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All Puzzle Solutions in Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4 Remake). Check the how to solve church puzzle, dining hall puzzle, Ashley clock puzzle, lithograph puzzle, freezer puzzle, and more.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 2: Emblem & Village Chief’s Manor Puzzles

Hexagon Puzzle

If you fit the Hexagonal Emblem correctly, it will turn into a handle that you can use to open the gate. Look at the bird's winds, beak, and tail feathers to correctly match it. Note that you need to flip the Hexagonal Emblem to fit it in.

Chief’s cabinet Puzzle (Village Chief's Manor)

Hint On The Book Located At The Second FloorRight Combination

The correct answer for the Combination Lock can be found in the highlighted words mentioned in the Iluminados 4:3 book. It is "Crop, Pig, Babe" starting from the left. You can find the book on the second floor of the house.

Crystal Marble Puzzle (Village Chief's Manor)

To solve this puzzle, you will need to rotate the grains to match the Insignia. At first, rotate only vertically or horizontally to find an angle where the grains look like a line. From there, gradually find an angle where the grains will overlap.

Crystal Marble Puzzle Solution

Cabinet Code Puzzle & Crystal Ball Guide

Chapter 4: Cave Shrines & Dial in Church & Hexagon Stone Puzzle

Cave Shrine Puzzle (West Cave)

Correct Picture
Hint 1Hint 2Hint 3

Mural Symbol (Cave Shrine) Puzzle Solution

Cave Shrine Puzzle (North Lakeside)

Correct Picture
Hint 1Hint 2Hint 3

Inspect the platforms and choose the correct picture and the door will open. On the walls and pillars near the platform, there are pictures drawn in yellow which will be the correct answers.

Church Puzzle (Stained Glass Puzzle)

If you rotate each of the stained glass colors and adjust it to match the Iluminados Emblem, you will complete the puzzle. The trick is to find the patterns where the colored glass and the symbol do not overlap.

Match the Parts of Each Color

ColorImage / Details
BlueNotice the curved, pointed area is located on the lower right portion of the crest
GreenNotice the small triangle that fits the small projection, located in the upper center of the emblem
RedNotice the place which is narrower and slightly jagged on the right side, which fits at the root of the lower center of the emblem.
(Red is recommended to be the last because the other two colors are easier to understand)

Church Dial Puzzle Solution & Blue Dial Location

Hexagon Stone Puzzle

Standard Difficulty Mode

  1. Rotate the lower left once.
  2. Rotate the upper center once.

If it is in its initial position, it can be solved by only two steps but if it is all mixed up, it cannot be reset even if you leave so it is recommended to make a manual save before solving.

Hardcore Difficulty Mode

  1. Rotate the lower right part, twice.
  2. Rotate the lower left twice.
  3. Turn the upper, center part once

Starting from its initial position, you can clear the hexagon stone puzzle in two (2) moves by playing the game in Standard mode, while in the Hardcore difficulty, it consists of five (5) moves. Be careful upon doing this puzzle since it will not reset even if you try to go back to it.

Stone Pedestal Puzzle & Hexagonal Pieces Location

Chapter 7: Gongs & Sword Puzzle

Gong Puzzle

Standard Difficulty Mode

Gong You Will Hit
Design you will set FireHorse on Handle

The marks you will want to light on fire are "Hawk, Horse, Snake". The last handle you will pull is a Horse and shoot the Hawk and Snake in the back and it will complete.

Hardcore Difficulty Mode

The pattern on the gate will still be the same during Hardcore mode, however, the placements of the animal gongs will be different. You will see that there are multiple Snake gongs, you can shoot any of these snake gongs, then followed by the Falcon to unlock the gate.

Sword Puzzle

If you place the sword in the correct location of the picture, you will solve the puzzle. The swords that you will devote in order are "Iron Sword, Golden Sword, Bloodied Sword, Rusted Sword".

Gongs Puzzle In The Audience Chamber

Standard Difficulty Mode


There are two gongs/levers in the Audience Chamber, one in the north and one in the south. Both of them are levers so you do not need to shoot. The second floor in the south can be reached by using the chandelier.

Hardcore Difficulty Mode


For the Hardcore mode, the gong inside the Audience Chamber will be different. The Snake gong will be located on the Southwest side, also if you hit the Snake gong on the Southwest side only, Ashley will make the other shot for the gong on the northern side.

Chapter 8: Lithograph / Tablet Stone Puzzle

Match The Lithographic Stones To The Pattern

After fitting three of the Lithographic Stones, you should match the images on the tablet and the base. The base images are faded, but you can still match them by knowing the color and whether it is a square or hexagon to match the base images!

Lithographic Stones Locations

Standard Difficulty Mode Sonte Locations
Hardcore Difficulty Mode Stone Locations

Note that the Lithographic Stone locations will differ slightly depending on the difficulty level that you are playing.

Lithographic Wall Puzzle - How To Solve & Unlock

Chapter 9: Dining Hall & Ashley Light Puzzle

Dining Hall / Dining Room Puzzle

Correct Seating
Hint for Ashley's SeatHint for Leon's Seat

In the back of the Dining Hall, there are paintings which will be the hint. The woman represents Ashley and the man represents Leon's seating arrangement. Sit in the correct seats and ring the bell to solve the puzzle.

Different Time Based On Your Game Difficulty

Standard Difficulty Mode

Correct Time

If you set the time of the Grandfather Clock to the same time as the note, it will open and you can proceed forward. The note is not found near the Grandfather Clock so you will have to find it first. You then have to go to the room where Leon is being held.

Grandfather Clock & Note Location (Standard Mode)

2nd Floor1st Floor

Hardcore Difficulty Mode

Correct TimeNote

If you are playing in Hardcore mode, the time indicated on the note will be different compared to the Standard mode. The time for the Hardcore mode will be 7:00, be careful also when you want to take a shortcut decoding the clock.

Grandfather Clock & Note Location (Hardcore Mode)

2nd Floor1st Floor

Grandfather Clock Puzzle Solution Guide

Ashley Light Puzzle

You can solve the puzzle by placing the light on the pedestal with the same pattern as the pattern on the wall. Look at your hand to see the pattern of the light, and compare it with the wall.

Chapter 13 & 14: Power Puzzles (Electronic Locks)

Connect The Paths To Make All The Lightning Symbols Glow

Connect The Paths To Make All The Lightning Symbols Glow The power puzzles can be unlocked by pressing the rightmost POWER button with all lightning symbols on the device glowing.

*Puzzles vary according to the difficulty of the game.

Power Puzzle In Dissection (Chapter 13)

Standard ModeHardcore More

Power Puzzle In In Freezer (Chapter 13)

Standard ModeHardcore Mode

Power Puzzle In Waste Disposal (Chapter 14)

Standard ModeHardcore Mode

All Power Puzzles (Electronic Locks) Solutions

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