot of damage before it goes down. Upgrade your ammo capacity by buying SDUs and try to bring in as much ammo as you can before this fight.

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Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Space-Laser Tag Hammerlocked
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The Ravager is invulnerable during its transformations. Do not waste ammo by firing at it. - What about the Rampager?

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