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Beginner's Guide for Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4 Remake). This guide includes a walkthrough strategy in the early game, how to save ammo including tips and tricks in combat fights.

Table of Contents

Progression Tips If The Game Is Too Hard

Recommended Action If The Game Is Too Hard

  1. Lower your game's difficulty level, and change it to Assisted
  2. Turn on the Aim Assist Type so you can easily target and do headshots in the game

Lower The Difficulty To Assisted

Advantages Of Lowering Your Difficulty Level

  • Fewer enemies and traps
  • Recovers your health automatically
  • Cheaper Items in the game shop
  • Increases the number of ammunition when crafting

If you are struggling to play the Resident Evil 4 Remake, you can simply adjust the game's difficulty to Standard/Assisted. Once you change your difficulty you will not be able to revert it back, and also you will not be able to take the challenges and retrieve items related to that difficulty level.

Difficulty Settings Guide

Adjust The Aim Assist Type & Max Speed

  • Aim Assist: Snap and Follow
  • Aim Assist Max Speed: Max Level

By changing the Aim Assist to Snap and Follow, the crosshair will be fixed to the enemy's head hence this is highly recommended for players who feel stressed over aiming, and hitting targets using a gun.

There Are Also Some Disadvantages

Note that this can be also make it slightly difficult to move away from the enemies especially if you are dealing with multiple enemies. It can also be burdensome to adjust the target to any location other than the head. Once you become too familiar with Aim Assist, it might be difficult to change it back.

Camera Settings Will Also Be Affected

In particular, the Camera's acceleration will be affected resulting in it stabilizing your movement. Even though the max speed is a matter of preference, it is still recommended to set it on a faster setting for it to facilitate quicker reactions.

Control Settings Guide

Combat Tips

Tips On Battle Fights

  • Gameplay revolves around shooting and close combat
  • Use a stealthy approach when taking down targets to avoid detection
  • Use recovery items when your HP is low
  • Be mindful of your position and location in the battle

Defeating Mob Enemies Revolves Around Gun Fights And Melee

  1. Aim gun at the head or leg part
  2. Follow up with a melee attack when the enemy is staggered
Place To ShootEffect/ Melee Difference
Head- Headshots deal higher damage
- Makes it faster to stagger enemies, opening up melee opportunities
- The range of the roundhouse kick melee attack is large and can hit multiple enemies
Leg- Although the leg is an easy target, the damage inflicted is comparatively low
- Melee attacks can be done once the enemy falls to their knees
- Melee attacks are less effective against multiple enemies due to their narrow range

When you manage to stagger an enemy by shooting them in the head or leg, it's a good opportunity to use a melee attack to finish them off. By doing so, you can save ammunition and fight more effectively, which is particularly important if you often find yourself running low on bullets.

Melee Guide

Safest Way To Defeat Enemies Is To Sneak From Behind Then Attack

By crouching and approaching an enemy from behind, you can silently eliminate them with a single hit. This not only conserves your weapon ammunition but also ensures a stealthy and efficient takedown. To be able to execute this, you must remain unnoticed by the target. This cannot be used during battles where enemies are aware of your presence.

How to Use Knife & Stealth Kill

Use Recovery Items When Your HP Is Low

Progressing through the battle without getting hurt is an arduous challenge. You can keep track of your remaining HP through a circular gauge located at the bottom right corner and use recovery items to ensure your survivability in battle.

Be Mindful Of Your Position In The Battle

To prevent getting surrounded by enemies or cornered into a dead end, it's important to strategize and plan ahead before entering the combat zone. Dealing with many enemies at once requires tactical thinking like luring them into narrow passages or doorways and retreating to a different area before getting overwhelmed.

How To Use Items

Refrain From Aimlessly Upgrading Weapons

The amount of money that you can obtain is limited unless you plan to farm them once again after clearing the game. Focusing on upgrading your favorite weapon or weapons make better use of your resources than trying to upgrade all your weapons at once.

Use The Consumption Items More Often

It's natural to feel concerned as your inventory space dwindles, but it's important to keep in mind that the attache case can only hold a certain amount of items. Therefore, it's recommended that you use items once it is needed. In the event that you ran out of an item, consider crafting it to obtain more.

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Be Careful When Selling Certain Items For Money

There are certain treasure items on sale that merge a base item with a Gems, creating a valuable product that can be sold for a better price. Avoid selling them separately as it won't be as profitable; instead, add some of the Gems before selling the item as a whole.

Gemstones Guide & Bonuses | Astute Appraiser Achievement Guide

Story Progression Pointers

Unable To Return To Certain Areas As You Progress

As you advance through the chapters, there will be areas that become inaccessible, and certain elements such as the placement of items may change when you revisit the same location. Therefore, it's advisable to inspect the accessible areas for any valuable items before proceeding with the story.

How To Climb High Places With Ashley & Location

Check Merchant Deals

There are weapons available for purchase from the Merchant, some of which may be available at a discounted price within a certain limited time or after clearing a specific chapter. In order to efficiently acquire weapons, it is important to take advantage of sales whenever possible.

Merchant Guide

Locked Shelves Can Be Opened Later

You need a "small key" to open locked drawers in the different locations. Locked drawers appear starting on Chapter 1, but small keys can only be obtained after Chapter 2. There's no need to rush to do it immediately since you can always come back later.

Small Key Location - Locked Chests & Treasures

Useful Small Tips And Tricks

Items Can Be Obtained By Killing Some Animals

AnimalObtainable Item
ChickenWait some time to lay eggs
CrowDrops random items when defeated
Snake or FishCan be obtained as an item when defeated
BeehiveDestroy to obtain an item.

You can obtain items by shooting animals with a gun or hitting them with your knife. It's a good idea to do this in situations where there are no enemies around and you have some time to spare.

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