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How to Beat Misty (Cerulean City Gym) & Recommended Pokemons

Pokemon Let's Go | How to Beat Misty (Cerulean City Gym) & Recommended Pokemons | Pikachu / Eevee

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Pokemon Let's Go | How to Beat Misty (Cerulean City Gym) & Recommended Pokemons | Pikachu / Eevee - GameWith
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Find out how to beat Misty of Cerulean City Gym in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee in this guide! Learn traits of the trainer's Pokemon, how to counter, & play tips.

VS Misty

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Table of Contents

Misty's Pokemon Lineup

Misty's Pokemon List

PokemonWeakness / Most Used Moves
Psyduck IconPsyduck (Lv.18)[Weakness]
- Electric
- Grass
[Commonly Used Move]
- Water Gun
- Confusion
Starmie IconStarmie (Lv.19)[Weakness]
- Electric
- Grass
- Ghost
- Bug
- Dark
[Commonly Used Move]
- Scald
- Psywave
- Swift

Party Based on Water Type Pokemons

Misty's Pokemon consists of Water Type Pokemon. Most of the moves they use are direct attacks so it's best to be able to match or surpass the damage they're able to deal.

Electric and Grass Pokemon Recommended

Since Misty's Pokemon uses mainly direct attack moves it's best to dish out damage as quickly as possible. Electric and Grass type attacks will be most effective in taking her Pokemon down.

Recommended Pokemon

Pikachu IconPikachuWhether using your partner Pikachu or one you caught, unlock Thunderbolt at Lv21 for maximum damage against Water Pokemon.
Eevee IconEeveeEevee has a Thunder Type attack called "Buzzy Buzz" that you can use against Misty's Water Pokemon.
Oddish IconOddishAvailable in the Pikachu version of the game, Oddish can deal a good chunk of damage once it learns Razor Leaf at Lv18.
Gloom IconGloomAvailable in the Pikachu version of the game, Oddish will evolve into Gloom at Lv21. Get it to Lv22 to unlock Mega Drain which both damages target and heals Gloom at the same time.
Bellsprout IconBellsproutAvailable in the Eevee version of the game, use Bellsprout's Sleep Powder (Lv16) and Stun Spore (Lv18) to prevent Misty's Pokemon from attacking and deal damage with Vine Whip.
Weepinbell IconWeepinbellAvailable in the Eevee version of the game, Weepinbell can use the same strategy as Bellsprout but if you manage to get it to Lv27, Razor Leaf would be useful against Misty.

vs. Misty Play Tips

Use Electric Type Pokemon First

You can easily defeat Psyduck or Starmie with a powerful thunder attack. Make sure you'll an Electric Type Pokemon first in line of your roster.

Defeat Starmie With Grass Pokemon

Starmie has powerful stats that make it strong & fast - even if it's weak against Electric Type moves. Equip yourself with leveled Grass Type Pokemon to exploit Starmie's weakness.

Misty - Gym Leader Overview

About Misty

VS MistyKnown as the tomboyish mermaid, Misty is the leader of the Cerulean City Gym and specializes in Water-type Pokemon.

Rewards Gained When Beating Misty

Rewards Gained When Beating Misty
TM TM29 - Scald
Badge Cascade Badge

Rematch Information - Misty

Misty's Rematch Overview

You can fight Misty again after beating the Pokemon League & entering the Hall of Fame. Challenge her again at the Cerulean City Gym!

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Misty's Rematch Pokemon List

PokemonWeakness / Most Used Moves
Golduck IconGolduck (Lv.56)[Weakness]
- Electric
- Grass
[Commonly Used Move]
- Confusion
- Fury Swipes
Vaporeon IconVaporeon (Lv.56)[Weakness]
- Electric
- Grass
[Commonly Used Move]
- Mist
- Hydro Pump
Starmie IconStarmie (Lv.56)[Weakness]
- Electric
- Grass
- Ghost
- Bug
- Dark
[Commonly Used Move]
- Bubblebeam
Dewgong IconDewgong (Lv.56)[Weakness]
- Electric
- Grass
- Fighting
- Rock
[Commonly Used Move]
- Rest
Gyarados IconGyarados (Lv.57)[Weakness]
- Electric (x4)
- Rock
[Commonly Used Move]
- Hydro Pump
- Hyper Beam

Overpower Misty With Grass & Electric Types

A Grass Or Electric Type will be extremely effective against Misty & her Pokemon. Be sure to level your Pokemon up properly before challenging her again!

Recommended Pokemon vs. Misty Rematch

Zapdos IconZapdosZapdos can specifically counter Brock's Aerodactyl, Kabutops, and Omastar with its Electric attacks.
Jolteon IconJolteonJolteon has fast speed & can attack Misty's Pokemon with its Thunder attacks quickly - possibly taking them down in one turn.
Raichu IconRaichuRaichu is another Electric Pokemon that deals quick & heavy Electric damage. It can handle its own against Misty's Water Pokemon.
Mega Venusaur IconMega VenusaurMost of Brock's new Pokemon are still weak to Grass Type moves. Mega Venusaur can easily take them down with his attacks.
Exeggutor IconExeggutorExeggutor has powerful Grass Type moves such as "Seed Bomb" and "Wood Hammer" that can do well against Misty's Water Pokemon.
Alola Exeggutor IconAlola ExeggutorAlola Exeggutor takes less damage from Water Type attacks and has the same strong Grass Type moves as its regular counterpart.

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