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Challenge Guide & List For Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4 Remake). See all achievements, how to accomplish them, tips, and more for Challenge List.

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Doing Some "Overtime"Complete all challenges.0CP
Mission UnderwayComplete Chapter 1.300CP
Gift in the BloodComplete Chapter 2.300CP
Infested InsideComplete Chapter 3.300CP
The First DaughterComplete Chapter 4.300CP
Glimmer of HopeComplete Chapter 5.300CP
Farewell, Village of TerrorComplete Chapter 6.500CP
Shadows WithinComplete Chapter 7.500CP
ReunitedComplete Chapter 8.500CP
Dire SituationComplete Chapter 9.500CP
The Depths of HellComplete Chapter 10.500CP
Adios, CaballeroComplete Chapter 11.500CP
Overthrowing the CastleComplete Chapter 12.500CP
Another RescueComplete Chapter 13.500CP
Letting Go of the PastComplete Chapter 14.500CP
I’ll Do My JobComplete Chapter 15.500CP
Darkest Before DawnComplete Chapter 16.500CP
Covert BasicsPerform a stealth kill.?
Knife BasicsParry an enemy with a knife.?
I Think They Got the PointPerform a follow-up attack with a knife.?
Novice FighterPerform a melee attack.?
Arts and CraftsCombine some items together?
Amateur AppraiserInset a gemstone into an item.?
What're Ya Buyin'?Purchase something from the Merchant.?
My Preferred PieceUpgrade a weapon.?
The Perfect PieceMax out all upgrades for a weapon.500CP
A MasterpieceGet the exclusive upgrade for a weapon.500CP
Nice One, Stranger!Complete a request for the merchant.?
Charming CharmEquip a charm to the Attache case.200CP
Talk About Near-Death Experience!Rescue Ashley as she's being carried away by the enemy.200CP
Revolt Against the RevoltingDestroy a Clockwork Castellan.?
Appearance is EverythingChange a character's costume.200CP
Say Cheeeese!Open Photo Mode.200CP
Handy with a HandgunDefeat 50 enemies with a handgun.300CP
Matter of SplatterDefeat 30 enemies with a shotgun.300CP
SharpshooterDefeat 10 enemies with a rifle.300CP
Trigger HappyDefeat 10 enemies with a submachine gun.300CP
A Bullet Saved is a Bullet EarnedDefeat 5 enemies witha Bolt Thrower.300CP
Got a Problem, Punk?Defeat 5 enemies with a magnum.300CP
Martial ArtistDefeat 10 enemies with melee attacks.?
Try Using Knives Next TimeDefeat 5 enemies with a knife.?
Fire in the Hole!Defeat 10 enemies with explosives.?
Bug ZapperDefeat 5 enemies with flash grenades.300CP
Harpoon HurlerDefeat Del Lago.500CP
Grilled Big CheeseDefeat Bitores Mendez.500CP
Wave Goodbye, Right HandDefeat the Verdugo.500CP
No Thanks, Bro!Defeat Ramon Salazar.500CP
You Used to Be a Good GuyDefeat Jack Krauser.500CP
You're Small Time!Defeat Osmund Saddler.500CP
Stealthy AssassinPerform 3 consecutive stealth kills without being detected.300CP
Knife MasterParry an object thrown by an enemy.?
Shield Your EyesDefeat 3 enemies at once with a flash grenade.500CP
Eat This!Hit an enemy with an egg.200CP
More Bang for Your BuckShoot the dynamite in the hand of a ganado.?
Never Heard It ComingDefeat a Garrador using only knives.500CP
Quit Bugging MeDefeat 5 camouflaged Novistadors.200CP
No Hot Bath for You!Defeat both El Gigante enemies without dropping them into the blast furnace.500CP
Two Bugs, One StoneKill 2 parasites inside a Regenerador with a single bullet.500CP
In Tune with the HarpoonDefeat El Lago without missing a single harpoon.500CP
Slaughterhouse SlamPerform a follow-up attack on Mendez from the second floor with a knife.200CP
Too Cool for Such TricksDefeat the Verdugo without using any liquid nitrogen showers.500CP
You Talk Too Much!Throw a grenade into Ramon Salazar's mouth.300CP
Now Who's the Rookie?Parry all of Jack Krauser's 5 consecutive attacks.300CP
Did You Send Out Those Invitations?Survive the battle at the villa without blocking any of the windows with wooden planks.200CP
OverkillUse a cannon to defeat a zealot.200CP
Light or FlightMake through Ashley's section without using the lantern to immobilize any enemies.500CP
Hope You Like Thrill Rides!Make it through both minecart sections in the underground tunnel without taking any damage.500CP
Capacity ComplianceReach the top of the clock tower without the lift stopping once.500CP
Strrrike!Defeat 5 enemies with the iron balls in the clock tower.500CP
Careful Where You Swing ThatDefeat 5 enemies using the crane's wrecking ball.300CP
Smooth EscapeEscape on the water scooter without taking any damage.500CP
Astute AppraiserSell a single treasure for at least 100,000 ptas.500CP
My Body is a TempleIncrease your maximum health to the limit.300CP
Size MattersUpgrade the attache case to the largest size.300CP
Crafty CrafterObtain all crafting recipes.300CP
Gun FanaticObtain all weapons.0CP
Parts EnthusiastObtain all weapon parts.500CP
Jack of All TradesComplete all requests from the Merchant.1000CP
Revolution Wind-upDestroy all Clockwork Castellans.1000CP
Primal Knife
BanditObtain all treasures indicated on the village treasure map in a single playthrough.1000CP
RaiderObtain all treasures indicated on the island treasure map in a single playthrough.1000CP
BurglarObtain all treasures indicated on the castle treasure map in a single playthough1000CP
Promising AgentComplete the main story on Standard mode or higher.1000CP
Sunglasses (Round)
Foam Mask
Flight Cap
Mission Accomplished AComplete the main story on Standard mode or higher with an A rank.1500CP
Glasses (Square)
Iron Helmet
Knitted Hat
Mission Accomplished S+Complete the main story on Standard mode or higher with an S+ rank.2000CP
Deer Antlers
Proficient AgentComplete the main story on Hardcore mode or higher.1500CP
Glasses (Round)
Flight Helmet
Surgical Mask
A Rank InvestigatorComplete the main story on Hardcore mode or higher with an A rank.2000CP
S+ Rank InvestigatorComplete the main story on Hardcore mode or higher with an S+ rank.2500CP
Chicken Hat
Peerless AgentComplete the main story on Professional mode.2000CP
Gas Mask
Professional AgentComplete a new game in the main story on Professional mode without using any bonus weapons.2500CP
Leon "A." KennedyComplete the main story on Professional mode with an A rank.2500CP
Chicago Sweeper
Leon "S+" KennedyComplete the main story on Professional mode with an S+ rank.3000CP
Cat Ears
SprinterComplete the main story within 8 hours.1500CP
FrugalistComplete the main story without using a recovery item.1500CP
MinimalistComplete the main story using only knives and handguns. (Excluding specific battles.)1500CP
Silent StrangerComplete the main story without talking to the Merchant once.1500CP
Amateur ShooterComplete a game at the shooting range.?
Respectable MarksmanEarn an S rank in a game at the shooting range.300CP
Real DeadeyeEarn an S rank in all games at the shooting range.1000CP
Trick ShotDestroy 5 targets at the shooting range with one shot.300CP
Perfect GameDestroy all targets (except sailors) in a game at the shooting range without missing a single shot.300CP

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