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Chapter 7 Walkthrough - Map & Request

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Chapter 7 Walkthrough Guide for Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4 Remake). Learn how to complete Chapter 7 map, Blue Request Notes, treasures, and Clockwork Castellans location.

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Chapter 6
Chapter 8

Story Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 7 Story Walkthrough

Head To The Courtyard

1Enter the castle after talking to Luis
There are long-ranged enemies that you need to defeat inside the castle so buy the rifle and attach with scope
2Ascend the stairs, follow the path, and defeat the enemy in the chapel
3Once you enter the chapel from the right, enemies that will attack you with a crossbow. Ignore them and proceed to the stairs to the right
4Once you reached the area described in the image above, fireballs are also starting to fall so avoid the incoming fireballs as you approach the cannon.
5Attack the hanging weight to raise the cannon
6Operate the raised cannon and destroy attacking cannons then break the gate
7When you get inside the castle and approach the audience chamber, a cutscene occurs then multiple enemies are going to spawn afterward
8Raise Ashley to get thru the gap in the wall on the left side of the audience chamber if you're facing the staircase
9Pass through the opening and traverse the narrow passage
10Descend the stairs and keep following the narrow passage
11Get the Dungeon Key from a corpse at the back
12When you try to go back after picking up the Dungeon Key, Leon falls down to the lower level and Garrador appears
13Garrador cannot see so crouch and head further in the room.
┗ If the sound of the chain is approaching, hide behind the dividers and do your best to avoid as you defeat Garrador
14Shoot the back of Garrador because the parasite on its back is the weak point
┗ Crouch and keep a safe distance if you attack the weak point
15Turn the crank to raise the gate
16Open the door ahead and reunite with Ashley
17Use the Dungeon Key to proceed
18Climb the ladder and when you reach this gate, pull the dangling chain at the left side of the gate then shoot the gongs with snake & hawk figure
19Obtain the 3 swords in the treasure house and insert the sword into the portraits in order starting from the left: iron sword > golden sword > bloodied sword > rusted sword
20Pass thru the room then once you got to the upper level of the audience chamber, pull the dangling chain on the left side
21Get to the opposite side by crossing thru the chandelier in the middle then shoot the gong on the left side of the other gate
22Go to the central door and descend the stairs then go to the back door thru the right path
23Once you entered the water hall, go to the right corner and defeat the incoming enemies
24Descend to the lower floor, defeat the enemies and get the Halo Wheel then attach it to the valve on the pedestal at the same floor to lower the staircase
25Ascend the lowered staircase, defeat the enemies on the upper floor and attach the Halo Wheel to the valve on the pedestal at the center to lower another staircase
26Ascend the lowered staircase, attach the Halo Wheel to the valve on the pedestal ahead then raise Ashley on the wall to the left
27Shoot down the enemies that are chasing Ashley
Sniper rifle is recommended
28Cross the bridge when Ashely is back on Leon's side
29Go to the gate at the end of the path then lift Ashley to open it. A cutscene occurs which ends chapter 7

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Gongs That You Need To Shoot

Hanging Gongs (STANDARD and below)
Shoot Dragons (HARDCORE and above)
Light Up The Figures
Pull The Chain For The Horse Gong

In order to open the gate, you need to light up the three figures: horse, snake, & hawk. Since the accessible one is for the horse, you can shoot the gong for snake & hawk inside the locked room.

The Order Of The Sword

The order of the sword placement starting from the left should be iron sword > golden sword > bloodied sword > rusted sword. If the placements are correct, the gate will open.

Audience Chamber Door

Gong Location Position (STANDARD)
Gong Location Position (HARDCORE or Higher)

The positioning of the dragon on the second floor of the Audience Chamber also changes depending on the difficulty level. Even if you don't touch the gong on the north side (near where you came in), if you just light the gong on the south side, Ashley will light the gong, so you can move on.

Chapter 7 Map

Icon Names
Key ItemTypewriterWooden Box
TreasureBlue Request NotesClockwork Castellans
Handgun Ammo
Shotgun AmmoSMG Ammo
S Rifle Ammo
Various Grenade

Clockwork Castellans Locations

Near Treasury

Map LocationLocation Details

Located at Audience Chamber near the end of the door that was opened with Ashley. You can also acquire it by going back to Chapter 8.

All Clockwork Castellans (Dolls) Locations

Blue Request Notes Location

Destroy the Blue Medallions3

Map Close View
To Complete: Destroy all Blue Medallions
Reward: Spinel ×5
▶Destroy the Blue Medallions3 Guide

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