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Read this Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War (COD Cold War) guide to get the latest news and updates! Find out latest information on new patches, playlists, announcements, and more!!!

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Server Down/ Queue Fixed

Server Status Returned To Normal

Server Status Returned To Normal

Based on latest official statements, the servers for all 3 Call Of Duty is now back to normal. However, based on your region and connection, some lingering errors or queues may still be present, so check back often if you game is still experiencing issues.

Check out Server Queue / Down - Server Status here!

January 12 Update 1.10 Patch

Pre-Mid Season Update

patch 1.10

A small update has just arrived today and it contains a few tweaks for Zombies Mode. It is also likely that some of the files for the upcoming January 14 mid-season patch was included in today's update.

Check Out The Latest Patch Notes Here!

January Double Weapon XP Event

Level Up Weapons Faster This January

New 2XP Event
Start Date & TimeJanuary 15, 10AM PT
End Date & TimeJanuary 19, 10AM PT

Level up your weapons faster this coming January 15 as a global double weapons XP will be implemented. This is a good time to unlock and level up weapons that you want to try out! The event will last until January 19, 10am PT.

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Incoming Mid-Season 1 Update

New Content, Maps, Game Modes

mid season update

More of Season 1's content is set to arrive this January 14 (Thursday). With this new slew of features, expect new game modes, maps, and weapons for both Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer and Zombies Mode.

Check Out The Mid Season 1 Update Details Here!

New Zombie Map - Raid

A semi-new zombies map, Raid will be arriving to Zombies Onslaught mode! Note that as Onslaught mode is a PlayStation exclusive mode, so the new map is PlayStation exclusive as well.Check out New Zombies Map - Raid here!

Free Zombies Week Incoming!

Play For Free On January 14~21

Free Zombies Week

Players wanting to try Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War's Zombie Mode can do so this coming week. Starting on January 14 up until January 21, players can download the game to try Zombies Mode for free. For those wanting to play this mode with friends, now is your time!

Check Out The Free Zombies Mode Schedule Here!

January 6 Weapon Nerfs

Incoming Warzone Weapon Nerfs

Developers of Cold War & Warzone, Raven Software, have tweeted an incoming patch that will nerf several weapons in Warzone today, January 6. The said weapons are reported to have been dominating matches due to their damage output and recoil management. They also went on that it will only affect Warzone and not Cold War's multiplayer. The update is expected to arrive in the following days.

Weapon To Be Nerfed

Check Out The January 6 Update Here!

Bulldozer & Green Tracer Bundle

Unlocks New Operator & Tracer Color

Bulldozer Operator Bundle

The new Tracer Pack: Bulldozer Operator Bundle unlocks the new Season 1 Operator, Bulldozer, and weapon blueprints that produce green tracers when fired. The bundle costs 2400 CP and its contents are usable in both Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Check Out The Tracer Pack: Bulldozer Bundle Here!

Season 1 Update 1.10 Patch Notes - Overview

Daily Challenges & 3v3 Face Off

3v3 Face off

The new December 22 update introduces several new playlists and game modes. For those looking for more XP, Daily Challenges are there for you to complete. Also, 3v3 Face Off is finally here with its fights held in 2v2 Gunfight maps.

Check Out The December 22 Update Patch Notes Here!

Error Code 80070057 & How to Fix

Server Cache Issues

Many players has been reporting that they're experiencing an Error Code 80070057 that is crashing their game. To fix this issue, Activision suggest that you clear your cache folders.

Check out Error Code 80070057 & How To Fix here!

Past News & Leaks

Past News & Events

Free Multiplayer Weekend & 2XP in December!

Free COD Cold War Multiplayer Weekend (December)

Free COD Cold War Multiplayer Weekend (December)
Event DurationStage 1: December 17 ~ 21
Stage 2: December 21 ~ 24

Warzone, Modern Warfare players on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & PC can access Cold War core game's multiplayer this coming December. Players who don't have the core game can take advantage of this weekend to gain a sneak peek on the multiplayer experience of Cold War in 2 stages with different maps & modes.

Check out Free Multiplayer Events here!

Also Has 2XP Events

In conjunction with the free multiplayer events, Free 2XP events are coming to Cold War as well as other COD titles as well, so use them to double your progress!

Check Out Double XP (2XP) Events Here!

Error Code Zed 398 Swift Clover

Error Code Zed 398 Swift Clover

Players are reporting that an error which is preventing people from playing is rampant at new season 1 launch, known as Zed 398 Swift Clover. It is an issue at the Blizzard's server side and should be fixed soon.

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December 10 Update 1.08 Patch Notes - Overview

Nuketown 24/7 Returns & Scorestreak Tweaks

Nuketown 24/7

The latest update marks the return of the popular Nuketown '84 playlist and includes several tweaks to Scorestreaks. The M60 also gets some minor fixes and Zombies Mode gets a bunch of stability and performance improvements.

Check Out The December 10 Update 1.08 Patch Notes Here!

Double 2XP Weekend Starting On December 12

2XP & Weapon 2XP Before Season 1 Starts

COD Cold War Season 1
Start DateDecember 12, 10AM PT
End DateDecember 16, 10AM PT

It has been officially announced that there will be a Double XP & Double Weapon XP from December 12 up to the release of Season 1, December 16. Players can take advantage of this time to reach higher levels and unlock more attachments!

Check Out Double XP (2XP) Events Here!

Alcatraz Map In Warzone?

Leaked images tweeted by user @BlackOpsLeaks!!!

Introduction Of Rebirth Island

Alcatraz is a map featured in Call of Duty Black Ops 4's Battle Royale, Black Out, and was also featured as a Zombies map in previous Black Ops games. Now purportedly known as "Rebirth Island", the map will feature new graphics and textures, and will be part of Warzone.

Read More About Alcatraz Here!

Is There Black Friday Deals?

Black Friday Is November 27

Black Friday Is November 27

Black Friday Deals are just around the corner (November 27), and people are wondering if the Cold War will have some discounts. Check out this analysis guide to find out!

Black Friday Deal - Is There Discount?

Nuketown Is Now Out!

Modernized Classic Map


The much-awaited Nuketown '84 is finally here! Players that want to try out and play in this map can do so by selecting "Nuketown 24/7" in the game's available playlist. For those curious, the developers also added a cool easter egg that you can trigger.

Check Out Nuketown Here!

Call Of Duty Limited Edition Brush

Made In Collaboration With Burst

Call of Duty's charity initiative for veterans, "Call of Duty Endowment" (CODE), and toothbrush maker Burst have collaborated together to bring a limited-edition toothbrush. 20% of the proceeds go directly to Call of Duty Endowment to fund the assistance of US veterans.

Check Out The Limited Edition Camo Toothbrush Set Here!

December 8 Update 1.07 Patch Notes - Overview

Pre-Season 1 Fixes

december 8 update 1.07

As Season 1 has been delayed to December 16, adjustments and fixes are set to be implemented this coming December 7, 11pm. Players can expect extensive map and game mode tweaks, and also a lot of fixes for Zombies Mode.

Double XP From 11/24 - 11/30

Week-Long Double 2XP For The Holidays

Now is a great time to unlock more weapon attachments and ranks as COD Black Ops Cold War is set to have a week-long 2XP and 2x Weapon XP bonus event. The bonus event starts on November 24 and ends on November 30. Players can just simply log in and play either multiplayer or Zombies Mode to gain twice the normal XP.

Check Out Double XP (2XP) Events Here!

Nuketown Coming This Nov. 24!

New Compact Map & Playlist


The much-awaited Nuketown '84 is finally arriving on November 24. Players that want to try out and play in this map can do so by selecting "Nuketown 24/7" in the game's available playlist.

Check Out Nuketown Here!

MP5 Gets Nerfed

Adjusted Effective Damage Range & Recoil

The MP5's reign of terror in Cold War's multiplayer has finally been addressed. With its ludicrous damage range and near-absent recoil, the MP5 (or Submachine Gun Alpha) became the go-to weapon during the early days of Cold War. With this new update, playerrs are now more likely to try out new loadouts instead.

Check Out All Submachine Guns Here!

Game Released - Server Error Detected

Game Officially Launched!

Game Officially Launched!

After a long wait, Call Of Duty Cold War is now officially released for all platforms! However, some players are reporting that they're experiencing server related issues.

Check out Cannot Connect To Server & Fix Guide here!

Preload For Some Platforms Starting!


Consoles Starts Preload On Nov.5

Preload for Cold War has begin! For Xbox One & PS4, preload begins Nov.5. For PC, the preload starts Nov.10.

Check out Preload & File Size Guide here!

2XP Event This Weekend!

2XP, Weapon XP This Weekend!

2XP, Weapon XP This Weekend!
Event Duration October 16 10:00 AM PT ~ Beta End

Players who play Call Of Duty Cold War Beta this weekend will earn double the amount of XP & weapons XP! Use this opportunity to boost your progression in the beta for max unlocks!

Check out Double XP (2XP) Events guide here!

Nowhere Left To Run Campaign Trailer

New Story Mission Trailer

This new gameplay trailer gives us a glimpse on COD Cold War's story campaign. The trailer showcases Mason, Woods, and Adler going in to assassinate a target located in Turkey. In the trailer, the player misses, leading to a chase down the runway.

Check Out Story Missions Here!

Early Access & Open Beta Schedules Officially Announced

Open Beta Schedule

Weekend 1 (PS4 Only)

Early AccessOctober 8-9
Open BetaOctober 10-12

Weekend 2 (All Platforms)

Early Access (PC & Xbox)October 15-16
Open All PlatformsOctober 17-19

The dates have been officially revealed. Cold War's Beta will run for 2 weeks, with the PS4 starting a week earlier than the PC and Xbox. Players who did not pre-order the game can check it out during the 3-day open beta on October 17 to 19.

Check Out The Beta Release Here!

Multiplayer Trailer Reveal

Multiplayer Trailer Revealed

A new trailer revealing different aspects of the multiplayer mode has finally arrived! This trailer shows the feel of Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer, features, weapons, and maps.

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Worldwide Reveal Trailer

Black Ops Cold War Announced

A trailer has been posted revealing the latest game in the Call Of Duty franchise. This game is a direct sequel to the original Black Ops, and it drops you into the heart of the Cold War during the 1980s!

Beta Patch Notes & Update

Gameplay Fixes & New Features

Gameplay Fixes & New Features

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War's early access beta is set to have several new features absent in the open alpha. Key updates are the introduction of a Ping system, weapon tweaks, & spawn point fixes.

Update Summary

  • Introduction of a Ping system
  • Addition of an FOV slider on all platforms
  • Improved movement responsiveness
  • Changed Sniper Rifles to be more balanced
  • Graphical and performance improvements
  • Improved footstep and weapon audio
  • Increased scorestreak rewards for getting objectives
  • Reworked spawn points in all maps
Check Out The Full Beta Patch Notes Here!

PS4 Beta Preload & Launch

Preload PS4 Beta On October 7

Preload on October 7

Players that have preordered the digital version of COD Cold War on the PS4 or have beta codes can start preloading on October 7. The servers for the PS4 beta will go online on October 8 10am PT, and you can play the Beta until October 12.

Check Out Beta Preload & Dates Here!

PS4 Open Alpha Announced

Open Alpha Schedule

Open Alpha
Open Alpha DurationSeptember 18 ~ September 20
PlatformPS4 only

Starts On September 18 10am PT

The Open Alpha starts on Friday, September 18 10am PT. Players can pre-load the game in order to immediately jump into the action once the servers open.

Xbox One & PC Alpha?

Currently, the open alpha for COD Cold War is only available to Playstation 4 owners. There's still no news if the alpha is going to come to the Xbox One or the PC. However, Open Beta schedules for all available platforms have already been released to the public.

Check Out Open Alpha Details Here!

Early Access Beta Dates Leaked

NOTE: The dates below are based on leaks and assumptions. This will be updated as soon as more information is confirmed!.

Preorder To Play The Game Earlier

Preorder To Play The Game Earlier

Players who preorder the game will be able to experience the game in an early access beta before the game's official launch! Below are leaked start and end dates for the early access beta for each platform!

Check Out The Beta Release Here!

Leaked Playstation Beta Release

Oct 8, 2020Oct 22, 2020

Other Platforms Leaked Beta Release

Oct 15, 2020Oct 22, 2020

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