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Substitute (TM 08) : Move Stats, Pokemon & Where to Get

Pokemon Let's Go | Substitute (TM 08) : Move Stats, Pokemon & Where to Get | Pikachu / Eevee

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Pokemon Let's Go | Substitute (TM 08) : Move Stats, Pokemon & Where to Get | Pikachu / Eevee - GameWith
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Learn where to find & stats of the Substitute (TM8) move available in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee! Move power, effect, and compatible Pokemon can be found here.

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Substitute - Move Stats & Information


Substitute - Move Effect

The user makes a copy of itself using some of its HP. The copy serves as the user's decoy.

Where to Get the Substitute

Talk to a girl in 2F of a house to north west Saffron City, with Clefairy in your team

Learnable Pokemon

Pokemon Name Search

*You can search compatiblility via Pokemon name or types

NameType1Type2How to learn
Bulbasaur IconBulbasaurGrass IconPoison IconTM
Ivysaur IconIvysaurGrass IconPoison IconTM
Venusaur IconVenusaurGrass IconPoison IconTM
Mega Venusaur IconMega VenusaurGrass IconPoison IconTM
Charmander IconCharmanderfire Icon-TM
Charmeleon IconCharmeleonfire Icon-TM
Mega Charizard X IconMega Charizard Xfire IconDragon IconTM
Mega Charizard Y IconMega Charizard Yfire IconFlying IconTM
Charizard IconCharizardfire IconFlying IconTM
Squirtle IconSquirtlewater Icon-TM
Wartortle IconWartortlewater Icon-TM
Blastoise IconBlastoisewater Icon-TM
Mega Blastoise IconMega Blastoisewater Icon-TM
Butterfree IconButterfreebug IconFlying IconTM
Beedrill IconBeedrillbug IconPoison IconTM
Mega Beedrill IconMega Beedrillbug IconPoison IconTM
Pidgey IconPidgeyNormalIconFlying IconTM
Pidgeotto IconPidgeottoNormalIconFlying IconTM
Pidgeot IconPidgeotNormalIconFlying IconTM
Mega Pidgeot IconMega PidgeotNormalIconFlying IconTM
Rattata IconRattataNormalIcon-TM
Raticate IconRaticateNormalIcon-TM
Spearow IconSpearowNormalIconFlying IconTM
Fearow IconFearowNormalIconFlying IconTM
Ekans IconEkansPoison Icon-TM
Arbok IconArbokPoison Icon-TM
Pikachu IconPikachuelectric Icon-TM
Raichu IconRaichuelectric Icon-TM
Sandshrew IconSandshrewGround Icon-TM
Sandslash IconSandslashGround Icon-TM
Nidoran♀ IconNidoran♀Poison Icon-TM
Nidorina IconNidorinaPoison Icon-TM
Nidoqueen IconNidoqueenPoison IconGround IconTM
Nidoran♂ IconNidoran♂Poison Icon-TM
Nidorino IconNidorinoPoison Icon-TM
Nidoking IconNidokingPoison IconGround IconTM
Clefairy IconClefairyFairy Icon-TM
Clefable IconClefableFairy Icon-TM
Vulpix IconVulpixfire Icon-TM
Ninetales IconNinetalesfire Icon-TM
Jigglypuff IconJigglypuffNormalIconFairy IconTM
Wigglytuff IconWigglytuffNormalIconFairy IconTM
Zubat IconZubatPoison IconFlying IconTM
Golbat IconGolbatPoison IconFlying IconTM
Oddish IconOddishGrass IconPoison IconTM
Gloom IconGloomGrass IconPoison IconTM
Vileplume IconVileplumeGrass IconPoison IconTM
Paras IconParasbug IconGrass IconTM
Parasect IconParasectbug IconGrass IconTM
Venonat IconVenonatbug IconPoison IconTM
Venomoth IconVenomothbug IconPoison IconTM
Diglett IconDiglettGround Icon-TM
Dugtrio IconDugtrioGround Icon-TM
Meowth IconMeowthNormalIcon-TM
Persian IconPersianNormalIcon-TM
Psyduck IconPsyduckwater Icon-TM
Golduck IconGolduckwater Icon-TM
Mankey IconMankeyFighting Icon-TM
Primeape IconPrimeapeFighting Icon-TM
Growlithe IconGrowlithefire Icon-TM
Arcanine IconArcaninefire Icon-TM
Poliwag IconPoliwagwater Icon-TM
Poliwhirl IconPoliwhirlwater Icon-TM
Poliwrath IconPoliwrathwater IconFighting IconTM
Abra IconAbraPsychic Icon-TM
Kadabra IconKadabraPsychic Icon-Lv.26
Alakazam IconAlakazamPsychic Icon-Lv.26
Mega Alakazam IconMega AlakazamPsychic Icon-Lv.26
Machop IconMachopFighting Icon-TM
Machoke IconMachokeFighting Icon-TM
Machamp IconMachampFighting Icon-TM
Bellsprout IconBellsproutGrass IconPoison IconTM
Weepinbell IconWeepinbellGrass IconPoison IconTM
Victreebel IconVictreebelGrass IconPoison IconTM
Tentacool IconTentacoolwater IconPoison IconTM
Tentacruel IconTentacruelwater IconPoison IconTM
Geodude IconGeodudeRock IconGround IconTM
Graveler IconGravelerRock IconGround IconTM
Golem IconGolemRock IconGround IconTM
Ponyta IconPonytafire Icon-TM
Rapidash IconRapidashfire Icon-TM
Slowpoke IconSlowpokewater IconPsychic IconTM
Mega Slowbro IconMega Slowbrowater IconPsychic IconTM
Slowbro IconSlowbrowater IconPsychic IconTM
Magnemite IconMagnemiteelectric IconSteel IconTM
Magneton IconMagnetonelectric IconSteel IconTM
FarfetchFarfetch'dNormalIconFlying IconTM
Doduo IconDoduoNormalIconFlying IconTM
Dodrio IconDodrioNormalIconFlying IconTM
Seel IconSeelwater Icon-TM
Dewgong IconDewgongwater IconIce IconTM
Grimer IconGrimerPoison Icon-TM
Muk IconMukPoison Icon-TM
Shellder IconShellderwater Icon-TM
Cloyster IconCloysterwater IconIce IconTM
Gastly IconGastlyGhost IconPoison IconTM
Haunter IconHaunterGhost IconPoison IconTM
Gengar IconGengarGhost IconPoison IconTM
Mega Gengar IconMega GengarGhost IconPoison IconTM
Onix IconOnixRock IconGround IconTM
Drowzee IconDrowzeePsychic Icon-TM
Hypno IconHypnoPsychic Icon-TM
Krabby IconKrabbywater Icon-TM
Kingler IconKinglerwater Icon-TM
Voltorb IconVoltorbelectric Icon-TM
Electrode IconElectrodeelectric Icon-TM
Exeggcute IconExeggcuteGrass IconPsychic IconTM
Exeggutor IconExeggutorGrass IconPsychic IconTM
Cubone IconCuboneGround Icon-TM
Marowak IconMarowakGround Icon-TM
Hitmonlee IconHitmonleeFighting Icon-TM
Hitmonchan IconHitmonchanFighting Icon-TM
Lickitung IconLickitungNormalIcon-TM
Koffing IconKoffingPoison Icon-TM
Weezing IconWeezingPoison Icon-TM
Rhyhorn IconRhyhornGround IconRock IconTM
Rhydon IconRhydonGround IconRock IconTM
Chansey IconChanseyNormalIcon-TM
Tangela IconTangelaGrass Icon-TM
Kangaskhan IconKangaskhanNormalIcon-TM
Mega Kangaskhan IconMega KangaskhanNormalIcon-TM
Horsea IconHorseawater Icon-TM
Seadra IconSeadrawater Icon-TM
Goldeen IconGoldeenwater Icon-TM
Seaking IconSeakingwater Icon-TM
Staryu IconStaryuwater Icon-TM
Starmie IconStarmiewater IconPsychic IconTM
Scyther IconScytherbug IconFlying IconTM
Jynx IconJynxIce IconPsychic IconTM
Electabuzz IconElectabuzzelectric Icon-TM
Magmar IconMagmarfire Icon-TM
Pinsir IconPinsirbug Icon-TM
Mega Pinsir IconMega Pinsirbug IconFlying IconTM
Tauros IconTaurosNormalIcon-TM
Gyarados IconGyaradoswater IconFlying IconTM
Mega Gyarados IconMega Gyaradoswater Icondark IconTM
Lapras IconLapraswater IconIce IconTM
Eevee IconEeveeNormalIcon-TM
Vaporeon IconVaporeonwater Icon-TM
Jolteon IconJolteonelectric Icon-TM
Flareon IconFlareonfire Icon-TM
Porygon IconPorygonNormalIcon-TM
Omanyte IconOmanyteRock Iconwater IconTM
Omastar IconOmastarRock Iconwater IconTM
Kabuto IconKabutoRock Iconwater IconTM
Kabutops IconKabutopsRock Iconwater IconTM
Aerodactyl IconAerodactylRock IconFlying IconTM
Mega Aerodactyl IconMega AerodactylRock IconFlying IconTM
Snorlax IconSnorlaxNormalIcon-TM
Articuno IconArticunoIce IconFlying IconTM
Zapdos IconZapdoselectric IconFlying IconTM
Moltres IconMoltresfire IconFlying IconTM
Dratini IconDratiniDragon Icon-TM
Dragonair IconDragonairDragon Icon-TM
Dragonite IconDragoniteDragon IconFlying IconTM
Mewtwo IconMewtwoPsychic Icon-TM
Mega Mewtwo X IconMega Mewtwo XPsychic IconFighting IconTM
Mega Mewtwo Y IconMega Mewtwo YPsychic Icon-TM
Mew IconMewPsychic Icon-TM
Meltan IconMeltanSteel Icon-TM
Melmetal IconMelmetalSteel Icon-TM

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