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Chapter 11 Walkthrough - Map, Request, & Castellans

RE4 Remake | Chapter 11 Walkthrough - Map, Request, & Castellans | Resident Evil 4 Remake

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Chapter 11 Walkthrough Guide for Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4 Remake). Learn how to complete Chapter 11 map, Blue Request Notes, treasures, and Clockwork Castellans location.

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Chapter 10
Chapter 12

Story Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 11 Story Walkthrough

Make Your Way To The Surface

1Climb the ladder after talking to Luis
2Proceed along the track and turn right at the end
3Defeat the enemies, including two chainsaw wielders, after getting off the wall
4Pull the lever in the room after climbing the stairs
5Exit the door after going down the stairs, climb the stairs in front of you, and cross the bridge
6After crossing the bridge, turn left and obtain Dynamite for mining
7Go back the way you came, turn left, and go down
8Place the dynamite for mining at the planned site, leave immediately, and take the side road on the left
If you stay in a straight line, rocks will roll and the game will be over, so be careful.
9Go through the passage after the explosion and break the wall, two giants will appear, defeat them with Luis.
Defeat the flesh-and-blood giant first, and after Luis put the dynamite on the iron giant, shoot and blow it up.
After attacking for a certain period of time, it will crouch in the center, pull the lever and drop it into the blast furnace.
10Raise Luis up and let him open the door
11Follow the road and ride the minecart
12While maintaining balance, proceed with the minecart, shoot obstacles, and change the route of the railroad tracks
┗ Enemies appear along the way, and if the minecart receives damage and its durability runs out, the game is over
13Get off the minecart once and then proceed straight ahead to transfer to the next minecart again
Since the speed of the minecart is faster than the first time, make sure to keep your balance firmly
14After getting off the minecart, go around and follow the road to the elevator.
15Take the elevator up and fight Krauser after the cutscene
┗ Fight using only knives, so use parry and melee (Physical Attacks) to support
▶Chapter 12 Guide

How To Defeat Double El Gigante (Giants)

Strategy Steps
1First, focus on attacking the enemy who is not wearing armor and take it down in the center
┗ As soon as it goes down, pull the lever and drop it into the furnace
2Hold out until Luis arrives with the dynamite
┗The armored giant keeps running away because attacks don't work on him.
3When Luis comes back, guide the giant near Luis
4When the giant is near the center, shoot dynamite and blow it up
(*It is best to face the center because it will fall forward)
5Pull the lever to drop the second giant into the furnace

Knock Down The Armorless Giant And Drop It In The Blast Furnace

First, keep attacking the armorless giant and take it down near the center. Even if you open the hatch while it is falling, it will not be dodged, so you can definitely drop it.

Hold The Lever For About 5 Seconds

The hatch will open if you hold the lever for approximately 5 seconds. Remember not to release it too soon, and try to pull the lever as soon as it falls.

Survive Until Luis Returns

When only the armored giant is left, Luis will leave to retrieve the dynamite. Since you cannot inflict damage when it is armored, your best option is to move around and hold out.

Lure The Giant Close To Luis Once He's Back

When Luis returns with dynamite, lure the giant closer to Luis. A cutscene begins, and dynamite will be attached to the back of the armored giant.

Shoot The Dynamite While The Giant Is In The Middle

Shoot the dynamite to knock down the giant. If it is knocked down near the center, you can drop it in the blast furnace, so shoot the dynamite to blow up the giant when it is in the center.

How To Defeat Krauser (Knife Fight)

Walkthrough Guide
1The basic is to aim for a counter, not an attack
┗ Perform Melee after Parry
2Turn around as soon as he jumps to your back

Aim For A Counter With Parry

The enemy will not be stunned by knife attacks, so if you attack carelessly, you will also be attacked. Basically, don't attack yourself, and try to counter with melee after parrying.

Turn Around As Soon As He Jumps

Krauser will land behind you after jumping, so turn around to face him and be ready to defend against his attack.

Chapter 11 Map

Icon Names
Key ItemTypewriterWooden Box
TreasureBlue Request NotesClockwork Castellans
Handgun AmmoShotgun AmmoSMG Ammo
S Rifle AmmoVarious GrenadeFile

Clockwork Castellans Location

On Top Of The Stopover

Map LocationLocation Details

After the first minecart ride, on top of the building at the Stopover. It can be seen by looking up from where you arrived, but it's quite difficult to see, so remember the location well.

Clockwork Castellans

Blue Request Notes Location

Insect Hive

Map Close View
To Complete: Destroy all the entrances to the hive
Reward: Spinel ×4
▶Insect Hive Guide

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