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How To Get S+ Rank - Requirements

RE4 Remake | How To Get S+ Rank - Requirements | Resident Evil 4 Remake

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RE4 Remake | How To Get S+ Rank - Requirements | Resident Evil 4 Remake - GameWith

Guide on how to get S+ rank in Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4 Remake). See requirements for S+ rank or other ranks, tips for achieving a rank S plus in professional mode!

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How To Get S+ Rank

S+ Rank Rewards & Requirements

DiffcultyS+ Rank Reward
・NEW GAME (Not with New Game+)
・Complete under 4:00
STANDARDDeer Antlers (Greatly increases the power of knife attacks)
・NEW GAME (Not with New Game+)
・Complete under 5:00
HARDCOREChicken Hat (Greatly decreases the amount of damage you receive)
・NEW GAME (Not with New Game+)
・Complete under 5:30
PROFESSIONALCat Ears (All weapons can be reloaded indefinitely without using the ammo)
・NEW GAME (Not with New Game+)
・Complete under 5:30
・Saved less than 15 times
Bonus Weapons You Can Get Under Other Conditions

Has To Be NEW GAME (First Round)

To get a clear time S+, it is essential to be New Game. Be sure to start with New Game, as it cannot be achieved with New Game+ takeover.

Bonus Weapon/Accessories Are Available

Bonus Weapon/Accessory obtainable from completing is available for use. Especially when aiming for S+ at high difficulty, it will greatly reduce the difficulty.

Bonus Weapons List
Accessory List

Some Challenges Limits Use Of Weapons

"Professional Agent" which is required to unlock Handcannon, can't be achieved using Bonus Weapon. Accessories are available, so equip strong accessories such as Cat Ears before challenging.

Tips For Achieving S+ Rank (Common To All Difficulties )

  • Skip all the cutscenes
  • Pass enemies and puzzle unnesesasary
  • Go straight to objective
  • Try to use infinite weapon whenever possible
  • Open menu when taking a break

Skip All The Cutscenes

To make it easier to complete under time limit, which is the minimum requirement of S+ clear, skip all the cutscenes. As cutscene are included in time, you can reduce extra time loss by skipping.

Pass Enemies And Puzzle Unnecessary

Ignore enemies and puzzles that do not have a key item drops or important event. Always choose the fastest route so that you can reduce your time even a little.

Go Straight To Objective

There are Enemies and Treasures that are not related to the story from Blue Request Notes. However, avoid unnecessary routes as time is quite severe when aiming for S+.

Save Often

There is no limit on the number of saves except for Professional. Therefore, you can load and start again where you have struggled. Also useful when you want to interrupt the game.

Try To Use Infinite Weapon Whenever Possible

If you just aiming to get S+, infinite Weapon will do most of the job fine. Especially at high difficulty, enemies are stronger and there is a risk of running out of ammo, so use Chicago Sweeper or Primal Knife.

▶︎ Infinite Ammo - How To Get & Unlock Infinite Weapons

Open Menu When Taking A Break

This series has a lot of content compared to the past RE series. Playing 5 hours in a row will lose concentration and cause mistakes. The play time does not progress on the menu screen, so pause on menu screen while taking break.

Tips For Achieving S+ Rank In Professional Mode (How To Get Cat Ears)

Ashley's Armor Is A Must

How To UnlockComplete the main story on Hardcore mode or higher with an A rank.

Enemy attacks in professional mode are very deadly, so equipping Ashley with armor is a must. When she is equipped with armor, she will not be attacked by Leon or the enemy, and she will not be abduction by the enemy.

So before aiming for an S+ rank in the professional mode, it is recommended to finish Hardcore Mode in A rank or higher and obtain the armor.

▶︎ Ashley Armor Costume Guide - How To Get & Effects

Other Recommended Accessories

AccessoryEffect & How To Get
ニワトリ帽Chicken Hat
- Damage reduction effect.
- Clear Hardcore with Rank S+ (New Game+ Clear in 5 hours and 30 minutes.)
ガスマスクGas Mask- Aim Assist even at high difficulty.
- Clear Professional Mode
(You can obtain Chicago Sweeper together with it.)

Bonus Weapons Should Be Used

In the latter half of the story, the enemies become more formidable, and it becomes difficult without the Bonus Weapons especially after arriving at the castle.

Since it is necessary to repeat the playthrough several times to obtain the Bonus Weapons, we recommend that you get some of the Bonus Weapons before trying to get the Cat Ears on your second playthrough, rather than trying to get it out of the blue.

Bonus Weapons Makes It Impossible To Get The Handcannon

The dilemma is that the Bonus Weapons are almost mandatory to obtain the S+ rank, but the Bonus Weapon makes it impossible to obtain the Handcannon. Instead of trying to obtain both Cat Ears and Handcannon in the same playthrough, it is recommended to obtain them in separate playthroughs.

Recommended Save Points

When aiming for S+ rank in Professional mode, the maximum number of saves is 15. Therefore, where you save is very important.

1Chapter 2After meeting Merchant for the first time.
2Chapter 3Before fighting Del Lago (Fish boss).
3Chapter 4Before fighting El Gigante (Giant boss).
Chapter 5Before the battle enduring the siege of the villagers.
5Chapter 6
The first Merchant you meet in chapter 6.
6Before fighting Mendez (Village chief).
7Chapter 7Before entering the Water Hall (The room where many zealots appear).
8Chapter 8 or 9
At the beginning of chapter (End screen of chapter 7 or 8). No particular difficulties until Chapter 10, but it is safer to save in case of accidental death.
9Chapter 10At the beginning of chapter (End screen of chapter 9).
10Chapter 11At the beginning of chapter (End screen of chapter 10).
11Before the trolley ride.
12Chapter 12Before fighting Ramon Salazar.
13Chapter 13Before entering the Dissection. After taking the keycard in the Dissection, the risk of death is high because of several encounters with Regenerador.
14Chapter 14Before fighting Krauser.
15Chapter 15After watching the cutscene of the helicopter crashing, past the Specimen Storage.

Other Save Timing Candidates

1Chapter 11After the trolley ride. If you don't like trolley rides, save here.
2Chapter 14Before entering the Cargo Depot (The area where Ashley rides a wrecking ball).
3Chapter 16Before fighting Osmund Saddler.
4Chapter 16Before entering the building where the water scooter is located. If you don't like water scooter rides, save here.

List Of Ranks Requirement

DifficultyRankS+ Rank Reward
ASSISTEDS+・NEW GAME (Not with New Game+)
・Complete under 4:00
S・Complete under 4:00
A・Complete under 4:00
STANDARDS+・NEW GAME (Not with New Game+)
・Complete under 5:00
S・Complete under 5:00
A・Complete under 12:00
HARDCORES+・NEW GAME (Not with New Game+)
・Complete under 5:30
S・Complete under 5:30
A・Complete under 10:00
・Complete under 5:30
・Saved less than 15 times
S・Complete under 4:00
A・Complete under 7:00

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Anonymous 1

Hey, thanks for the help. Knowing the requirements ahead of time saves a lot of headache. One thing though is that you said to skip all the cutscenes, but actually the timer does not progress during cutscenes, it pauses like in the menu, so you can still watch them while going for S+.

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