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Mercenaries: Castle 2 Walkthrough Guide - How To Get SS Rank

RE8 | Mercenaries: Castle 2 Walkthrough Guide - How To Get SS Rank | Resident Evil Village (RE Village)

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RE8 | Mercenaries: Castle 2 Walkthrough Guide - How To Get SS Rank | Resident Evil Village (RE Village) - GameWith
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The Castle 2 is a Mercenaries stage in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8 / RE8). Find out Mercenaries Castle II Walkthrough SS Rank & S Rank guide, stages 1, 2, 3, & more!!!

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Mercenaries Mode

Mercenaries: Castle 2 - All Stages & Ranks

Rewards & Stages

RanksSS Rank: 1073000
S Rank: 851000
A Rank: 574000
B Rank: 130000
RewardB Rank: Unlocks Factory 2 Stage

Mercenaries: Castle 2 Stage - Recommended Weapons & Abilities

Strategy: Focus On Area 1 ~3 For SS Rank

The easiest way to get SS rank & LZ Answerer is to ace areas 1 ~ 3 & ignore area 4. This will allow you to get an SS rank even if you can't get past the 4th area.

Buy Magnum, Then Upgrade LEMI


First buy a Magnum (20,000 Lei). Then upgrade your LEMI in preparation for area 1. For the LEMI upgrade, upgrade Power 4, Rate of Fire 2, Reload Speed 2. You can upgrade ammo capacity later.

LEMI - Stats, Attachments & Where To Find

Choose Attack & Speed Abilities

Just like Village 2, pick abilities that deal damage. There are tons of enemies in Castle 2, so Corpse Combuster could be effective. However, if you're concerned it might mess up your combo, choose mobility related abilities instead.

Recommended Ability Chart

Corpse Combuster Enemies will likely explode when defeated
Handgun Master Handgun deals more damage
Execution Increased damage when enemy HP is 30% or less
Get S rank in Castle Stage to unlock
Head Shooter Shots aimed at the head do more damage
Agile Speed increases
Magic Magazine Doubles ammo capacity
Get S rank in Village Stage to unlock
Adrenaline Health recovers slightly when attacking with a gun

Mercenaries: Castle 2 Walkthrough - Video Guide

Video Guide

Mercenaries: Castle 2 (Stage 1) Walkthrough - SS Rank

Stage 1 Walkthrough Guide

Step Description
Buy Magnum, then Upgrade LEMI
Break yellow orb. Pick up Pipe Bomb
Kill armored Soldat using Pipe Bomb & Magnum.
Get around 9 Combo near the dungeon
Break blue orb
Go up the stairs & kill the sleeping Moroaica
Kill the 2 Moroaicas & break blue orb
Kill Lycans then move up stairs
Turn right & kill lycan
Kill the approaching enemy while looking out for the bow lycan
Kill the bow lycan & goal

Mercenaries: Castle 2 (Stage 2) Walkthrough - SS Rank

Stage 2 Walkthrough Guide

Step Description
Upgrade LEMI fully except for magazine capacity
Exit the hall & break blue orbs. Kill Moroaica
Break yellow orbs on 1F and kill approaching Soldat (10 Combo)
Push through the corridor while fighting all enemies
※Use mines if this is too difficult
Head up stairs
Kill enemies around here until you get 29 Combo
After 29 combo, head to the vine yard. Kill 3 Lycans that appear & break yellow orb
Save the explosive barrel until Armored Soldat appears. Kill Samca as needed to chain the combo
2 more Soldats will arrive with Lycans. Kill lycans to chain combo until the Soldats are down
Kill everything, break blue orb & goal

Mercenaries: Castle 2 (Stage 3) Walkthrough - SS Rank

Stage 3 Walkthrough Guide

Step Description
Upgrade LEMI's magazine capacity if you want. Spend the rest of your Lei on Pipe Bombs
After starting, kill the 3 Moroaicas. Break blue orb, and kill Moroaica on the side to chain combo
Move to the hall & deal with the Moroaica coming from under the bed
Near the yellow orb is a witch. Kill it with the magnum
Go out to the courtyard with 13 Combo
A witch will appear. Kill it using Magnum while looking out for Lycans
Move further down & take a right to break yellow orb & continue combo
Kill the 3 Samcas & break blue orb
After getting into the castle, take a right to the piano room instead of the stairs.
Kill the Moroaica to continue combo. Kill the Armored Soldat with pipe bombs & the magnum
Break blue orb, kill the Moroaica next to the stairs for 35 Combo
Kill bow lycans on 2f
Kill the Moroaica down the path to keep combo & break blue orb
Move forward & kill 2 Moroaicas on the right, get 41 Combo
Push forward & kill witch with magnum
Defeat remaining stragglers & goal

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First Tier Levels

Mercenaries Mode

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