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All Free Items & Limited Time Rewards - Season 9
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All Free Items & Limited Time Rewards - Season 9

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Check out all the free items and limited time rewards of Fortnite's Season 9 here. This includes Battle Pass, Fortbyte, and Event rewards!!

Table of Contents

Current Available Items & Rewards

Past S9 Items & Rewards

How to Get Free Items & Rewards

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Season 9 Available Free Items & Limited Time Rewards

Reaching Level 100

Level 100 Emote

Reaching Level 100 in Season 9 rewards you Season Level 100 Emoticon and Season Level 100 Spray!

Season Level 100Season Level 100

2nd Birthday Challenges

2nd Birthday Challenges
DurationJuly 25, 2019 -
July 31, 2019

It's time to celebrate Fortnite's 2nd anniversary! Complete Birthday Challenges to get your hands on these awesomely cosmetics items.

Check Out the 2nd Birthday Event Here

2nd Birthday Challenges & Rewards

Complete any 4 ChallengesBirthday Slice PickaxeBirthday Slice Pickaxe
Play 10 matchesFrosted WrapFrosted Wrap
Dance in front of 10 Birthday CakesB-Day Beats Music TrackB-Day Beats Music Track
Outlast 500 OpponentsThis Many SprayThis Many Spray
Gain 50 health or shield from Birthday CakeBirthday Cupcake EmoticonBirthday Cupcake Emoticon
Check Out the Birthday Event Challenges Here

Overtime Challenges

Overtime Challenges
DurationJuly 23, 2019, 1PM UTC -
Aug 1, 2019, 8AM UTC

Complete Overtime challenges to get your hands on exclusive Skin Styles for some of the Season 9 Battle Pass skins and other rewards! Complete them before they're gone!

Check Out the Season 9 Overtime Challenges Here

Overtime Challenges & Rewards

Complete 3 Overtime ChallengesBUNKER JONESY Image▶BUNKER JONESY
Complete 6 Overtime ChallengesSTRATUS Image▶STRATUS
Complete 9 Overtime ChallengesDEMI Image▶DEMI
Work together with friends to get 25 eliminations2500 XP2500 XP
(2500) Damage opponents with Shotguns2500 XP2500 XP
Visit Loot Lake, Polar Peek, and Pressure PlantREADY TO FIGHT Loading ScreenREADY TO FIGHT Loading Screen
Revive a friend in different matches5000 XP5000 XP
(2500) Damage opponents with Assault Rifles5000 XP5000 XP
Dance at a Monster SkeletonQUEST FOR THE CUP Loading ScreenQUEST FOR THE CUP Loading Screen
(5) Place top 15 in Dups or Squads with a friend10000 XP10000 XP
Deal 2500 damage with SMGs to opponents10000 XP10000 XP
Score a goal on an indoor soccer pitchSEASON 9 Loading ScreenSEASON 9 Loading Screen
Complete all Challenges15,000 XP15,000 XP

Fortbyte Rewards

Fortbyte Rewards

Although not entirely free since you need the Season 9 Battle Pass to get the Fortbytes, unlocking Fortbytes will give you access to a ton of earnable cosmetics items. These can range from glider, pickaxes, and even an exclusive skin!

Check Out the All Fortbyte List Here

Collect 90 Fortbyte to Get Singularity

Collect 90 Fortbyte to Get Singularity
Available OnJuly 10, 2019

SINGULARITY is a free skin players can get for collecting a total of 90 Fortbytes! It doesn't matter which ones you collect so long as the number would be equal to 90.

Check Out the SINGULARITY Skin Here

Get Vision Loading Screen by Collecting All Fortbytes

Get Vision Loadout by Collecting All Fortbytes

Complete all the Fortbytes and you will be rewarded with the one-of-a-kind Loading Screen featuring Bunker Jonesy and the secret of the Fortbytes!

Fortbyte All Rewards List

Collect 10 FortbytesHot Wings Back BlingHot Wings Back Bling
Collect 15 FortbytesRox (Orange Coloring)Rox (Orange Coloring)
Collect 20 FortbytesJump JetsJump Jets
Collect 25 FortbytesRox (Green)Rox (Green)
Collect 30 FortbytesRIPE RIPPERS (PEELY)Ripe Rippers (Peely)
Collect 35 FortbyteRox (Black Coloring)Rox (Black Coloring)
Collect 40 FortbyteNana CapeNana Cape
Collect 45 FortbyteHarmonic AxesHarmonic Axes
Collect 50 FortbytesVegaVega
Collect 55 FortbytesRevokerRevoker
Collect 60 FortbytesTailwind TwisterTailwind Twister
Collect 65 FortbytesBackTrackerBacktracker
Collect 70 FortbytesScarlet ScytheScarlet Scythe
Collect 75 FortbytesSCARLET EDGEScarlet Edge
Collect 80 FortbytesVendetta<br>(Neon Green Hood)Vendetta
(Neon Green Hood)
Collect 85 FortbytesVendetta<br>(White)Vendetta
Collect 90 FortbytesSingularitySingularity
Collect 95 FortbytesColor Style will Equip to All SINGULARITY StagesSingularity
(Stage 2)
Collect 100 FortbytesColor Style will Equip to All SINGULARITY StagesSingularity
(Stage 3)
Collect 100 FortbytesVisionVision Loading Screen

Unlock Singularity Color Styles

How to Unlock Singularity Color Styles

Singularity also has multiple color styles for players to unlock for free! Unlocking them will have players looking for helmets representing the styles around the map.

How to Change SINGULARITY Color Styles

Singularity Color Styles

Free & Premium Battle Pass Rewards

Free & Premium Battle Pass Rewards

There's more than 100 cosmetic items to unlock with the Season 9 Battle Pass. Don't have the Battle Pass? That's okay! The Free Battle Pass still gives free items when you reach certain tiers!

Check Out the Season 9 Battle Pass Rewards Here

Skin List

Tier 1Tier 1Tier 23
Tier 47Tier 71Tier 87
Tier 100
Check Out the All Skin List Here

Glider List

Tier 15Tier 22Tier 39
Tier 79
Check Out the All Glider List Here

Pickaxe List

Tier 7Tier 38Tier 55
Check Out the All Pickaxe List Here

Wraps List

Tier 5Tier 19Tier 30
Tier 43Tier 59Tier 84
Tier 97
Check Out the All Wraps List Here

Emotes List

Tier 14Tier 31Tier 46
Tier 63Tier 95
Check Out the All Dance & Emotes List

Contrails List

Tier 6Tier 26Tier 49
Tier 77Tier 89

Back Blings List

Tier 28
Check Out the All Back Bling List Here

Toys List

Tier 35Tier 68

Music List

Tier 12Tier 54Tier 92
Check Out the All Music Track List Here

Earn Other Cosmetics from Battle Pass

Earn Other Cosmetics from Battle Pass

Other than the listed above, players with the Battle Pass can earn Emoticons, Gliders, and Loading Screens from ranking up! Remember, each tier has a reward!

Check Out the Season 9 Summary Here

Utopia Challenge Rewards

Utopia Challenge

There is a lot to gain from completing Season 9's weekly challengs. Other than the Battle Stars, completing weekly sets will also net you a free Loading Screen!

Utopia Challenge Rewards

Complete all challenges of any weekTerminal Velocity (Loading Screen)Terminal Velocity (Loading Screen)
Complete all challenges from any 2 different weeksNeochasers (Loading Screen)Neochasers (Loading Screen)
Complete all challenges from any 3 different weeksDog Days (Loading Screen)Dog Days (Loading Screen)
Complete all challenges from any 4 different weeksWinner Takes All (Loading Screen)Winner Takes All (Loading Screen)
Complete all challenges from any 5 different weeksRaging Storm (Loading Screen)Raging Storm (Loading Screen)
Complete all challenges from any 6 different weeksSure Shot (Loading Screen)Sure Shot (Loading Screen)
Complete all challenges from any 7 different weeksStormlight Skirmish (Loading Screen)Stormlight Skirmish (Loading Screen)
Complete all challenges from any 8 different weeksHigh Score (Loading Screen)High Score (Loading Screen)
Complete all challenges from any 9 different weeksBeach Bomber (Loading Screen)Beach Bomber (Loading Screen)
Complete all challenges from any 10 different weeksNeon Jungle (Loading Screen)Neon Jungle (Loading Screen)
Collect 90 FortbytesSingularity SkinSingularity Skin
Complete all 11 Utopia ChallengesSeason 9 BannerSeason 9 Banner

Season 9 Umbrella

Season 9 Umbrella

Get the coveted Season 9 Holographic Umbrella by winning in any of the regular game mode. It's cute, fun, and it goes really well with the theme of the season.

Check Out the Umbrella Victory Glider List Here

Past Season 9 Free Items & Rewards

The following event rewards are unavailable now. They cannot be acquired anymore as their events have finished.

2019 World Cup Finals Youtube Drops

2019 World Cup Finals Youtube Drops
DurationJuly 25, 2019 -
July 28, 2019

Enjoy new Fortnite content on Youtube to get free loot! As part of the new Youtube & Fortnite partnership, players can get exclusive rewards by linking their accounts and watching specific Fortnite videos.

World Cup Final Youtube Schedule & Drops

7/25Game Jam Hollywood PremiereGame Jam SprayGame Jam Spray
7/26Fortnite World Cup Finals 1 live broadcastGame Jam SprayGame Jam Spray
7/27Fortnite World Cup Finals 2 live broadcastWorld Cup SprayWorld Cup Spray
7/28Fortnite World CUp Finals Day 3 live broadcastWorld Cup Spray
Red Line WrapRed Line Wrap

14 Days of Summer Event Rewards

14 Days of Summer Event Rewards
DurationJune 25, 2019 - July 15, 2019

Show off your love for summer by wearing these exclusive summer-themed cosmetic items! They're all free so get them while you can before the 14 Days of Summer Event ends!

Check Out the 14 Days of Summer Event Here

14 Days of Summer Challenge & Reward List

Horde Rush Challenge Rewards

Horde Rush Challenge Rewards

Survive the Horde and get some sweet loot for it. You can even get your hands on a free animated wrap for completing the Horde Rush Challenges!

Check Out the Horde Rush Event Here

Horde Rush Challenge & Rewards List

Completing All 7 ChallengesFiend WrapFIEND Wrap (Animated)
Eliminate 500 members of the Horde with headshotsNever Surrender Loading ScreenNEVER SURRENDER

Downtown Drop Challenge Rewards

Downtown Drop Challenge Rewards

Collect coins and show off that high score! The Downtown Drop includes challenges that will reward you with a cool Skateboard back bling and multiple styles!

Downtown Drop Rewards List

Complete Any 1 Challenges To Unlock The RewardBACK BOARBACK BOARD
Complete Any 13 Challenges To Unlock The RewardBACK BOARD (SWEATV) StyleBACK BOARD (SWEATV) Style
Change the color of 1000 tilesBack Board Back Bling (Rex) StyleBack Board Back Bling (Rex) Style
Dance or emote between two food trucksGame Face SprayGame Face Spray
Find Jonesy hidden behind a fenceWINGS SprayWINGS Spray
Collect a basketball, coin, and shoe in a single matchBACK BOARD (SLURP) StyleBACK BOARD (SLURP) Style
Find Jonesy in the sewersG.O.A.T. SprayG.O.A.T. Spray
Search O-N-F-I-R-E LettersBack Board (Cuddle) StyleBack Board (Cuddle) Style
Find Jonesy near the basketball court, near the rooftops, and in the back of a truckBack Board (Banana) StyleBack Board (Banana) Style
Go faster than 30 through both speed trapsSlam Dunk SpraySlam Dunk Spray
Hit any of the trickjumps on either the crane, elevated train, or fenceBack Board (Kevin)Back Board (Kevin)
Jump through all 6 flaming hoopsBack Board (Fishstick Style)Back Board (Fishstick) Style
Find 2 Hidden ShortcutsBack Board (Drift Style)Back Board (Drift Style)
Dance or emote at the basketball courtBack Board (Disco Style)Back Board (Disco Style)
Spray an ice cream truckBack Board (Food Style)Back Board (Food Style)

Wick's Bounty Challenge Rewards

Stand out as one of the best assassins in the whole island by completing challenges and getting your hands on these exclusive John Wick-themed items!

Wick's Bounty Rewards List

Win a Match of Wick's BountyOne Shot Umbrella Glider"One Shot" Umbrella Glider
Play 7 Matches of Wick's BountyBoogeyman Wrap"Boogeyman" Wrap

How to Get Free Items & Rewards

Complete Event Challenges

Complete Event Challenges

The best way to get free cosmetic items in Fortnite is by participating in events and completing its challenges! Most of the rewards are exclusive so you can't get them anywhere else. Though this also means they're only available to get for a limited time only.

Rank Up Your Battle Pass

Rank Up Your Battle PassComplete Event Challenges

The Battle Pass offers both premium and free rewards. Keep ranking up your Battle Pass to get your hands on these exclusive Season exclusive Items!

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