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Chapter 10 Walkthrough - Map & Castellans

RE4 Remake | Chapter 10 Walkthrough - Map & Castellans | Resident Evil 4 Remake

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Chapter 10 Walkthrough Guide for Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4 Remake). Learn how to complete Chapter 10 map, Blue Request Notes, treasures, and Clockwork Castellans location.

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Chapter 10 Story Walkthrough

Strategy Guide
1▼ Go to the Throne room
2▼ Make your way to the surface

Go To The Throne Room

1After talking to Ada Wong, go to the storage room and get the Assault Rifle
┗ Requires the cube that you have obtained in Chapter 9
2Climb the stairs at the top right, as indicated on the map, and use the cube object to obtain the treasures.
3Go out from the place where Ashley put the emblem during Chapter 9. Lower the ladder and proceed to go down
4Enter the room next to the three-necked bronze statue. Open the door on the left, and then proceed inside
5Jump over the wall on the left and climb the stairs
┗ Move quickly since plenty of insects will start appearing in the area
6Follow the path and go down the stairs
7Climb the ladder and then go to the lever to activate/unlock the gate
8Go down to the ladder, then climb the stairs as indicated on the map. Proceed to the lever's location and activate it
9Go down and proceed outside towards the wooden bridge
10In order to lower the bridge, you need to shoot down the stone weights that are located on the lower left and upper right of the bridge.
11Proceed to the door and upon entering you will encounter the first 2 enemies, then other enemies will start to appear as well
Shoot the bell in order to lure the Garrador towards it. Once they go towards the bell, you can proceed to hit their back
You can also let the enemies attack each other
12Collect the Unicorn Horns from Garrador's corpses
13Use the Unicorn Horns to unlock the room. Once you unlock it, proceed inside. A cutscene showing Ramon Salazar and Ashley will be played. After the cutscene, you will be thrown down to the Depths.

Make Your Way To The Surface

1Progress inside the cave
┗ Invisible insects will start appearing along the way. Carefully look at the surface of the water. Look for their glowing eyes then shoot them down.
2Enter the back room, break the wall, and climb the ladder
3Follow the passageway and examine the elevator in the back room
4Proceed through the door next to the elevator and activate it
5After the cut scene, follow the path towards the small room, then pull the lever that is located on the right.
6Once you enter the unlocked room, you will encounter Verdugo's tail which will attack you while you proceed inside the room. Avoid it by evading it.
7Proceed to the far end of the room and pull the breaker to restore the power. Then go back to the elevator.
8Once you leave the room, the Verdugo will finally make its appearance. Use the liquid nitrogen device to freeze and halt the monster's movement. Quickly turn the handle to open the door while the enemy is frozen
9While waiting for the elevator to arrive, avoid the enemy as much as possible, you can use the liquid nitrogen once again to halt its attack.
It is not required to kill the Verdugo
10Enter the elevator and a cut scene will start playing
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Steps To Escape Safely From Verdugo

▲ You can proceed in the order indicated in the image above.

1. Pull The Lever To Open The Way To The Breaker

When you pull the lever, you will be able to pass the way to the room with the breaker. In the meantime, Verdugo will attack twice, but you can avoid it by pressing the dodge button immediately.

2. Verdugo Will Appear After Pulling The Breaker

After pulling the breaker and attempting to return to the elevator, Verdugo emerges. It's recommended to retreat to the back of the room and ensure safety while keeping an eye on the surroundings.

3. Dispense Liquid Nitrogen → 4. Immediately Turn The Handle

You can stop Verdugo's movement for a short time by releasing liquid nitrogen. Once the liquid nitrogen in the back of the room has spouted out, immediately turn the handle to the room entrance and head towards it.

5. Wait In The Room Until The Elevator Arrives

You need to hold its attacks until the elevator arrives. In order to do that, you can pass the time while going around the room. Collect things in the room if you have some time.

6. Spray Liquid Nitrogen And Head Towards The Elevator

Once the elevator arrives, exit the room and push the button for liquid nitrogen. While the elevator is halted, control it and ascend.

Chapter 10 Map

Clockwork Castellans Location

Behind The Iron Bars Across From The Merchant In The Depths

Map LocationLocation Details

It is located inside the iron bars ahead, after proceeding through the uphill tunnel from thedepths.There is a weapons merchant nearby. Since it's impossible to re-enter the area after escaping, make sure to get it before leaving.

Clockwork Castellans Locations

Blue Request Notes Location

Merciless Knight

Map Close View
To Complete: Destroy the strong threat
Reward: Spinel ×8
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