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Chapter 16 Walkthrough - Map, Request, & Castellans

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Chapter 16 Walkthrough Guide for Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4 Remake). Learn how to complete Chapter 16 map, Saddler boss fight, treasures, and Clockwork Castellans location.

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Chapter 15

Story Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 16 Walkthrough Guide

Escape From The Island

1After the cutscene ends, exit the room and ask Ashley to go up to bring down the ladder
2Follow the road until you get to a fork in the road. Take the right and climb up
3If you continue forward, you will meet the Merchant
Since this is before the finale, make sure to upgrade your weapons!
4Go outside and take the elevator downstairs to fight Saddler
Smash the eye at its foot so you can stick your knife in the eye in its mouth
5After defeating Sandler, Ada will give you a key with a bear on it in a cutscene
6Follow the road and get on the jet ski.
The time limit to escape is 2 minutes and 10 seconds so hurry!
7Escape the island while avoiding blocked passages and falling rocks

How To Defeat Saddler (First Phase)

How To Beat Saddler (First Phase)
1Keep you distance at the start of the battle. When Saddler goes down, blow up the explosive barrels
2Aim for the eyeballs of the legs to bring Saddler down, then follow up with the knife
┗ If multiple eyeballs are destroyed, they will go down (number of required eyeballs vary depending on the damage inflicted)
3Fight in a turn or in the wide area to the side to avoid the rush move
4Avoid the trident breath attacks by going to the side. Avoid horizontal breath attacks by crouching
(*Be careful of the sideways breath since it moves back and forth)
5Attack first while it's on high ground with the sniper rifle and focus on avoiding the second high ground
┗ The insects that are called out on the first time can be ignored
If the difficulty is set to STANDARD, make use of the Rocket Launcher

At The Start Of The Battle, Keep Your Distance & Blow Up The Explosive Barrels

As soon as the battle starts, turn to the right and keep your distance from Saddler. Saddler will go down near explosive barrels that you can blow up when he does!

Aim For The Eyeballs On The Leg To Bring Down Saddler

Shooting the eyeballs on the leg will destroy them, and destroying multiples of them will bring down Saddler. After he is downed, you can follow up with a knife attack to its weak point, the eyeball on its mouth, so be quick to approach it.

Fight At A Corner Or A Wide Area

Saddler's Rush Attack has a high chance of hitting if you are right in front of it. You can avoid this by going to the side, so it is recommended to find in a corner where you can turn. You can also fight him in a wide area to avoid its huge body by going to the side.

Has Two Types Of Breath Moves

Saddler has a trident breath attack and a horizontal breath attack. For the trident breath move, move sideways a little to get in the gaps of the attack. The horizontal breath attack can be avoid just by crouching.

Trident Breath Move

Horizontal Breath Move

While He's On High Ground, Focus On Attack The First Time And Dodging The Second Time

After a certain amount of time, Saddler will move to the high ground in the center. It will first summon Novistadors (insects), so attack him with your sniper rifle. The second move will spit out a breath, so focus on avoiding it instead.

Trident Breath Attack While He's On High Ground (Second Attack)

Depending On the Difficulty, You Can Kill It With A Single Rocket

If the difficulty level is STANDARD or ASSISTED, it is possible to defeat Saddler in one hit of the Rocket Launch. It's pretty straightforward, so focus on hitting him with that attack.

How To Defeat Saddler (Second Form)

How To Beat Saddler
1You don't have to attack. Focus on evading instead
┗ The movement of the tentacles will tell you the attack pattern
2As soon as you get the Rocket Launcher, equip it and shoot
(*Forced instant death after a certain amount of time)

Concentrate On Evading

The cutscene will occur even if you don't attack so concentrate on avoiding Saddler's attacks. You can dodge it by completing the prompt when it shows up or by moving to the edge.

Tentacle Movement & Patterns

Tentacle MovementHow To Avoid
UprightRun to the opposite end from where you came from
Winding UpPress the evade prompt at the right moment

You can tell the attack pattern by the movement of the tentacles after they come out. Watch the movement of the tentacles to determine how to avoid them.

Equip & Attack As Soon As Rocket Launcher Is Thrown

After a certain amount of time, Ada will throw a Rocket Launcher in front of you. Pick it up and immediately shoot Saddler with it. If you are too slow, a cutscene will occur and it will be your loss.

Chapter 16 Map

Icon Names
Key ItemTypewriterWooden Box
TreasureBlue Request NotesClockwork Castellans
Handgun Ammo
Shotgun AmmoSMG Ammo
S Rifle Ammo
Various Grenade

Chapter 16 Clockwork Castellans

Room On The Way Out After Defeating Saddler


After defeating the last boss, you need to go and escape from the island. It's not that difficult, but there is a time limit to your escape. Be sure to save just before you get there.

Clockwork Castellans Locations

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