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The Mercenaries DLC guide for Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4 Remake). Learn about release date, how to download, DLC requirements, and available characters for The Mercenaries DLC!

Table of Contents

How To Get High Score In Mercenaries

Points Needed For Certain Scores

S++ Rank1,000,000 and higher
S+ Rank500,000 and higher
S Rank200,000 and higher
A Rank100,000 and higher

First Get Items And Orbs

Right at the beginning there are few enemies so it is easier to move. It is recommended to gather Orbs in the start of the game.

Increase The Time And Battle Longer

In the Mercenaries, even if you still have HP or enemies are left, if the time limit becomes zero, then it will be automatically finished. Try to increase the time as much as possible and get a high score by battling longer. Also if you have time left after finishing then it will be multiplied by 1,000 points and added to your score.

How To Increase Time

Action NeededIncreased Time
Destroy Green Orbs+30 ~ 90 sec
Defeat Strong Enemies+20 ~ 30 sec
Defeat Enemies with Explosion+1 sec
Defeat Enemies with Melee+2 sec
Defeat Enemies with Headshot+2 sec
Defeat Enemies with Knife+4 sec
Defeat Enemies during Mayhem Mode+2 sec

Add Combos And Increase Points

If you defeat enemies consecutively in a period of time, you will get combos. Increase combos and you will get bonus points added. Get consecutive combos to aim for a high score.

# of Combos & Bonus

# of CombosBonus Increase
100 ~1.5x
70 ~1.4x
50 ~1.3x
25 ~1.2x
10 ~1.1x

Maximum of 150 Enemies Will Appear

Each stage has a maximum amount of enemies that appear. After you defeat 150 enemies, it will mean you have defeated all of them and the game will automatically finish. At this point, the time and score will be calculated.

Use Mayhem Mode

It looks like Mayhem Mode is exclusive to Mercenaries' Characters, which will give them special deathblow moves. When you defeat enemies the gage will fill up, and you will be able to activate Mayhem Mode for a period of time. Mayhem Mode attacks will give you bonus points which will help increase your score.

Get The Golden Egg

When you defeat chickens, it will drop golden eggs. Pick them up to receive EGG BONUS which will be 50,000 points. Chickens will appear in each stage so don't forget to defeat them when you find them.

Chickens Are Very Fast

Chickens moves very fast, so it is hard to defeat with Handguns and Knives. Defeat them with Shotguns or explode them with Grenades.


Characters Available For Mercenaries

Characters AvailableHow To Unlock
LeonAvailable as Default
LuisUse Leon and get A Rank or higher in either stage
KrauserUse Luis and get A Rank or higher in either stage
HunkUse Krauser and get A Rank or higher in either stage


How To UnlockAvailable as Default
Possession WeaponSG-09R
Riot Gun
Mayhem ModeAttack Power/Speed Are Greatly Increased

▶︎ Leon - How To Use For Mercenaries


How To UnlockUse Leon and get A Rank or higher in either stage
Possession WeaponRed9
SR M1903
Mayhem ModeCan set dynamite for a period of time

▶︎ Luis - How To Use For Mercenaries


How To UnlockUse Luis and get A Rank or higher in either stage
Possession Weapon・EJF-338 Compound Bow
Fighting Knife
Mayhem ModeFor a period of time, it can mutate both arms and attack
・R2:Close Quarter Attacks
・L2+R2 : Thrust Attacks

▶︎ Krauser - How To Use For Mercenaries


How To UnlockUse Krauser and get A rank or higher in either stage
Possession WeaponLE5
Mayhem ModeFor a period of time, unlimited ammo
OtherWith Melee, instant death attack available

▶︎ Hunk - How To Use For Mercenaries

Mercenaries Stage Guide


# of EnemiesDefeat 25: Brute (Hammer)
Defeat 50: Chainsaw Villager
Defeat 90: Bella Sisters
Defeat 130: Chainsaw Villager & Bella Sisters

In the middle of villagers, there will be a Chainsaw Villager and Brute that will appear. The most safe place to fight is on the roof of the 2nd floor.

▶︎ VILLAGE Stage Guide - The Mercenaries


# of EnemiesDefeat 20: Red Zealot
Defeat 50: Garrador
Defeat 70: Red Zealot ×2
Defeat 100: Garrador (Armor)
Defeat 130: Garrador ×2

Many Zealots will appear. Randomly there will be instant kill Plagas that appears so be careful. For the powerful enemies, Garradors and Red Zealots will appear.

▶︎ Castle Stage Guide - Mercenaries


# of EnemiesDefeat 20: Brute (Crossbow)
Defeat 70: Brute (Bare Hands) ×2
Defeat 100: Brute (Hammer) ×2
Defeat 130: Brute (Crossbow) ×2

Soldiers with shields and armor are very troublesome. Plagas that separate and Brutes with Crossbow will appear as a powerful enemies.

▶︎ Island Stage Guide | The Mercenaries

Mercenaries Rewards

Get S Rank And Higher In Every Stage And Unlock Hand Cannon

Get S Rank (200,000 points and higher) and higher in all 3 stages (Village/Castle/Island), then you will unlock the Hand Cannon. In the normal game, to unlock the Hand Cannon, you must "complete Professional Mode without using a Bonus Weapon". But if you play the Mercenaries then you do not have to complete the hard mode of the main story and still unlock this special weapon.

Bonus Weapons - Secret Weaponsハンドキャノンの入手方法と強化費用How To Get Hand Cannon

Mercenaries - How To Play & Download

How To Download On PS4/PS5

1. Search "Mercenaries" In The PlayStation Store

2. Download Mercenaries For RE4

What is Mercenaries? Is Multiplayer Available?

Minigame: Aim For A High Score In A Period Of Time

Mercenaries is a well known Minigame in the Resident Evil series. In the time that you are give, defeat as many enemies as possible to increase your score. You will need to know where the enemies will appear and their locations so fighting strategy is very important.

Is Multiplayer Available?

Multiplayer Is Not Available

In some of the previous Resident Evil series, The Mercenaries could be played in multiplayer. However, The Mercenaries in RE4 Remake is for solo play.

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