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Up against a tough enemy in Pokemon Let's Go? Try using the Weakness / Advantage Chart to find the most effective move & Pokemon type.

All Pokemon Weakness / Advantage Chart
Type Chart: Effectiveness & Weakness

Table of Contents

How to Use the Type Weakness / Advantage Chart

Learn Weakness / Advantage of Every Pokemon

This chart contains all weakness & advantages for every Pokemon appearing in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee. The chart also contains information regarding Mega Evolve form. Use this as a reference to counter your tough opponents!

Chart Filter Works by Complete Match

The Weakness / Advantage Chart includes a Name Search / Filter function. The filter is case sensitive.

Type Weakness / Advantage List for All Pokemon

Pokemon Name Search

*Enter your preferred Pokemon name here to filter your search

Bulbasaur IconBulbasaurNonefire IconIce IconFlying IconPsychic Icon
Ivysaur IconIvysaurNonefire IconIce IconFlying IconPsychic Icon
Venusaur IconVenusaurNonefire IconIce IconFlying IconPsychic Icon
Mega Venusaur IconMega VenusaurNonefire IconIce IconFlying IconPsychic Icon
Charmander IconCharmanderNonewater IconGround IconRock Icon
Charmeleon IconCharmeleonNonewater IconGround IconRock Icon
Mega Charizard X IconMega Charizard XNoneGround IconRock IconDragon Icon
Mega Charizard Y IconMega Charizard YRock Iconwater Iconelectric Icon
Charizard IconCharizardRock Iconwater Iconelectric Icon
Squirtle IconSquirtleNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Wartortle IconWartortleNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Blastoise IconBlastoiseNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Mega Blastoise IconMega BlastoiseNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Caterpie IconCaterpieNonefire IconFlying IconRock Icon
Metapod IconMetapodNonefire IconFlying IconRock Icon
Butterfree IconButterfreeRock Iconfire Iconelectric IconIce IconFlying Icon
Weedle IconWeedleNonefire IconFlying IconPsychic IconRock Icon
Kakuna IconKakunaNonefire IconFlying IconPsychic IconRock Icon
Beedrill IconBeedrillNonefire IconFlying IconPsychic IconRock Icon
Mega Beedrill IconMega BeedrillNonefire IconFlying IconPsychic IconRock Icon
Pidgey IconPidgeyNoneelectric IconIce IconRock Icon
Pidgeotto IconPidgeottoNoneelectric IconIce IconRock Icon
Pidgeot IconPidgeotNoneelectric IconIce IconRock Icon
Mega Pidgeot IconMega PidgeotNoneelectric IconIce IconRock Icon
Alolan Rattata IconAlolan RattataFighting Iconbug IconFairy Icon
Rattata IconRattataNoneFighting Icon
Alolan Raticate IconAlolan RaticateFighting Iconbug IconFairy Icon
Raticate IconRaticateNoneFighting Icon
Spearow IconSpearowNoneelectric IconIce IconRock Icon
Fearow IconFearowNoneelectric IconIce IconRock Icon
Ekans IconEkansNoneGround IconPsychic Icon
Arbok IconArbokNoneGround IconPsychic Icon
Pikachu IconPikachuNoneGround Icon
Alolan Raichu IconAlolan RaichuNoneGround Iconbug IconGhost Icondark Icon
Raichu IconRaichuNoneGround Icon
Alolan Sandshrew IconAlolan Sandshrewfire IconFighting IconGround Icon
Sandshrew IconSandshrewNonewater IconGrass IconIce Icon
Alolan Sandslash IconAlolan Sandslashfire IconFighting IconGround Icon
Sandslash IconSandslashNonewater IconGrass IconIce Icon
Nidoran♀ IconNidoran♀NoneGround IconPsychic Icon
Nidorina IconNidorinaNoneGround IconPsychic Icon
Nidoqueen IconNidoqueenNonewater IconIce IconGround IconPsychic Icon
Nidoran♂ IconNidoran♂NoneGround IconPsychic Icon
Nidorino IconNidorinoNoneGround IconPsychic Icon
Nidoking IconNidokingNonewater IconIce IconGround IconPsychic Icon
Clefairy IconClefairyNonePoison IconSteel Icon
Clefable IconClefableNonePoison IconSteel Icon
Alolan Vulpix IconAlolan VulpixNonefire IconFighting IconRock IconSteel Icon
Vulpix IconVulpixNonewater IconGround IconRock Icon
Alolan Ninetales IconAlolan NinetalesSteel Iconfire IconPoison IconRock Icon
Ninetales IconNinetalesNonewater IconGround IconRock Icon
Jigglypuff IconJigglypuffNonePoison IconSteel Icon
Wigglytuff IconWigglytuffNonePoison IconSteel Icon
Zubat IconZubatNoneelectric IconIce IconPsychic IconRock Icon
Golbat IconGolbatNoneelectric IconIce IconPsychic IconRock Icon
Oddish IconOddishNonefire IconIce IconFlying IconPsychic Icon
Gloom IconGloomNonefire IconIce IconFlying IconPsychic Icon
Vileplume IconVileplumeNonefire IconIce IconFlying IconPsychic Icon
Paras IconParasfire IconFlying IconIce IconPoison Iconbug IconRock Icon
Parasect IconParasectfire IconFlying IconIce IconPoison Iconbug IconRock Icon
Venonat IconVenonatNonefire IconFlying IconPsychic IconRock Icon
Venomoth IconVenomothNonefire IconFlying IconPsychic IconRock Icon
Alolan Diglett IconAlolan DiglettNonefire Iconwater IconFighting IconGround Icon
Diglett IconDiglettNonewater IconGrass IconIce Icon
Alolan Dugtrio IconAlolan DugtrioNonefire Iconwater IconFighting IconGround Icon
Dugtrio IconDugtrioNonewater IconGrass IconIce Icon
Alolan Meowth IconAlolan MeowthNoneFighting Iconbug IconFairy Icon
Meowth IconMeowthNoneFighting Icon
Alolan Persian IconAlolan PersianNoneFighting Iconbug IconFairy Icon
Persian IconPersianNoneFighting Icon
Psyduck IconPsyduckNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Golduck IconGolduckNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Mankey IconMankeyNoneFlying IconPsychic IconFairy Icon
Primeape IconPrimeapeNoneFlying IconPsychic IconFairy Icon
Growlithe IconGrowlitheNonewater IconGround IconRock Icon
Arcanine IconArcanineNonewater IconGround IconRock Icon
Poliwag IconPoliwagNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Poliwhirl IconPoliwhirlNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Poliwrath IconPoliwrathNoneGrass Iconelectric IconFlying IconPsychic IconFairy Icon
Abra IconAbraNonebug IconGhost Icondark Icon
Kadabra IconKadabraNonebug IconGhost Icondark Icon
Alakazam IconAlakazamNonebug IconGhost Icondark Icon
Mega Alakazam IconMega AlakazamNonebug IconGhost Icondark Icon
Machop IconMachopNoneFlying IconPsychic IconFairy Icon
Machoke IconMachokeNoneFlying IconPsychic IconFairy Icon
Machamp IconMachampNoneFlying IconPsychic IconFairy Icon
Bellsprout IconBellsproutNonefire IconIce IconFlying IconPsychic Icon
Weepinbell IconWeepinbellNonefire IconIce IconFlying IconPsychic Icon
Victreebel IconVictreebelNonefire IconIce IconFlying IconPsychic Icon
Tentacool IconTentacoolNoneelectric IconGround IconPsychic Icon
Tentacruel IconTentacruelNoneelectric IconGround IconPsychic Icon
Alolan Geodude IconAlolan GeodudeGround Iconwater IconGrass IconFighting Icon
Geodude IconGeodudewater IconGrass IconIce IconFighting IconGround IconSteel Icon
Alolan Graveler IconAlolan GravelerGround Iconwater IconGrass IconFighting Icon
Graveler IconGravelerwater IconGrass IconIce IconFighting IconGround IconSteel Icon
Alolan Golem IconAlolan GolemGround Iconwater IconGrass IconFighting Icon
Golem IconGolemwater IconGrass IconIce IconFighting IconGround IconSteel Icon
Ponyta IconPonytaNonewater IconGround IconRock Icon
Rapidash IconRapidashNonewater IconGround IconRock Icon
Slowpoke IconSlowpokeNoneGrass Iconelectric Iconbug IconGhost Icondark Icon
Mega Slowbro IconMega SlowbroNoneGrass Iconelectric Iconbug IconGhost Icondark Icon
Slowbro IconSlowbroNoneGrass Iconelectric Iconbug IconGhost Icondark Icon
Magnemite IconMagnemiteGround Iconfire IconFighting Icon
Magneton IconMagnetonGround Iconfire IconFighting Icon
FarfetchFarfetch'dNoneelectric IconIce IconRock Icon
Doduo IconDoduoNoneelectric IconIce IconRock Icon
Dodrio IconDodrioNoneelectric IconIce IconRock Icon
Seel IconSeelNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Dewgong IconDewgongNoneGrass Iconelectric IconFighting IconRock Icon
Alolan Grimer IconAlolan GrimerNoneGround Icon
Grimer IconGrimerNoneGround IconPsychic Icon
Alolan Muk IconAlolan MukNoneGround Icon
Muk IconMukNoneGround IconPsychic Icon
Shellder IconShellderNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Cloyster IconCloysterNoneGrass Iconelectric IconFighting IconRock Icon
Gastly IconGastlyNoneGround IconPsychic IconGhost Icondark Icon
Haunter IconHaunterNoneGround IconPsychic IconGhost Icondark Icon
Gengar IconGengarNoneGround IconPsychic IconGhost Icondark Icon
Mega Gengar IconMega GengarNoneGround IconPsychic IconGhost Icondark Icon
Onix IconOnixwater IconGrass IconIce IconFighting IconGround IconSteel Icon
Drowzee IconDrowzeeNonebug IconGhost Icondark Icon
Hypno IconHypnoNonebug IconGhost Icondark Icon
Krabby IconKrabbyNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Kingler IconKinglerNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Voltorb IconVoltorbNoneGround Icon
Electrode IconElectrodeNoneGround Icon
Exeggcute IconExeggcutebug Iconfire IconIce IconPoison IconFlying IconGhost Icondark Icon
Alolan Exeggutor IconAlolan ExeggutorIce IconPoison IconFlying Iconbug IconDragon IconFairy Icon
Exeggutor IconExeggutorbug Iconfire IconIce IconPoison IconFlying IconGhost Icondark Icon
Cubone IconCuboneNonewater IconGrass IconIce Icon
Alolan Marowak IconAlolan MarowakNonewater IconGround IconRock IconGhost Icondark Icon
Marowak IconMarowakNonewater IconGrass IconIce Icon
Hitmonlee IconHitmonleeNoneFlying IconPsychic IconFairy Icon
Hitmonchan IconHitmonchanNoneFlying IconPsychic IconFairy Icon
Lickitung IconLickitungNoneFighting Icon
Koffing IconKoffingNoneGround IconPsychic Icon
Weezing IconWeezingNoneGround IconPsychic Icon
Rhyhorn IconRhyhornwater IconGrass IconIce IconFighting IconGround IconSteel Icon
Rhydon IconRhydonwater IconGrass IconIce IconFighting IconGround IconSteel Icon
Chansey IconChanseyNoneFighting Icon
Tangela IconTangelaNonefire IconIce IconPoison IconFlying Iconbug Icon
Kangaskhan IconKangaskhanNoneFighting Icon
Mega Kangaskhan IconMega KangaskhanNoneFighting Icon
Horsea IconHorseaNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Seadra IconSeadraNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Goldeen IconGoldeenNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Seaking IconSeakingNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Staryu IconStaryuNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Starmie IconStarmieNoneGrass Iconelectric Iconbug IconGhost Icondark Icon
Mr. Mime IconMr. MimeNonePoison IconGhost IconSteel Icon
Scyther IconScytherRock Iconfire Iconelectric IconIce IconFlying Icon
Jynx IconJynxNonefire Iconbug IconRock IconGhost Icondark IconSteel Icon
Electabuzz IconElectabuzzNoneGround Icon
Magmar IconMagmarNonewater IconGround IconRock Icon
Pinsir IconPinsirNonefire IconFlying IconRock Icon
Mega Pinsir IconMega PinsirRock Iconfire Iconelectric IconIce IconFlying Icon
Tauros IconTaurosNoneFighting Icon
Magikarp IconMagikarpNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Gyarados IconGyaradoselectric IconRock Icon
Mega Gyarados IconMega GyaradosNoneGrass Iconelectric IconFighting Iconbug IconFairy Icon
Lapras IconLaprasNoneGrass Iconelectric IconFighting IconRock Icon
Ditto IconDittoNoneFighting Icon
Eevee IconEeveeNoneFighting Icon
Vaporeon IconVaporeonNoneGrass Iconelectric Icon
Jolteon IconJolteonNoneGround Icon
Flareon IconFlareonNonewater IconGround IconRock Icon
Porygon IconPorygonNoneFighting Icon
Omanyte IconOmanyteGrass Iconelectric IconFighting IconGround Icon
Omastar IconOmastarGrass Iconelectric IconFighting IconGround Icon
Kabuto IconKabutoGrass Iconelectric IconFighting IconGround Icon
Kabutops IconKabutopsGrass Iconelectric IconFighting IconGround Icon
Aerodactyl IconAerodactylNonewater Iconelectric IconIce IconRock IconSteel Icon
Mega Aerodactyl IconMega AerodactylNonewater Iconelectric IconIce IconRock IconSteel Icon
Snorlax IconSnorlaxNoneFighting Icon
Articuno IconArticunoRock Iconfire Iconelectric IconSteel Icon
Zapdos IconZapdosNoneIce IconRock Icon
Moltres IconMoltresRock Iconwater Iconelectric Icon
Dratini IconDratiniNoneIce IconDragon IconFairy Icon
Dragonair IconDragonairNoneIce IconDragon IconFairy Icon
Dragonite IconDragoniteIce IconRock IconDragon IconFairy Icon
Mewtwo IconMewtwoNonebug IconGhost Icondark Icon
Mega Mewtwo X IconMega Mewtwo XNoneFlying IconGhost IconFairy Icon
Mega Mewtwo Y IconMega Mewtwo YNonebug IconGhost Icondark Icon
Mew IconMewNonebug IconGhost Icondark Icon
Meltan IconMeltanNonefire IconFighting IconGround Icon
Melmetal IconMelmetalNonefire IconFighting IconGround Icon

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