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Shooting Range Tips - All Skulls & How To Get S Rank

RE4 Remake | Shooting Range Tips - All Skulls & How To Get S Rank | Resident Evil 4 Remake

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RE4 Remake | Shooting Range Tips - All Skulls & How To Get S Rank | Resident Evil 4 Remake - GameWith

Shooting Range Skull Tips & How To Get S Rank Guide for Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4 Remake). See how to get S rank, challenge, shooting range skull, bonus time requirement, & tips.

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Table of Contents

Shooting Range - How To Get S Rank?

Change The Settings

Before you go to the shooting range, modify the settings and make it easier for aiming. Take note that Aim Assist is not available at Shooting Range.

Recommended Camera Settings

Maximum Camera SpeedChange the speed according to your preference and adjust the one required for altitude
Camera Acceleration
Change to maximum if you do not have any preference
Field of ViewWider viewing angle makes it easier to see the surroundings

Recommended Display Settings

Dot Display
It is easier to move viewpoints during reload
Aim ColorStandard color can be changed to white, red, blue, or green so choose what you prefer

Remember The Pattern

The arrangement of enemies & patterns for each stage are fixed. Remember the pattern so it would be convenient the timing when to shoot. Getting accurate may take time so it may take a number of trial & error.

Can Interrupt With Option Button

If you are having a hard time shooting the skull, you can interrupt the stage with the option button.

Can Lower The Difficulty

Clearing ★★★ is quite difficult. Aim for the skulls if you focus on getting S rank. During Bonus Time, you can focus on hitting crews instead of treasures.

Consider The Weapon You Will Use

There are a lot of weapons you can use but you need to be familiar with the weapon you will use in the shooting range, especially with the recoil & effect. If you want to save & gather ammo, take it slow and be careful when shooting.


- While in aiming stance, the aim will narrow down and the ammo will be amplified
└ If you want to aim from a distance, you need to wait for the aim to narrow down
- Slowly nudging the right analog can spread the shot


- Bullets can spread widely which enables you to hit multiple enemies
- For skulls, aim the shot at the center


- Sustain the stability when holding as you shoot the target
- Scope can be used for average & long distance

Submachine Gun (SMG)

- Firing continuously can spread the shot but consumes a lot of ammo
└ Control the shot by aiming every 1-2 shots

Bolt Thrower

- Unlike other weapons, Bolt Thrower has a delay before the shot is released
└ It is necessary to note the direction of the projectile
- Can easily attach & detach mine thrower

Shooting Range Challenge Walkthrough & Tips

Table of Contents


Bonus Time Requirement
Defeat all Buglars

The Last Skull At The End Of Bonus Time Is A Bit Difficult to Hit

The last head that appears at the end of the bonus stage is difficult since it moves at a far distance. If you are aiming for headshot, it is recommended that you pass through the treasure chest to some extent then aim in advance and wait for the right timing.


Bonus Time Requirement
Defeat all Buglars

Shoot 2 Skulls At The Same Time

  • Rightmost end x1
  • Move to the top left (slow) x1
  • Move left & right x3 pieces

There are 5 skulls that will appear during the bonus time. Shoot the rightmost end with the skull moving from left & right.

The Pattern Of Skull Moving Left & Right

First Time
From left to right
Second Time
From left to right
Third Time
From left to right


Bonus Time Requirement
Defeat all Buglars

The Front Part During The Bonus Time Is Difficult

The part where 4 captain Burglar turns around, it is necessary to shoot quickly because there is no grace period. Switch to handgun when you have ran out of Rifle ammo. If you are aiming for the skull reward, there is no problem shooting a sailor.


Bonus Time Requirement
Defeat all Buglars with 20 seconds remaining

Try To Shoot Single Shots

Holding the button as you shoot with SMG is not recommended as the bullets will not hit most of the targets and would waste ammo. Instead, only press the button one at a time to shoot conveniently.


Bonus Time Requirement
Defeat all Buglars with 30 seconds remaining

Aim At The Center To Shoot The Skull

The shotgun has a spread shot so it is recommended to aim the target in the middle and doing this can also shoot the skull.


Bonus Time Requirement
Defeat all Buglars with 30 seconds remaining

Do Not Shoot Carelessly

While there is a time limit for the bonus time, do not shoot carelessly because the objective is to optimize every shot with Shotgun. Shooting randomly will result to some targets not getting hit.


Bonus Time Requirement
Defeat all Buglars within 10 shots

Focus On Shooting The Dynamite

This stage with skulls & dynamites. Focus on the dynamite and shoot it to clear all the moving targets.


Bonus Time Requirement
Defeat all Buglars within 10 shots

Shoot Where The Targets Overlap

It is important to take down several targets with 1 bullet by utilizing the penetration effect. Remember where the targets overlap so you can take them down with a single shot.


Bonus Time Requirement
Defeat all Buglars within 10 shots

Note When To Shoot The Dynamite

Similar to 3-B, this stage also requires you to utilize the penetration effect. But there are also targets with dynamites and there are times when to not shoot the dynamite. In the video guide above, you can see the part where to not shoot the dynamite. Remember the parts when to shoot the dynamite and when to utilize the penetration effect.


Bonus Time Requirement
Defeat all Buglars within 20 shots

Remember When To Shoot With Shotgun

Since the number of shots is limited for enabling the bonus time, it is important to know when to use Shotgun. If you can save as many ammo as possible, you can easily clear all targets during bonus time.

Remember When To Utilize The Penetration Effect

Some of the targets stack and can be shot in a linear pattern with penetration effect. If you can remember when the targets stack, it is recommended to move to the possible location and shoot where you can utilize the penetration effect.


Bonus Time Requirement
Defeat all Buglars

Remember The Direction (Difference Between The Target Location & Reload)

The Bolt Thrower can shoot the targets even at the far side. If you are not used to this weapon, practice its usage so you can see how far the direction of the bolts can reach.

Note When & Where To Shoot With Mine Thrower

Mine is an excellent weapon that can destroy multiple targets simultaneously but it is very important where & when to use it as you can only use 4 shots at max. It has a delay so practice and get used to its performance.


Bonus Time Requirement
Defeat all Burglars

Pure Skill For Aiming & Shooting Is Needed

This is the last stage for shooting range and it requires great sense for aiming & shooting. The targets are all rushing and it might be difficult to shoot the right targets even during bonus time. It might take time for you to achieve an S rank in this stage.

Familiarize With The Recoil Of Each Weapon

You can use 4 weapons: Blacktail, Stingray, Striker, & TMP but the recoil is different for each. If you're capable of managing the recoil, the score will change considerably given that the same weapon is frequently fired in quick succession.

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