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Best Pokemon In Early Game
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Read this Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee guide on which Pokemon are the best Pokemon to have early on in the game!

Best Pokemon In Early Game
All Pokedex Entry - Pokemon List

Table of Contents

Partner Pokemon: Pikachu / Eevee

Partner Pokemon Are Strong & Unique

Best Pokemon In Early Game

Your partner Pokemon are very special - they have better stats & learn moves faster than their normal in-game counterparts.

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Partner Pokemon Pikachu & Eevee

Pikachu & Eevee
Pikachu IconPikachuEevee IconEevee

Partner Pokemon Have Special Elemental Moves

Best Pokemon In Early Game

Pikachu and Eevee have exclusive elemental moves that they can execute, making them highly versatile when fighting Pokemons of any types! Don't forget to use them when they pop up on your screen!

Partner Pokemon - Secret Techniques, Exclusive Moves

List Of Exclusive Moves

Pokemon Move Effect
Pikachu Pika Papow An Electric Type attack that grows in strength in proportion to your partner Pokemon's relationship with you
Pikachu Splishy Splash A Water Type move that can paralyze opponents
Eevee Veevee Volley A Normal Type attack that grows in strength in proportion to your partner Pokemon's relationship with you
Eevee Bouncy Bubble A Water Type attack that heals Eevee for half the damage this move does
Eevee Buzzy Buzz An Electric Type move that can cause paralysis on its target
Eevee Sizzly Slide A Fire Type attack that can burn its target


Charizard Image
Charizard - Stats, Moves, Evolution & Locations

Charizard Has Strongest Attack & Amazing Fire Power

Out of the 3 Kanto starters, Charizard has the strongest attack power. He has massive Fire attacks that can instantly topple Pokemon weak to this element.

Where To Find/Catch Charizard

Vermilion City Gym Storyline Walkthrough & Guide

You can get a Charmander from an NPC in Route 24/25. He'll give you the Pokemon if you've capture up to 50 Pokemon.

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Wild Charmander Also Found in Rock Tunnel

You may also look for wild Charmander in the Rock Tunnel. The spawn rate of Charmander is extremely low; be patient when you're hunting for them!

Charizard Can Mega Evolve

Best Pokemon In Early Game

Aside from having the strongest attack power, Charizard is also capable of two Mega Evolutions - Charizard X & Charizard Y. This makes him a powerful contender in the game.

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Charizard Mega Evolution List

Charizard Mega Evolution
Mega Charizard X IconMega Charizard XMega Charizard Y IconMega Charizard Y


Starmie Image
Starmie - Stats, Moves, Evolution & Locations

Starmie Is Fast & Can Learn Electric / Psychic Moves

The Starmie can be really speedy in attacking and if leveled up properly, will mostly always be the first to attack. It can also learn Electric & Psychic Type moves, making it effective against other Pokemon.

Where To Find/Catch Starmie

You can find or capture a Staryu underwater in Routes 18, 19, & 21. You can evolve your Staryu into a Starmie by using a Water Stone.

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Gyarados Image
Gyarados - Stats, Moves, Evolution & Locations

Has Water, Ice, Dragon & Dark Attacks

A highly trained Gyarados can deliver a multitude of attacks in different types. Bite at Lv.20 is a Dark Type while he also has Ice Fang & Dragon Rage.

Where To Find/Catch Gyarados

You can evolve a Magikarp to Gyarados at Lv. 20. To catch a Magikarp, surf around Route 20.

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Dugtrio Image
Dugtrio - Stats, Moves, Evolution & Locations

Dugtrio Attacks Fast & Has Dark Type Tendencies

Dugtrio, though mostly being a Ground Type, has high speed base statistics and can learn Dark Type moves - useful against Ghost or Psychic Pokemon.

Where To Find/Catch Dugtrio

Celadon City Gym Storyline Walkthrough & Guide

You can catch a Diglett inside Diglett's Cave to the east of Vermilion City. Dugtrio evolves from Diglett at Lv. 26.

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Alakazam Image
Alakazam - Stats, Moves, Evolution & Locations

Alakazam Is A Fast Psychic Pokemon

Pokemon that are weak to Psychic can easily be disposed of by Alakazam. He attacks fast & his attack power is very high, making him a good option for quick, merciless victories.

Where To Find/Catch Alakazam

Abra can be caught in Route 5-8. The only way to evolve a Kadabra to an Alakazam is to trade it with another trainer.

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