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Read this Borderlands 3 story mission walkthrough guide of Hammerlocked. Including mission tips, boss fight battles, and more!!!

Table of Contents

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Beneath the Meridian Lair of the Harpy
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Hammerlocked Walkthrough

Hammerlock Walkthrough Map

Eden-6 - Floodmoor Basin Map 1

Eden-6 - Floodmoor Basin Map 1

Eden-6 - Floodmoor Basin Map 2

Eden-6 - Floodmoor Basin Map 2

Eden-6 - The Anvil Map

Eden-6 - The Anvil Map

Hammerlock Walkthrough Chart

1Head to Eden-6
2Follow the waypoint to meet Wainwright Jakobs
3Clear the bandit attack, talk with Wainwright
4Head to The Anvil and regroup with "Meatslab", a.k.a. Brick
5Fight through enemies with Brick and arrive at prison cell zone
6Meet the demolitionist "Crunk Bunny" a.k.a. Tina
7Collect "pizza" ingredients from the jail interior
8Defeat the Firebrand inside the jail cell to acquire "Ham"
9Proceed through the ventilation to enter a storage, "onion slices" found on shelf
10Interact with the generator to open the locked door
11Acquire the "sauce" from the box behind the unlocked door
12Return to Tina with the ingredients to acquire "pizza"
13Head to the waypoint to the bridge
14Clear the bridge with the sniper support from Mordekai
15Place the "pizza" on the door, shoot it to open a passage
16Restock and prepare for a boss fight
17Jump down and place the Vault Key on the contraption
18Defeat Warden
19Shoot the chain holding Hammerlock's cage
20Talk to Hammerlock to end the mission

1-20. Bring Incendiary Weapons

Most Cultists in this mission do not have armor and are vulnerable to Incendiary attacks. Best to bring Incendiary weapons and/or grenades to speed up your progress in this mission.

4. Brick will Support Your Battle

Brick will Support Your Battle

Following the cutscene, Brick will support you in battle with the Bandits. He can also revive you when you are down, so try to stick close when pushing forward.

7-9. Pizza Ingredients Location

Pizza ingredients can be found near the Jail cell area. Look for each items by following the waypoint.

Ham Dropped By Firebrand Enemy Found in Cell

Dropped By Firebrand Enemy Found in Cell

Kill the Firebrand in the open cell to grab his "ham".

Onion Slices Found On Shelf

Onion Slices Found On Shelf

Climb through the ventilation from the Cell you found the Firebrand to drop into a storage room. The "onion slices" will be found on the shelf.

Use Generator to Open Door with Sauce

Use Generator to Open Door with Sauce

The final ingredient can be found behind a locked door. To open this door, interact with the generator found at the waypoint to find the "sauce" in a cardboard box.

13. Restock Before Heading Towards The Bridge

Before delivering the "pizza", make sure to restock on ammo and supplies. The checkpoint where Tina stays in is the only place where you can restock before the boss fight, so be sure to do so before you head east.

14. Fight Through the Bridge with Mordekai

Fight Through the Bridge with Mordekai

During your fight on the bridge, Mordekai & Talon will support you with ranged fire support to whittle down the enemy numbers.

Warden - Boss Battle Tips

Recommended Level

Warden Has Armor

Armor Warden

Bring Corrosive Weapons to quickly drain the Warden's Armor. The Warden also becomes invulnerable for a short while every time it loses 1/3 of its armor.

Warden Has Multiple Forms

Has armor and fights using twin machineguns and missile launchers to attack from a distance.
Raging Warden
Raging Warden
Transforms into this after losing all of its armor. Attacks by aggressively charging at the player. Does a leap attack to close the distance.
Super Raging Warden
Super Raging Warden
Heals up and transforms into this when near-death. More aggressive and attacks other enemies. Relentless and occasionally attacks with a barrage of missiles.

Warden Transforms to More Powerful Form If Not Finished Off

The Warden will transform into his more powerful form (up to 5 stages) if not killed off when his HP is low. When his HP is near depletion, use a high DPS burst damage weapon to finish him off before he replenishes his health.

Wait For The Warden To Reload

The first form of the Warden attacks by gunning the player down with continuous fire. As you'll likely be outgunned in a one on one fight, try to wait for the Warden to run out of ammo, and when he reloads, attack with shotguns or assault rifles. Rinse and repeat.

Fire While Retreating

Move Backwards

The simplest strategy in beating the Raging Warden and Super Raging Warden is to fire at him while moving backwards. Other enemies that spawn during the fight are all melee fighters, so they'll likely chase after you and line up the same way as the Raging Warden.

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Beneath the Meridian Lair of the Harpy
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