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Mercenaries: The Village 2 (II) Stage Guide - How To Get SS Rank
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Mercenaries: The Village 2 (II) Stage Guide - How To Get SS Rank

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The Village 2 is a Mercenaries mode stage in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8 / RE8). Guide includes Mercenaries Village II Stage SS rank guide, stages 1,2 3, & more!

Table Of Contents

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Mercenaries Mode

Mercenaries: Village 2 Stage - All Stages & Ranks

Rewards & Stages

RanksSS Rank:650000
S Rank:516000
A Rank:350000
B Rank:84000
RewardB Rank:Unlocks Castle 2 Stage

Mercenaries: The Village 2 Stage - Recommended Weapons & Skill

Uprgade Lemi's Damage As Priority


We recommend upgrading LEMI's damage as a priority. Then, upgrade its Rate of Fire and Reload Speed. Ammo Capacity can be left for later.

LEMI - Stats, Attachments & Where To Find

Transition To Magnum & Pipe Bomb Later On

After you upgraded Ammo Capacity to Level 3 ~ 4, you can spend money on something else. Buy Magnum on stage 2 and spend excess money on pipe bombs.

Choose Attack & Speed Abilities

This stage will be cleared mainly with handguns, so choose abilities that boost damage. It'll be beneficial to get 1 speed related ability, but taking too much of it can cause disruptions to your movement tempo.

Recommended Ability Chart

Handgun Master Handgun deals more damage
Execution Increased damage when enemy HP is 30% or less
Get S rank in Castle Stag to unlock
Head Shooter Shots aimed at the head do more damage
Agile Speed increases
Magic Magazine Doubles ammo capacity
Get S rank in Village Stage to unlock

Corpse Combuster Is Situational

Corpse Combuster could cause explosions for burst damage, but may mess up the combo chaining for killing mobs too soon. It is a situational ability where players can choose depending on preference.

Mercenaries: Village 2 Stage - Video Guide

Video Guide

Mercenaries: The Village 2 (Stage 1) - SS Rank

Stage 1 Walkthrough Guide

Step Description
Upgrade LEMI at the Duke's shop
Kill the 2 Lycans at start & pick up the mine to your right
Break blue orb as you deal with enemies
Head further & break blue orb
※ Moroaica next to blue orb is for combo chaining
Get 16 combo to this point
Kill Large Lycan with handgun
Move further in & kill Moroaica to your left to chain combo
Pick up Pipe Bomb & mines and use it to kill the 2 Large Lycans (they spawn one after the other so take 1 out fast)
Break blue & yellow orb as you deal with enemies
At 28 Combo, head toward the goal. Kill the 2 Moroaicas

Mercenaries: The Village 2 (Stage 2) - SS Rank

Stage 2 Walkthrough Guide

Step Description
Buy Magnum. Upgrade LEMI.
Recover items as you head deeper, ignoring all enemies
※Break yellow orb if you can
Get close to the Bow Lycans. Get them to drop their bow as you head toward the blue orb in the back
After breaking blue orb, fight your way through the 1 way path
Collect another blue orb as you go
Kill the Moroaica & get 8 Combo
Kill the large lycan with Magnum for 9 Combo
Clinb the stronghold while looking out for bow Lycans
Deal with the 2 Large Lycans with Magnum (Try to kill both at the same time)
Kill the remaining stragglers and get blue orb

Mercenaries: The Village 2 (Stage 3) - SS Rank

Stage 3 Walkthrough Guide

Step Description
Upgrade LEMI if needed (Max everything except ammo capacity)
Buy Pipe Bomb with spare money
Break blue orb when starting
Lure enemies to where you started. Kill 3 Moroaicas
Kill 2 Lycan on the roof
Soldat will come so deal with it (Use Pipe Bomb if things go south)
Go into the cabin & break yellow orb on 2F
Do not kill the enemies on 1F
Kill all enemies in the cabin & get (11 Combo)
Move on to the next cabin (Don't forget to break yellow orb)
Throw pipe bomb to kill Soldat
Kill Moroaicas, break blue orb & move underground (Get 19 Combo)
Kill Lycan on the roof & Moroaica on the ground
Break yellow orb in the back, while keeping 1 enemy for combo (24 Combo)
Move forward & kill Soldat in the room with Blue Orb
Kill as you proceed. Kill Varcolac Alfa with headshot from afar
Kill the stragglers & goal

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Mercenaries Mode

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Louwtjie 1

Played as explained to the T.... managed to get S, but those **** archer lycans is the death of me. I manage to get to the end, but my combos break and I'm short. Stuck on it for two staight days. Super despondent, and that's just the first of four

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