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How To Get Cat Ears & Effect

RE4 Remake | How To Get Cat Ears & Effect | Resident Evil 4 Remake

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RE4 Remake | How To Get Cat Ears & Effect | Resident Evil 4 Remake - GameWith

The guide on how to unlock Cat Ears in Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4 Remake). Includes the effect of the accessory and the requirements to unlock.

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How To Get Cat Ears

Cat Ears

How To UnlockComplete the main story on Professional mode with an S+ rank.
CP Cost2000
PerkAll weapons can be reloaded indefinitely without using the ammo items in your possession.

*Must be obtained at the EXTRA SHOP after unlocked.

How To Get S+ Rank

Completion S+ Rank Requirements
・NEW GAME (Not with New Game+)
・Complete the game under 5 hours and 30 minutes
・Less than 15 Manual Saves

Note that in addition to the limit of Clear Time and Manual Saves, the playthrough must be started with a NEW GAME. This means that you must play from the very beginning, not with powerful equipment obtained through the previous playthrough.

How To Get S+ Rank - Requirements

Accessories And Bonus Weapons Are Available

The requirements for unlocking the Cat Ears do not include any restrictions on Bonus Weapons or Accessories that are bonus rewards, so if you want to get the Cat Ears, you should try to have a full set of the equipment below.

Available WeaponDetails
Chicago Sweeper
Reward of the Challenge "Complete the main story on Professional mode with an A rank"
Primal Knife
Unlocked at the EXTRA CONTENT SHOP by completing the Challenge "Destroy all Clockwork Castellans".
Available AccessoryDetails
Ashley ArmorEffect:
Makes Ashley invulnerable to enemy attacks.
How To Get:
Complete the main story on Hardcore mode or higher with an A rank.
Gas MaskEffect:
Aim assist can be used regardless of game mode (difficulty).
How To Get:
Complete the main story on Professional mode.
Chicken HatEffect:
Greatly decreases the amount of damage you receive.
How To Get:
Complete the main story on Hardcore mode or higher with an S+ rank.

Walkthrough For Getting Cat Ears

Recommended Steps To Take Playthroughs

NoThings To Do
1Complete the 1st playthrough first
ASSISTED is recommended as the difficulty
└Merchat's goods are cheaper and easy to save money
└Easy to explore due to the low difficulty
└Destroy all Clockwork Castellans (Obtain Primal Knife)
2Get Infinite Rocket Launcher in 2nd Playthrough
└It requires 2 million Ptas, so save money (▶Effective Way to Make Money)
ASSISTED is recommended as you only need to save money
If you are prepared, aim for A Rank on HARDCORE Mode
└Obtain Ashley Armor
3*Aim for A Rank on HARDCORE Mode
└Obtain Ashley Armor
└Go to the next step if you've obtained it in 2nd playthrough
4Aim for A Rank with Infinite Rocket Launcher on PROFESSIONAL(Within 7 hours)
└Remember the solutions to the puzzles and the walkthrough steps
└Obtain Chicago Sweeper
5*Start with a NEW GAME, complete on HARDCORE with an S+ Rank(Within 5:30)
└Aim for Speedrun with Chicago Sweeper
└Obtain Chicken Hat(For decreasing damage)
└If you are confident, skip to the next step
6Start with a NEW GAME and aim for an S+ Rank on PROFESSIONAL mode (Within 5:30 % Less than 15 Saves)
└Chicken Hat would make it easier
└Achieve S+ Rank to obtain Cat Ears(Infinite ammo for all weapons)
Infinite Weapons are unusable until Chapter 7
Exclusive Upgrade Ticket are not available in Village
└If you leave a save before using Infinite Weapons, you can reuse it in the playthrough for the Handcannon.

To make it easier to get Cat Ears, you have to take playthroughs and collect Completion Rewards. At the very least, you need "Armor" and "Chicago Sweeper", so complete HARDCORE and PROFESSIONAL mode with an A rank first.

Post Game Contents | Can You Continue Saved Data?

The Difficulty Is To Clear Chapter 6

When aiming to obtain the Cat Ears, the difficult part is the Village part up to Chapter 6. Even if you have the Chicago Sweeper, which is an infinite weapon, you cannot use it til the Castle in Chapter 7. Therefore, it is necessary to complete the Village in a normal way without the bonus weapon.

Story Walkthrough Guide

Recommended Save Points

TimeSave Point / Reason
1Chapter 2: First Merchant
・Since the next location, Valley is hard to clear in the early stage
・Be careful not to die in the first knife fight in Chapter 2
2Chapter3: Before getting gasoline or Before fighting Del Lago
・Get gasoline at Fish Farm by running through
・Save before getting gasoline if you are not confident in running through
・Del Lago might be another difficulty
3Chapter 4: Before getting Apostate's Head or Before El Gigante
・Search places by boat → Get Blasphemer's Head
・The bottom of the map where Apostate's Head can be found is difficult to get past multiple enemies
・Save before getting Apostate's Head if you are not confident
4Chapter 5: Merchant down the path from Church
・Fight the powerful enemy Savage Mutt for Spinels.
・You can skip it if you have a chance to win
5Chapter 5: Farm after beating the Savage Mutt
・Save after defeating the savage mutt
・If you spend/wear out too much time, you can start over from 4.
・The next besieged battle is the most difficult
6Chatper 6: First Merchant
・Avoid re-challenging the besieged battle
・If you are well-prepared, you can go a little further and save at the hut on the hill with the bonfire (Before fighting Chainsaw sisters)
7Chapter 6: Before fighting Village Chief
・The last boss fight in Village
・If you have saved 30 Spinels, you can fight with all the ammo you have
8Chapter 7: First Merchant
・Trade Exclusive Upgrade Ticket with saved Spinels to get Chicago with Infinite ammo
・If you save before upgrading to infinite, you can use the data when you aim for the Handcannon
9Chapter 10: At the start
・To avoid redoing Chapters 7~9
・There is no difficulty in 7~9, so if you play carefully, you won't die
・The 2 Garradors are hard to beat
10Chapter 11: Before fighting Krauser
・Chicago does not work here, so if you are not good at Parry, you may die
・You can skip it if you have no problem with the fight
11Chapter 12: Before fighting Salazar
・Save to prevent the risk of the instant-kill attacks
12Chapter 13: Merchant Before Fighting Regeneradors
・Risk of getting killed by Regenerador in Freezer/Incubation Lab
13Chapter 14: Before fighting Krauser
・It'd be stable if you buy a Rocket Launcher
・High chance to die before the first mutation
14Chapter 15: First Merchant or After Specimen Storage
・Save at the first Merchant if you are not good at the first half fight in Chapter 15
15Chapter 16: Before fighting Saddler
・It is easy to defeat Saddler with Rocket Launcher
・The water scooter is difficult to use, so if you are confident, you can save after the Saddler fight

The recommended 15 save points are listed above. These are only the suggestions of our strategy team, and it is recommended to save before the places you have difficulty with.

The Effect of Cat Ears

Infinite Ammo For Almost All Weapons


With the Cat Ears, even weapons that cannot be upgraded to infinite weapons will have unlimited ammunition. While infinite weapons are limited to a few types, the Cat Ears allows you to expand the range of strategies.

Infinite Ammo - How To Get & Unlock Infinite Weapons

Part of Weapons Cannot Have Infinite Ammo


Weapons such as the Rocket Launcher and Bolt Thrower that are not Infinite Weapons will not trigger the Cat Ears effect and will not have Infinite Ammo. It is important to note this when using certain weapons.

Weapons Cannot Have Infinite Ammo

Bolt ThrowerBolt ThrowerRocket LauncherRocket Launcher
Any Grenades

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