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Story Walkthrough Guide for Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4 Remake). Learn how to complete each Chapter, tricks and tips, where to get items, and more!

*This article will include Spoilers of Resident Evil RE4. Please advise before reading.

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Table Of Contents

Each Chapter Guide

Chapter 1Chapter 2
Chapter 3Chapter 4 Guide & MapChapter 4
Chapter 5Chapter 6 Guide & MapChapter 6
Chapter 7Chapter 8
Chapter 9Chapter 10
Chapter 11Chapter 12
Chapter 13 Guide & MapChapter 13
Chapter 14 Walkthrough - Map, Request, & CastellansChapter 14
Chapter 15 Walkthrough - Map, Request, & CastellansChapter 15
Chapter 16 Walkthrough - Map, Request, & CastellansChapter 16

Story Guide Walkthrough

Guide Listup
▼ Chapter 1
▼ Chapter 2
▼ Chapter 3
▼ Chapter 4
▼ Chapter 5
▼ Chapter 6
▼ Chapter 7
▼ Chapter 8
▼ Chapter 9
▼ Chapter 10
▼ Chapter 11▼ Chapter 12
▼ Chapter 13▼ Chapter 14
▼ Chapter 15
▼ Chapter 16

Chapter 1 Guide

Look For Police Officer

1Follow the path and enter the lodge
2Cutscene in the back of the lodge. After the cutscene, you will receive the Hunter's Lodge Key.
3Use the key and enter the basement.

Escape From The Lodge

1Go back the way you came from.
2An enemy will appear by the stairs so be careful.
3When you enter the 2nd floor of the cabin, cutscene will start.
(*Can't exit the way you came in)

Head To The Lakeside

1Follow the path and head to the village
┗ 2 enemies appear near the tracks, 1 will appear inside the cabin
2As soon as you arrive at the village and enter the house on the back left, a Chainsaw Villager will appear.
┗ You will find a Shotgun and other items inside the building.
3Endure the enemies attacks until the bell rings
┗ You don't have to defeat the enemies
After the cutscene you can safely explore the village
4Progress forward and retrieve the Wooden Cog from the building that is east of the farm.
┗ You can't enter from the front, so go around from the north and enter the building
*When you go down to the first floor of the building, a strong enemy with a hammer appears.
5Use the gear to open the iron fence that is blocking the entrance and progress to the 2nd floor
6Carriage is blocking the way, so move it and head to the village by the lakeside.
Since the road in front is a trap, proceed on the right side road.
7Head to the back building in the village, move a shelf to access a basement door where the enemy is located. Enter to meet Luis.
┗ In the village, there are several traps and enemies so be careful

Chapter 2 Guide

Head To The Church

1Start by having no gear at all
┗ Get the knife on the corpse
2Hold the handle to unlock the door
┗ Proceed by using Stealth Kill and Parry
3Go inside the room and pick up the equipment
(*Quickly grab the equipment before the door closes)
4Go straight ahead and exit the building
Merchant will appear in the area
5Go straight ahead and head down to the ground
┗ Multiple enemies ahead
(*You will be unable to return unless you activate the handle on the 2nd floor)
6Get the Hexagonal Emblem on the 2nd floor and then head back to the building
7Go up from the east and then turn the handle that is located where you came down.
8Go back to the first area you went to, and then go to where the locked gate is located.
9Put the Hexagonal Emblem on the gate to unlock it
10Go to the Village Chief's house
┗ The front door is locked, instead, go to the back door to enter the house
(*Be careful with the Chainsaw man as it appears along the way)
11Solve the puzzle in the cabinet
┗ Puzzle hint can be found in the book located on the 2nd floor
12Use the Crystal Marble to unlock the room on the 2nd floor
┗ Adjust the angle until the grain overlaps with the image on the crystal marble
13Get the key from the drawer of the desk

Chapter 3 Guide

Head To The Church

1Exit the Village Chief's house and open the front gate using the key
(*Help the trapped wolf before you proceed)
2Open the door located at the center area
┗ The explosion will block the passage
(*After the explosion multiple wolves will appear)
3Follow the road going to the church
4Enter the door at the front right and then examine the map of the lake

Cross The Lake

1Proceed to the underground passage
2Go towards the wooden bridge
┗ Multiple enemies will appear. Make use of the explosive barrels.
(*Be careful of the 2 wolves that will appear in the area)
3Follow the path going towards the lake
4Get the boat fuel in a hut in the village (check the map image above for reference)
(*Beware with the enemy with a huge hammer)
5Return to the lake where the boat is located
6Load the boat fuel and then start the boat. Defeat the lake monster that you will encounter in the middle of the lake.
BOSS:Del Lago ▶ How To Defeat Lake Monster

Chapter 4 Guide

Find The Key To The Church

1Leave the lake side after talking to Hunnigan
2Follow the path and defeat the mutated humans with tentacles
Flash Grenades are effective
3Enter the cave at the top of the stairs and examine the altar
4Examine the lake map in the room, on the right of the altar

Investigate The 2 Locations

1Take a small boat and go to the point where the mural was marked.
2Select the correct symbol (indicated on the image above) to unlock the door
The yellow markings on the pillars and walls are the answer to the puzzle
3Take the small boat again and head to the lake, located on the upper right corner of the map.
4Select the correct symbols as indicated in the above image to open the door and obtain the Blasphemer's Head
5Get the Handgun from the boat in the center of the lake
6Return to the Altar's locations and attach the two heads. This will give you the key to the church

Head To The Church

1Take the boat to where the Merchant is located
2Climb the ladder and go on the road to defeat El Gigante
┗ If you help the dog in Chapter 3, he'll help during the boss fight
3Follow the road back to the Church and use the key to get inside

Find Ashley In The Church

1Get the Blue Dial from the shelf at the back right of the church
2Pull the lever in the center-left and set the blue dial on the pedestal to align the stained glass with the coats of arms of the Order
3Climb the ladder at the back left of the church. Open the door and you will find Ashley

Chapter 5 Guide

Escape From The Church

1At the end of the hall, interact with the collapsible ladder so you can boost Ashley to lower it.
2Go out from the roof of Church
3After talking with Hunnigan, defeat the enemies in the cemetery and proceed forward.
Make sure to fully understand the instructions on how to command Ashley.
4Return to the village and go to the Extraction Point.
Protect Ashley from enemies, especially from the strong Brute (Crossbow), along the way to avoid her getting targeted.

Stand Your Ground

1Meet up with Luis Serra at the Extraction Point and withstand the enemy attack.
2Get the wooden planks that can be used to block the window. Blocking the windows can delay the intrusion of enemies
3If you defeat the Brute (Crossbow) enemy that appears after a certain amount of time has passed, Ashley will open the door for you

Chapter 6 Guide

Escape From The Village

1After talking to Hunnigan, head on the road and return to the village.
┗ Take down the enemy in front of you with a Stealth Kill and then proceed while the next enemy is blinded by a Flash Grenade.
2Open the door, then continue forward. Climb the stairs to the barrier, enter the room, and hide Ashley in the locker.
3Go downstairs from the right side of the locker and examine the crank. Two chainsaw women will appear. Defeat them to get the crank.
Since the room is small, go out the room and fight in a bigger area
4Use the crank at the midpoint under the barrier map
5Go to the door, enter the house from the roof, and kick open the locked door

Flee From The Villagers

1When you open the door, the Village Chief appears, so you need to escape to avoid being caught
Villagers will also appear during the escape, but they can be taken down with one shot from the handgun
Use the explosive barrels along the way to defeat multiple enemies at once
If Ashley is captured by the village chief, she cannot be rescued and the game is over
2When you reach the far end, the bridge will be destroyed, so head towards the path next to the gunpowder barrels.
3Follow the road and enter the hut.
BOSS: Bitores Mendez ▶How To Get Mendez False Eye
4Leave the hut, climb the hill, and enter the castle.

Chapter 7 Guide

Head To The Courtyard

1Enter the castle after talking to Luis
To defeat long-range enemies inside the Castle, it's necessary to buy a rifle and attach a scope
2Ascend the stairs, follow the path, and defeat the enemy in the chapel
3Once you enter the chapel from the right, enemies that will attack you with a crossbow. Ignore them and proceed to the stairs to the right
4Be cautious of the falling fireballs and time your movements to reach the cannon's location
5Attack the hanging weight to raise the cannon
6Operate the raised cannon and destroy attacking cannons then break the gate
7After entering through the door, a cutscene with Salazar will play, followed by the appearance of multiple enemies that needs to be defeated.
8Raise Ashley to get thru the gap in the wall on the left side of the audience chamber if you're facing the staircase
9Pass through the opening and traverse the narrow passage
10Descend the stairs and keep following the narrow passage
11Get the Dungeon Key from a corpse at the back
12When you try to go back after picking up the Dungeon Key, Leon falls down to the lower level and Garrador appears
13Garrador cannot see so crouch and head further in the room.
┗ If the sound of the chain is approaching, hide behind the dividers and do your best to avoid as you defeat Garrador
14Shoot the back of Garrador because the parasite on its back is the weak point
┗ Crouch and keep a safe distance if you attack the weak point
15Turn the crank to raise the gate
16Open the door ahead and reunite with Ashley
17Use the Dungeon Key to proceed
18Climb the ladder and when you reach this gate, pull the dangling chain at the left side of the gate then shoot the gongs with snake & hawk figure
19Obtain the 3 swords in the treasure house and insert the sword into the portraits in order starting from the left: iron sword > golden sword > bloodied sword > rusted sword
20Pass thru the room then once you got to the upper level of the audience chamber, pull the dangling chain on the left side
21Get to the opposite side by crossing thru the chandelier in the middle then shoot the gong on the left side of the other gate
22Go to the central door and descend the stairs then go to the back door thru the right path
23Once you entered the water hall, go to the right corner and defeat the incoming enemies
24Descend to the lower floor, defeat the enemies and get the Halo Wheel then attach it to the valve on the pedestal at the same floor to lower the staircase
25Ascend the lowered staircase, defeat the enemies on the upper floor and attach the Halo Wheel to the valve on the pedestal at the center to lower another staircase
26Ascend the lowered staircase, attach the Halo Wheel to the valve on the pedestal ahead then raise Ashley on the wall to the left
27Shoot down the enemies that are chasing Ashley
Sniper rifle is recommended
28Cross the bridge when Ashely is back on Leon's side
29Go to the gate at the end of the path then lift Ashley to open it. A cutscene occurs which ends chapter 7

Chapter 8 Guide

Find Ashley

1After talking with Hunnigan, turn left and go up the stairs
2Go to the left of the room where the ritual was being performed, then go downstairs
3When you proceed to the storage room behind the curtains, multiple enemies will appear. Prioritize defeating the enemy wearing a red outfit on the second floor who will attack from a distance and obtain the Crimson Lantern. You don't need to defeat the other enemies.
There are Gunpowder Barrels so make use of them!
4Head back to the room with the two statues.Use the Crimson Lantern there
5Continue forward and take the stairs on the left. Follow the path.
6After the cutscene with Ada, get the Lithographic Stone B & D in the room. Fit them to the door. Continue forward and defeat the spider-like parasites
Check the image above for the right way to fit the Lithographic Stones
7Open the iron doors by attacking the weight and proceed forward
8After speaking with Salazard, shoot the weight behind the bridge to lower it. Defeat the enemies that will appear
9Head inside and pull the lever on the first floor. Climb the ladder and pull the lever on the second floor
┗ Each of the levers is marked with a Sun & Moon. This is linked to the markings on the door
10Go down from the ladder and follow the path. Pull the lever in the back room
11Go behind the lever, turn left at the end, then climb up the far end
12Pull the lever on the left, then kill the enemy. Pull the lever at the back to go to the rooftop
13When the iron-clad giant appears, go the left then downstairs. Follow the path
14Go down one floor and pull the lever behind you, then go down. Climb the ladder and go right to the cannon
15Shoot the weight next to the cannon to raise the cannon up
16Climb the ladder, then shoot the weight again. Climb the stairs
17Use the cannon to defeat the iron-clad giant, the go downstairs. Continue from there
18Reunite with Ashley in the back room. This completes Chapter 8

Chapter 9 Guide

Head To The Courtyard

1After talking with Luis, proceed to the courtyard.
2Raise the flag with 3 handles while watching out for dogs *After Ashley opens the door and proceed, the enemies will attack, so you need to quickly regroup with Ashley.
3Go through the open front door into the corridor.
4Collect statue head objects in the knight's room, dining room, and painting room (*in no particular order)
5〜7[Knight's Room]
Destroy all moving armor (Leon acts alone)
┗ If you give Ashley instructions, she can use fire to stop the armor's movement (up to 3 times).
Be sure to get the "cube object" from the treasure box immediately after leaving the knight's room
Weapon is available in the next chapter
5〜7[Between Paintings]
After being lowered down by the trap, proceed towards the back and raise the platform again with the lever.
(*If you don't defeat the enemy in red, a mob of small enemies will keep spawning.)
When Ashley and Leon sit in the correct seats and ring the bell, an object will be obtained.
┗ The painting in the back is a hint
8Go back to the main hallway and put the 3 head objects

Rescue Leon (Ashley Operation)

1Go to the road and get the light
2Install a light on the pedestal and proceed, turning the handle in the back
3Take the light, climb the stairs and get the keyring
4Go down to the 1st floor, avoid enemies and go to the elevator in the back.
(*Use the key with the same pattern as the elevator key)
5Go ahead and set the clock to "11:04" (or set to "7:00") in Hardcore difficulty level or higher
┗ There is a hint written with "11:04" in the back
6Stop the enemy's movement with the light and turn the back handle
7Retrace your steps and confirm that the clock you found earlier is also set to '11:04' ( or set to "7:00") in Hardcore difficulty level or higher
8Go ahead and take the elevator down to the basement
9Pull the 4 handles in the room
┗ Enemies will appear the moment you pull the lever, so use the lights to escape.
10Follow the path and solve the mystery of the light in the back
┗ If the pattern of the light and the pattern of the wall match, it is correct
11If you take the Salazar family crest shield, an enemy will appear, so return the way you came and take the elevator.
Don't pass in front of a knight who raises his sword
12Enemies will appear when you climb the stairs, so pull them to the front of the elevator and go through the side.
13Go in the direction where there are no enemies and return to Leon.
14Open the door with the Salazar family crest shield and talk to Leon to finish Chapter 9.

Chapter 10 Guide

Go To The Throne Room

1After talking to Ada Wong, go to the storage room and get the Assault Rifle
Requires the cube that you have obtained in Chapter 9
2Climb the stairs at the top right, as indicated on the map, and use the cube object to obtain the treasures.
3Go out from the place where Ashley put the emblem during Chapter 9. Lower the ladder and proceed to go down
4Enter the room next to the three-necked bronze statue. Open the door on the left, and then proceed inside
5Jump over the wall on the left and climb the stairs
┗ Move quickly since plenty of insects will start appearing in the area
6Follow the path and go down the stairs
7Climb the ladder and then go to the lever to activate/unlock the gate
8Go down to the ladder, then climb the stairs as indicated on the map. Proceed to the lever's location and activate it
9Go down and proceed outside towards the wooden bridge
10In order to lower the bridge, you need to shoot down the stone weights that are located on the lower left and upper right of the bridge.
11Proceed to the door and upon entering you will encounter the first 2 enemies, then other enemies will start to appear as well
Shoot the bell in order to lure the Garrador towards it. Once they go towards the bell, you can proceed to hit their back
You can also let the enemies attack each other
12Collect the Unicorn Horns from Garrador's corpses
13Use the Unicorn Horns to unlock the room. Once you unlock it, proceed inside. A cutscene showing Ramon Salazar and Ashley will be played. After the cutscene, you will be thrown down to the Depths.

Make Your Way To The Surface

1Progress inside the cave
┗ Invisible insects will start appearing along the way. Carefully look at the surface of the water. Look for their glowing eyes then shoot them down.
2Enter the back room, break the wall, and climb the ladder
3Follow the passageway and examine the elevator in the back room
4Proceed through the door next to the elevator and activate it
5After the cut scene, follow the path towards the small room, then pull the lever that is located on the right.
6Once you enter the unlocked room, you will encounter Verdugo's tail which will attack you while you proceed inside the room. Avoid it by evading it.
7Proceed to the far end of the room and pull the breaker to restore the power. Then go back to the elevator.
8Once you leave the room, the Verdugo will finally make its appearance. Use the liquid nitrogen device to freeze and halt the monster's movement. Quickly turn the handle to open the door while the enemy is frozen
9While waiting for the elevator to arrive, avoid the enemy as much as possible, you can use the liquid nitrogen once again to halt its attack.
It is not required to kill the Verdugo
10Enter the elevator and a cut scene will start playing

Chapter 11 Guide

Make Your Way To The Surface

1Climb the ladder after talking to Luis
2Proceed along the track and turn right at the end
3Defeat the enemies, including two chainsaw wielders, after getting off the wall
4Pull the lever in the room after climbing the stairs
5Exit the door after going down the stairs, climb the stairs in front of you, and cross the bridge
6After crossing the bridge, turn left and obtain Dynamite for mining
7Go back the way you came, turn left, and go down
8Place the dynamite for mining at the planned site, leave immediately, and take the side road on the left┗ If you stay in a straight line, rocks will roll and the game will be over, so be careful.
9Go through the passage after the explosion and break the wall, two giants will appear, defeat them with Luis.
Defeat the flesh-and-blood giant first, and after Luis put the dynamite on the iron giant, shoot and blow it up.
After attacking for a certain period of time, it will crouch in the center, pull the lever and drop it into the blast furnace.
10Raise Luis up and let him open the door
11Follow the road and ride the minecart
12While maintaining balance, proceed with the minecart, shoot obstacles, and change the route of the railroad tracks
┗ Enemies appear along the way, and if the minecart receives damage and its durability runs out, the game is over
13Get off the minecart once and then proceed straight ahead to transfer to the next minecart again
Since the speed of the minecart is faster than the first time, make sure to keep your balance firmly
14After getting off the minecart, go around and follow the road to the elevator.
15Take the elevator up and fight Krauser after the cutscene
┗ Fight using only knives, so use parry and melee (Physical Attacks) to support

Chapter 12 Guide

Make Your Way To The Surface

1Ride the elevator
2Answer Ada's call

Head For The Clock Tower

1Ride the gondola (cable car) after exiting/leaving the elevator
2Go to the Clock Tower

Go To The Top Of The Clock Tower

1Dodge/evade all the obstacles that you will encounter upon going up to the top of the Clock Tower
The iron ball obstacle will kill you in an instant if you get hit by it
2When you reach the top, get off at the center area and then move the lift
3Defeat all the enemies that will enter the lift
4Go outside and continue to follow the road path

Go After Ashley

1Be careful with the fragile scaffolding
If you proceed to run, you will fall and die instantly
2Go to the Ancient Chantry along the road
BOSS FIGHT: Ramon Salazar ▶ The Disgrace of the Salazar Family
3After defeating Ramon Salazar, go and take the boat by the end of Chapter 12
(*Note that two armored knights will appear along the way on hard difficulty levels and above.)

Chapter 13 Guide

Go After Ashley

1Make your way through the multiple enemies while avoiding the turrets
┗ Operating the turret from behind can change the direction of the lasers
2Proceed to the back door
*Defeating the enemies is unnecessary
3Follow the path then go up the ladder
4If you got detected, a strong enemy appears and pursues you
┗ Get close while keeping stealth or defeat with rifle
5Proceed to the back door then head to the surveillance room
6Go to the second floor of the surveillance room and press the switch to open the locked door on the first floor

Rescue Ashley

1Access the unlocked door and follow the path
2Work on getting the Level 3 Keycard in the innermost room

Get The Level 3 Card

1Lower the power control lever to supply electricity to the right side of the map (dissection room side)
┗ Raise the shutter in the room
2Head to the dissection room to restore the system and access the door
┗ Calibrate the nodes to create a path for the power to reach the electricity icon
3Get the level 1 Keycard on the table at the back of the dissection room
┗ A Regenerador appears upon leaving the room
(*Killing it can be quite difficult but unnecessary so you can just run past it)
4Return to the power control room and raise the lever to supply electricity to the left side of the dissection room (freezer side)
5Immediately enter the freezer, access the right door then go inside and get the submachine gun
6Get the level 2 Keycard from the overwrite terminal at the center room
┗ Avoid the Regenerador until the overwriting is over
7Return to the path prior to the power control room and access using the level 2 Keycard
8Follow the path and make your way to the incubation lab
9Get the Biosensor Scope on the table at the back of the lab
┗ Attaching it to a rifle shows you the weak spots of Regenerador which is helpful for killing it
10After attaching the scope to a rifle, peek thru it and see the inside of the Regenerador then kill the one with the wrench
11Use the wrench to use the overwrite terminal to get the level 3 Keycard
┗ Survive the attacks from multiple enemies until the overwriting is over

Rescue Ashley

1Go out of the incubation lab then go to the right and unlock the door using level 3 Keycard
2Follow the path and proceed to the holding cell
3Access the holding cell using level 3 Keycard and help Ashley. This ends chapter 13

Chapter 14 Guide

Make Your Way To The Summit

1If you meet Ashley, help her by lifting her up to the hole in the next room.
2Go through the door that was opened for you, pass the room with the weapon merchant, and open the next door.
3Go up the stairs, down the ladder to the left, then straight ahead and up the stairs again.
4Climb the stairs on the right side, and have Ashley operate the lever in the room you enter.
┗ Defeat the enemies beforehand.
5Jump down from the room, go left from the end of the open iron bars, and open the door.
┗ Rescue Ashley from getting caught.
6Proceed straight through the opened door, climb the stairs, and continue ahead.
7Proceed through the sewer while crouching and pull the lever together with Ashley.
Pull the lever when the pointers comes to the red part.
8As the Regenerator appears, hide Ashley in the locker first, then defeat it.
┗ Defeat the Regenerator by hitting its weak points, which is the head, even if it changes to a spiky form after being defeated once. When it explodes, spikes scatter around, so make sure to get to a safe spot to avoid getting hit.
9Proceed forward and pull the lever again with Ashley
┗ Pull the lever just before it lands on the red location because Leon's lever has low sensitivity this time.
10Ask Ashley to cross the bridge by turning the steering wheel at the landfill.
11Follow the road and pull the power distribution switching lever
To prevent Ashley from being captured, attack from between the iron bars when the enemy appears.
12Return to Ashley and unlock the electronic lock terminal
The correct answer is shown in the image above
13Go through the unlocked door and go through the room with the Merchant to the cargo depot.
14After going down and watching the cutscenes, get on the heavy machinery and make a hole in the wall.
┗ Enemies will appear while Ashley is operating heavy equipment, so try to hold them down while defeating them.
Leon takes damage when he is hit by the Iron Ball
15Head through the hole you made and lower the lift. Get in and go up
16Get off the lift and follow the path to the Amber Storeroom. Examine the amber and a cutscene will play

Go After Ashley

1Open the door through which Saddler left and go to the Campsite
Go to the right of the forked road and go down the ladder to make it harder for the enemy to find you you
2Go through the campsite, go inside the tent, and follow the blood onwards
3With the Krauser battle just around the corner, go to the Merchant to repair your Knives and strengthen their durability
4When you continue forward, a cutscene will start and the boss fight with Krauser will happen
┗ At first, you will enter the ruins while avoiding Krauser's attacks
5Climb the stairs and Krauser will appear in front of you. Fight back against him
┗ If Krauser jumps, you will be fired on so run directly below him
6When Krauser throws a Flash Grenade, turn the handle to raise the door
7Continue ahead and you will find a laser trap bomb. Destroy it by shooting at it
8If continue further, Krauser will show up to attack you. Follow the quick time event prompts
9Proceed forward while destroying the laser trap bombs
The ground is also covered with Bear Traps, so walk with caution
10When you exit the ruins and climb the stairs, Krauser will target you. Move forward while using obstacles to prevent attacks
When you reach the entrance to the ruins, Krauser will drop a grenade so move back
11As soon as you enter the ruins, Krauser will appear and attack you. Use the pillars as cover
12After fighting Krauser for a while, it will change to its second form and Leon will drop down
13Krauser will appear as you move in the dark. Use your knife or dodge when needed
14Climb the ladder and you will enter into another boss fight with Krauser
┗ If you shoot Krauser with your gun, he will quickly dodge it. It's better to parry with your knife, then attack with your gun when you see an opening
15When attacking for a while, a cutscene will play, and Krauser will move to the center to attack you. To avoid this attack, run to the corner. This may happen multiple times
16Chapter 14 ends when you enter the build after defeating Krauser

Chapter 15 Guide

Make Your Way To The Summit

1Go up the stairs
2Once you reached the 2nd floor, jump down to where the Merchant is located. Proceed to the road behind the merchant.
3Once you arrived at the campsite a helicopter will help you kill the enemies.
4Go to an open area
┗ There will still be enemies, but the helicopter will continue to help you
5A new wave of enemies will appear and once again the helicopter will help you clearing the site with a rocket launcher.
6Climb the ladder
7Stop the enemy from shooting the anti-aircraft gun.
8Since you cannot enter the building through the door, go down from the right side and enter the passage on the right side.
9Climb the ladder at the end and then take the stairs going up.
10Destroy the anti-aircraft gun with a shotgun.
11The helicopter's missile will destroy the door. Once the door is destroyed, proceed inside.
12Pull the two levers on the second floor of the defense gate, then proceed on getting out the gate.
Tons of enemies will appear in the area, fight back and aim for the lever!
13You will be prompted to ride the helicopter, however, it will be attacked by the huge mutated insects resulting to the helicopter crashing down.
14Follow the path to the right to enter the building
┗ Defeat the Regenerador that spawns from the hanging body bag
(*Note that Regenerador will not appear unless you touch the hanging body bag)
15Turn the wheel to raise the door and quickly pass through before it closes
┗ Again, defeat the 2 Regenerador that spawns from the hanging body bag
16Find another wheel at the back corner and turn it to raise the door then quickly get through before it closes
Sprint swiftly because there is a distance between the door & wheel
17Exit the door on the left corner of the room where the merchant is located then ascend the staircase to the left
┗ Be careful with the laser traps & bear traps at the center and avoid the area since it is swarming with enemies
18Follow the path while defeating the enemies, especially the long-ranged enemies shooting from the upper platforms
19Enter the left building, get the items then change the orientation of the turret with laser traps
21Exit the building, then continue to follow the central path. Enter the sanctuary then approach Ashley for a cutscene
22Carry Ashley and proceed to laboratory B using Luis' key
23Drop Ashley on the chair to remove the parasite and this ends chapter 15

Chapter 16 Guide

Escape From The Island

1After the cutscene ends, exit the room and ask Ashley to go up to bring down the ladder
2Follow the road until you get to a fork in the road. Take the right and climb up
3If you continue forward, you will meet the Merchant
Since this is before the finale, make sure to upgrade your weapons!
4Go outside and take the elevator downstairs to fight Saddler
Smash the eye at its foot so you can stick your knife in the eye in its mouth
5After defeating Sandler, Ada will give you a key with a bear on it in a custcene
6Follow the road and get on the jetski.
The time limit to escape is 2 minutes and 10 seconds so hurry!
7Escape the island while avoiding blocked passages and falling rocks

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