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Take on Master Trainers after you have become Pokemon League Champion! Find out how many Master Trainers there are & get the basics of Master Trainer battles here!

Master Trainers

Storyline Walkthrough & Guide

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Table of Contents

Master Trainer Location List

No.Master TrainerLocation
001Bulbasaur ImageBulbasaurBulbasaur Master TrainerRoute 4 (east of Mt. Moon exit)
002Ivysaur ImageIvysaurIvysaur Master TrainerRoute 14 (southeast corner)
003Venusaur ImageVenusaurVenusaur Master TrainerRoute 23 (north, next to Victory Road exit)
004Charmander ImageCharmanderCharmander Master TrainerCeladon City (classroom on top of Celadon City Condominiums, access via rear entrance)
005Charmeleon ImageCharmeleonCharmeleon Master TrainerRoute 10 (southwest corner)
006Charizard ImageCharizardCharizard Master TrainerRoute 23 (northwest, next to path to Indigo Plateau)
007Squirtle ImageSquirtleSquirtle Master TrainerRoute 12 (northwest of guardhouse)
008Wartortle ImageWartortleWartortle Master TrainerRoute 20 (north part of western side)
009Blastoise ImageBlastoiseBlastoise Master TrainerRoute 20 (waters east of Seafoam Islands)
010Caterpie ImageCaterpieCaterpie Master TrainerRoute 18 (east, outside of guardhouse)
011Metapod ImageMetapodMetapod Master TrainerRoute 11 (northeast corner)
012Butterfree ImageButterfreeButterfree Master TrainerViridian Forest (gatehouse to Pewter City)
013Weedle ImageWeedleWeedle Master TrainerViridian Forest (clearing north of Viridian City north gatehouse)
014Kakuna ImageKakunaKakuna Master TrainerRoute 13 (southeast grassy area)
015Beedrill ImageBeedrillBeedrill Master TrainerRoute 8 (east fenced grassy area)
016Pidgey ImagePidgeyPidgey Master TrainerRoute 2 (southwest corner near path to Viridian City)
017Pidgeotto ImagePidgeottoPidgeotto Master TrainerRoute 16 (west of guardhouse to Celadon City)
018Pidgeot ImagePidgeotPidgeot Master TrainerRoute 12 (2F guardhouse)
019Rattata ImageRattataRattata Master TrainerRoute 10 (north of Pokemon Center)
020Raticate ImageRaticateRaticate Master TrainerCerulean City (inside house east of bridge)
021Spearow ImageSpearowSpearow Master TrainerPewter City (south of flowerbeds)
022Fearow ImageFearowFearow Master TrainerRoute 18 (east, south of guardhouse)
023Ekans ImageEkansEkans Master TrainerRoute 4 (east)
024Arbok ImageArbokArbok Master TrainerTeam Rocket Hideout (1B southwest room, access via 2B stairs past floor puzzle)
025Pikachu ImagePikachuPikachu Master TrainerViridian Forest (northwest corner)
026Raichu ImageRaichuRaichu Master TrainerPokemon Tower (6F)
027Sandshrew ImageSandshrewSandshrew Master TrainerRoute 11 (south of Diglett's Cave entrance)
028Sandslash ImageSandslashSandslash Master TrainerSaffron City (west guardhouse)
029Nidoran♀ ImageNidoran♀Nidoran♀ Master TrainerRoute 3 (north edge center)
030Nidorina ImageNidorinaNidorina Master TrainerUnderground Path (Route 7 - Route 8)
031Nidoqueen ImageNidoqueenNidoqueen Master TrainerRoute 23 (center area)
032Nidoran♂ ImageNidoran♂Nidoran♂ Master TrainerRoute 4 (east of Route 3 junction)
033Nidorino ImageNidorinoNidorino Master TrainerUnderground Path (Route 7 - Route 8)
034Nidoking ImageNidokingNidoking Master TrainerRoute 23 (west of center area)
035Clefairy ImageClefairyClefairy Master TrainerSaffron City (center, access via west)
036Clefable ImageClefableClefable Master TrainerMt. Moon (1B, access via central ladder)
037Vulpix ImageVulpixVulpix Master TrainerRoute 6 (behind Underground Path entrance)
038Ninetales ImageNinetalesNinetails Master TrainerRoute 9 (central path, east side)
039Jigglypuff ImageJigglypuffJigglypuff Master TrainerPewter City (Pokemon Center)
040Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuffWifflytuff Master TrainerSaffron City (11F Silph Co.)
041Zubat ImageZubatZubat Master TrainerRock Tunnel (1B north, access via ladder east of Route 10 south entrance)
042Golbat ImageGolbatGolbat Master TrainerVictory Road (3F, southeast)
043Oddish ImageOddishOddish Master TrainerViridian City (Next to flowerbeds)
044Gloom ImageGloomGloom Master TrainerPewter City (west)
045Vileplume ImageVileplumeVileplume Master TrainerRoute 14 (northwest corner)
046Paras ImageParasParas Master TrainerMt. Moon (1F northeast corner)
047Parasect ImageParasectParasect Master TrainerRoute 2 (southeast corner)
048Venonat ImageVenonatVenonat Master TrainerRoute 24 (north of Cerulean City bridge)
049Venomoth ImageVenomothVenomoth Master TrainerRoute 15 (center of north path)
050Diglett ImageDiglettDiglett Master TrainerDiglett's Cave (1F north entrance)
051Dugtrio ImageDugtrioDugtrio Master TrainerDiglett's Cave (1B south)
052Meowth ImageMeowthMeowth Master TrainerViridian City (PokeMart)
053Persian ImagePersianPersian Master TrainerTeam Rocket Hideout (4B east room)
054Psyduck ImagePsyduckPsyduck Master TrainerRoute 21 (southwest corner)
055Golduck ImageGolduckGolduck Master TrainerRoute 4 (south of Cerulean Cave entrance)
056Mankey ImageMankeyMankey Master TrainerRoute 5 (north of Day Care)
057Primeape ImagePrimeapePrimeape Master TrainerRoute 11 (2F guardhouse)
058Growlithe ImageGrowlitheGrowlithe Master TrainerRoute 7 (north of Saffron City guardhouse)
059Arcanine ImageArcanineArcanine Master TrainerCeladon City (Hotel Lobby)
060Poliwag ImagePoliwagPoliwag Master TrainerRoute 12 (southwest corner)
061Poliwhirl ImagePoliwhirlPoliwhirl Master TrainerCerulean City (house west of Pokemon Center)
062Poliwrath ImagePoliwrathPoliwrath Master TrainerCerulean City (behind northwest house)
063Abra ImageAbraAbra Master TrainerViridian City (southwest corner)
064Kadabra ImageKadabraKadabra Master TrainerSaffron City (inside southeast corner house)
065Alakazam ImageAlakazamAlakazam Master TrainerRoute 10 (south of Rock Tunnel entrance)
066Machop ImageMachopMachop Master TrainerSaffron City (4F Silph Co.)
067Machoke ImageMachokeMachoke Master TrainerFuchsia City (inside southeast corner house)
068Machamp ImageMachampMachamp Master TrainerVermilion City (northeast corner)
069Bellsprout ImageBellsproutBellsprout Master TrainerViridian City (Trainers' School)
070Weepinbell ImageWeepinbellWeepinbell Master TrainerPokemon Tower (7F)
071Victreebel ImageVictreebelVictreebel Master TrainerCeladon City (path to gym)
072Tentacool ImageTentacoolTentacool Master TrainerRoute 20 (eastern beach to Seafoam Islands)
073Tentacruel ImageTentacruelTentacruel Master TrainerRoute 20 (small island west)
074Geodude ImageGeodudeGeodude Master TrainerRock Tunnel (1F center)
075Graveler ImageGravelerGraveler Master TrainerVictory Road (1F, south)
076Golem ImageGolemGolem Master TrainerPewter City (2F Museum)
077Ponyta ImagePonytaPonyta Master TrainerSaffron City (west, outside PokeMart)
078Rapidash ImageRapidashRapidash Master TrainerSaffron City (northwest corner)
079Slowpoke ImageSlowpokeSlowpoke Master TrainerRoute 21 (2nd island from the south)
080Slowbro ImageSlowbroSlowbro Master TrainerRoute 21 (north island)
081Magnemite ImageMagnemiteMagnemite Master TrainerUnderground Path (Route 5 - Route 6)
082Magneton ImageMagnetonMagneton Master TrainerUnderground Path (Route 5 - Route 6)
083FarfetchFarfetch'dFarfetchVermilion City (outside Pokemon Center)
084Doduo ImageDoduoDoduo Master TrainerCerulean City (Bike Shop)
085Dodrio ImageDodrioDodrio Master TrainerRoute 15 (east, near Route 14 junction)
086Seel ImageSeelSeel Master TrainerSeafoam Islands (1F)
087Dewgong ImageDewgongDewgong Master TrainerSeafoam Islands (1B)
088Grimer ImageGrimerGrimer Master TrainerCeladon City (center, in front of the pool)
089Muk ImageMukMuk Master TrainerCinnabar Island (2F Pokemon Mansion, east)
090Shellder ImageShellderShellder Master TrainerRoute 19 (south)
091Cloyster ImageCloysterCloyster Master TrainerRoute 20 (waters directly west of Seafoam Islands beach)
092Gastly ImageGastlyGastly Master TrainerLavender Town (behind Pokemon House)
093Haunter ImageHaunterHaunter Master TrainerLavender Town (behind 2 houses in front of Pokemon House)
094Gengar ImageGengarGengar Master TrainerLavender Town (behind PokeMart)
095Onix ImageOnixOnix Master TrainerUnderground Path (Route 7 - Route 8)
096Drowzee ImageDrowzeeDrowzee Master TrainerViridian City (Pokemon Center)
097Hypno ImageHypnoHypno Master TrainerPokemon Tower (5F)
098Krabby ImageKrabbyKrabby Master TrainerVermilion City (Pokemon Fan Club)
099Kingler ImageKinglerKingler Master TrainerSaffron City (1F Silph Co.)
100Voltorb ImageVoltorbVoltorb Master TrainerPower Plant (east room with barrels)
101Electrode ImageElectrodeElectrode Master TrainerRoute 17 (center)
102Exeggcute ImageExeggcuteExeggcute Master TrainerRoute 24 (east of Cerulean City bridge)
103Exeggutor ImageExeggutorExeggutor Master TrainerCinnabar Island (outside of Cinnabar Lab)
104Cubone ImageCuboneCubone Master TrainerRoute 8 (guardhouse to Saffron City)
105Marowak ImageMarowakMarowak Master TrainerLavender Town (Pokemon House)
106Hitmonlee ImageHitmonleeHitmonlee Master TrainerSaffron City (Fighting Dojo)
107Hitmonchan ImageHitmonchanHitmonchan Master TrainerSaffron City (Fighting Dojo)
108Lickitung ImageLickitungLickitung Master TrainerRoute 16 (2F guardhouse to Celadon City)
109Koffing ImageKoffingKoffing Master TrainerRoute 17 (center)
110Weezing ImageWeezingWeezing Master TrainerTeam Rocket Hideout (3B north center)
111Rhyhorn ImageRhyhornRhyhorn Master TrainerRoute 17 (south)
112Rhydon ImageRhydonRhydon Master TrainerTeam Rocket Hideout (2B southwest corner)
113Chansey ImageChanseyChansey Master TrainerFuchsia City (Pokemon Center)
114Tangela ImageTangelaTangela Master TrainerRoute 15 (northwest corner)
115Kangaskhan ImageKangaskhanKangaskhan Master TrainerFuchsia City (northwest corner of Safari Zone)
116Horsea ImageHorseaHorsea Master TrainerRoute 19 (waters southeast of the beach to Fuschia City)
117Seadra ImageSeadraSeadra Master TrainerRoute 12 (northeast of guardhouse)
118Goldeen ImageGoldeenGoldeen Master TrainerRoute 12 (waters at the center)
119Seaking ImageSeakingSeaking Master TrainerRoute 13 (waters south of pier)
120Staryu ImageStaryuStaryu Master TrainerRoute 19 (south of Fuchsia City)
121Starmie ImageStarmieStarmie Master TrainerRoute 25 (south of Bill's house)
122Mr. Mime ImageMr. MimeMr. Mime Master TrainerCeladon City (2F Celadon City Condominiums)
123Scyther ImageScytherScyther Master TrainerRoute 15 (2F guardhouse)
124Jynx ImageJynxJynx Master TrainerCerulean City (south of Cerulean Cave entrance)
125Electabuzz ImageElectabuzzElectabuzz Master TrainerRoute 10 (west side of Power Plant)
126Magmar ImageMagmarMagmar Master TrainerCinnabar Island (1F Pokemon Mansion, east)
127Pinsir ImagePinsirPinsir Master TrainerRoute 18 (2F guardhouse)
128Tauros ImageTaurosTauros Master TrainerFuchsia City (entrance of Safari Zone)
129Magikarp ImageMagikarpMagikarp Master TrainerRoute 4 (Pokemon Center)
130Gyarados ImageGyaradosGyarados Master TrainerCeladon City (Hotel Lobby)
131Lapras ImageLaprasLapras Master TrainerPokemon Tower (4F)
132Ditto ImageDittoDitto Master TrainerCinnabar Island (3F Pokemon Mansion, east)
133Eevee ImageEeveeEevee Master TrainerRoute 17 (path to Route 16)
134Vaporeon ImageVaporeonVaporeon Master TrainerCeladon City (2F Department Store)
135Jolteon ImageJolteonJolteon Master TrainerCeladon City (3F Department Store)
136Flareon ImageFlareonFlareon Master TrainerCeladon City (4F Department Store)
137Porygon ImagePorygonPorygon Master TrainerCeladon City (Game Corner)
138Omanyte ImageOmanyteOmanyte Master TrainerMt. Moon (2B, access via central ladder)
139Omastar ImageOmastarOmastar Master TrainerCinnabar Island (Pokemon Lab, last room)
140Kabuto ImageKabutoKabuto Master TrainerMt. Moon (2B east, access via easternmost ladder)
141Kabutops ImageKabutopsKabutops Master TrainerPewter City (inside northeast house)
142Aerodactyl ImageAerodactylAerodactyl Master TrainerPewter City (1F Museum)
143Snorlax ImageSnorlaxSnorlax Master TrainerRoute 16 (path to Celadon City)
144Articuno ImageArticunoArticuno Master TrainerSeafoam Islands (4B)
145Zapdos ImageZapdosZapdos Master TrainerPower Plant (north center room)
146Moltres ImageMoltresMoltres Master TrainerVictory Road (2F, south)
147Dratini ImageDratiniDratini Master TrainerRoute 23 (west, past the first southern water gate)
148Dragonair ImageDragonairDragonair Master TrainerSeafoam Islands (3B)
149Dragonite ImageDragoniteDragonite Master TrainerCerulean City (inside house west of bridge)
150Mewtwo ImageMewtwoMewtwo Master TrainerCinnabar Island (1B Pokemon Mansion, south central room)
151Mew ImageMewMew Master TrainerCinnabar Island (1B Pokemon Mansion, west room)
808Meltan ImageMeltanMeltan Master TrainerCinnabar Island (1B Pokemon Mansion, southwest corner)
809Melmetal ImageMelmetalMelmetal Master TrainerCinnabar Island (1B Pokemon Mansion, north central room)

What are Master Trainer?

Master Trainers are Trainers who have mastered to train one specific species of Pokemon, awaiting for your challenge after beating the game.

Available After Completing Game

Master Trainers will only appear you've completed Indigo Plateau and become the Pokemon League Champion. Talk to the boy awaiting you outside your house after the Ending to start your new challenge!

Check Out The Indigo Plateau Guide

Master Trainer Battles Have Special Limitation (1v1, Same Matching Pokemon, No Items)

Master Trainer Battles are 1vs1 and you can only use the same species of Pokemon that they specialize in. Item use is disabled, and you must rely solely on your Pokemon's abilities as support items cannot be used.

Look for Trainers with Word Bubbles Above their Heads

Look for Trainers with Word Bubbles Above their Heads

You will be able to distinguish Master Trainers from regular trainers by looking for word bubbles with Pokemon icon above their heads. Icons represents each of the Master Trainers' specialty.

153 Master Trainers in Total

Each Kanto Pokemon will have their own Master Trainer assigned across the Kanto region.

Get The Master Title When You Win

Master Trainer Battle Reward

Winning a Master Trainer battle will grant you the Master title for that specific Pokemon. Master Trainer titles are also displayed during Link Battles.

Battling Master Trainer Play Tips

Level Your Pokemon Before Challenging

Master Trainer Battle

The Pokemon each Master Trainer uses are leveled around Lv. 70 - 80. Be sure to level your Pokemon as much as you can before challenging.

Learn How To Level Up Fast

Use Candies to Maximize Pokemon's EVs

Due to the 1on1 Pokemon rule restraint, you will need to maximize your Pokemon's potential as high as you can to come out victorious in these fights. Be sure to feed your Pokemon with Candies to maximize their stats by allocating their EVs.

How To Get Candies Efficiently, Uses & Effects

Try Using Toxic + Substitute + Protect Combo in Battle

If you feel outmatched when fighting a Master Trainer, try using the Toxic + Substitute + Protect move combo. This move combo deals massive DoT with Toxic while you reinforce your defenses with Substitute and Protect, buying time while Toxic chips down their HPs.

All Technical Machine (TM) List & How to Get

Toxic, Substitute, Protect: TM Location

No.MoveWhere to Get
7ProtectGive Lemonade to girl in Celadon City Department Store Roof level
8SubstituteTalk to a girl in 2F of a house to north west Saffron City, with Clefairy in your team
27ToxicBeating Fuschia City Gym Leader Koga

Not All Master Trainers Want To Battle

Not All Master Trainers Battle

For some Master Trainers, you only need to show them Pokemon of a certain CP and they'll give you the Master Trainer title.

PokemonCP Requirement
Ditto Master4,000+ CP
Articuno Master7,500+ CP
Zapdos Master7,500+ CP
Moltres Master7,500+ CP
Mewtwo Master9,000+ CP
Mew Master8,000+ CP

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