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Chapter 14 Walkthrough - Map, Request, & Castellans

RE4 Remake | Chapter 14 Walkthrough - Map, Request, & Castellans | Resident Evil 4 Remake

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RE4 Remake | Chapter 14 Walkthrough - Map, Request, & Castellans | Resident Evil 4 Remake - GameWith

Chapter 14 Walkthrough Guide for Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4 Remake). Learn how to complete Chapter 14 map, Blue Request Notes, treasures, and Clockwork Castellans location.

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Story Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 14 Story Walkthrough

Chapter 14 Walkthrough Chart
1▼ Make Your Way To The Summit
2▼ Go after Ashley

Make Your Way To The Summit

1If you meet Ashley, help her by lifting her up to the hole in the next room.
2Go through the door that was opened for you, pass the room with the weapon merchant, and open the next door.
3Go up the stairs, down the ladder to the left, then straight ahead and up the stairs again.
4Climb the stairs on the right side, and have Ashley operate the lever in the room you enter.
┗ Defeat the enemies beforehand.
5Jump down from the room, go left from the end of the open iron bars, and open the door.
┗ Rescue Ashley from getting caught.
6Proceed straight through the opened door, climb the stairs, and continue ahead.
7Proceed through the sewer while crouching and pull the lever together with Ashley.
Pull the lever when the pointers comes to the red part.
8As the Regenerator appears, hide Ashley in the locker first, then defeat it.
┗ Defeat the Regenerator by hitting its weak points, which is the head, even if it changes to a spiky form after being defeated once. When it explodes, spikes scatter around, so make sure to get to a safe spot to avoid getting hit.
9Proceed forward and pull the lever again with Ashley
┗ Pull the lever just before it lands on the red location because Leon's lever has low sensitivity this time.
10Ask Ashley to cross the bridge by turning the steering wheel at the landfill.
11Follow the road and pull the power distribution switching lever
To prevent Ashley from being captured, attack from between the iron bars when the enemy appears.
12Return to Ashley and unlock the electronic lock terminal
The correct answer is shown in the image above

【Correct Answer for HARDCORE and higher】
13Go through the unlocked door and go through the room with the Merchant to the cargo depot.
14After going down and watching the cutscenes, get on the heavy machinery and make a hole in the wall.
┗ Enemies will appear while Ashley is operating heavy equipment, so try to hold them down while defeating them.
Leon takes damage when he is hit by the Iron Ball
15Head through the hole you made and lower the lift. Get in and go up
16Get off the lift and follow the path to the Amber Storeroom. Examine the amber and a cutscene will play

Go After Ashley

1Open the door through which Saddler left and go to the Campsite
Go to the right of the forked road and go down the ladder to make it harder for the enemy to find you you
2Go through the campsite, go inside the tent, and follow the blood onwards
3With the Krauser battle just around the corner, go to the Merchant to repair your Knives and strengthen their durability
4When you continue forward, a cutscene will start and the boss fight with Krauser will happen
┗ At first, you will enter the ruins while avoiding Krauser's attacks
5Climb the stairs and Krauser will appear in front of you. Fight back against him
┗ If Krauser jumps, you will be fired on so run directly below him
6When Krauser throws a Flash Grenade, turn the handle to raise the door
7Continue ahead and you will find a laser trap bomb. Destroy it by shooting at it
8If continue further, Krauser will show up to attack you. Follow the quick time event prompts
9Proceed forward while destroying the laser trap bombs
The ground is also covered with Bear Traps, so walk with caution
10When you exit the ruins and climb the stairs, Krauser will target you. Move forward while using obstacles to prevent attacks
When you reach the entrance to the ruins, Krauser will drop a grenade so move back
11As soon as you enter the ruins, Krauser will appear and attack you. Use the pillars as cover
12After fighting Krauser for a while, it will change to its second form and Leon will drop down
13Krauser will appear as you move in the dark. Use your knife or dodge when needed.
14Climb the ladder and you will enter into another boss fight with Krauser
┗ If you shoot Krauser with your gun, he will quickly dodge it. It's better to parry with your knife, then attack with your gun when you see an opening
15If you attack for a certain period of time, a short cutscene will play and Krauser will go down to the center to attack you. Run to corner to avoid this attack (this happens more than once)
16Chapter 14 ends when you enter the build after defeating Krauser
▶Chapter 15 Guide

How To Defeat Krauser (Before Mutation)

Before Mutation Fight Guide
Parrying with the knife is very important. Be sure to repair it and enhance its Durability before the fight
1When fleeing the ruins, be aware of traps and get ready to dodge
2Openings will be come from parrying his attacks
┗ Krauser will dodge if you shoot at him so create an opening by parrying his attacks instead
3When Krauser is on top, hide yourself behind a pillar
┗ When he throws a grenade, hide behind another pillar instead

Be Aware Of Traps & Be Ready To Dodge

When running away from the ruins, make sure to look around for laser traps. Get ready to dodge in case Krauser ambushes you

Before Mutating, Krauser Is The Same As In Chapter 11

Initially, Krauser's fight will be the same as the one in Chapter 11. Use the Parry→Melee Counter will be your main strategy. This time, you can also use your gun when you create an opening after Parrying.

Krauser Will Dodge When You Attack With Your Gun

If you attack with your gun when you haven't created an opening yet, Krause will dodge you attack. It's better to attack with your gun only after that opening is made.

Even If You Aim Your Gun Before Mutation, It Will Avoid At Fullspeed

Even if you aim when there is no shadow, it will avoid at full speed and attack you. It is recommended to use the gun only where there is shadow.

If Krauser Moves Up, Hide Behind A Pillar

When Krauser moves up, he will attack you with his gun. Hide behind a pillar to avoid being hit.

If A Grenade Is Thrown, Move To Another Pillar

Make sure to move to another pillar if Krause throws a grenade at you.

How To Defeat Krauser (After Mutation)

After Mutation Fight Guide
1Always be ready to dodge while going through the dark
2The left hand attack can be parried, while the right hand attack can be avoided by running
3When he's defending with his right hand, aim at his legs to bring him down
┗ Once downed, use Melee to blow him up and follow up with a gun
4After the cutscene, run to the edge
┗ You can also go upstairs

Beware Of Krauser Who Will Try To Ambush You

After dropping down, Krauser will try to ambush you as you going through the dark. Get ready to parry or dodge to avoid his attacks.

Run Away From The Right Hand Attack

The left hand attack can be parried, but the right hand attack cannot. If you create distance between you and Krauser, you can avoid the right hand and you can attack from there.

When Defending With The Right Hand, Attack The Leg

When Krauser is defending with his right hand, you can shoot at his legs. If he gets downed, you can melee him with this opening.

When The Cutscene Starts, Go Upstairs

After the cutscene and Krauser goes to the cliff, he jump to the center. Either run upstairs or at the edge to avoid it.

Chapter 14 Map

Icon Names
Key ItemTypewriterWooden Box
TreasureBlue Request NotesClockwork Castellans
Handgun AmmoShotgun AmmoSMG Ammo
S Rifle AmmoVarious GrenadeFile

Clockwork Castellans Location

Above The Indoor Lockers At The Campsite West


It is on top of a locker in a shark high above the Campsite.

Clockwork Castellans Locations

Blue Request Notes Location

Destroy the Blue Medallions 5

Map Close View
To Complete: Destroy all Blue Medallions
Reward: Spinel ×5
▶Destroy the Blue Medallions 5 Guide

Even More Pest Control

Map Close View
To Complete: Exterminate all the rats
Reward: Spinel ×3
▶Even More Pest Control Guide

The Wandering Dead

Map Close View
To Complete: Defeat the strong threat
Reward: Spinel ×8
▶The Wandering Dead Guide

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