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How to Beat Lt. Surge (Vermilion Gym) & Recommended Pokemon

Pokemon Let's Go | How to Beat Lt. Surge (Vermilion Gym) & Recommended Pokemon | Pikachu / Eevee

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Pokemon Let's Go | How to Beat Lt. Surge (Vermilion Gym) & Recommended Pokemon | Pikachu / Eevee - GameWith
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Find out how to beat Lt. Surge of Vermilion City Gym in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee in this guide! Learn traits of the trainer's Pokemon, how to counter, & play tips.

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Table of Contents

Lt. Surge's Pokemon Lineup

Lt. Surge's Pokemon List

PokemonWeakness / Most Used Moves
Voltorb IconVoltorb (Lv.25)[Weakness]
- Ground
[Commonly Used Move]
- Thunderbolt
- Swift
- Light Screen
Magnemite IconMagnemite (Lv.25)[Weakness]
- Ground (x4)
- Fire
- Fighting
[Commonly Used Move]
- Thunderbolt
- Sonic Boom
Raichu IconRaichu (Lv.26)[Weakness]
- Ground
[Commonly Used Move]
- Thunderbolt
- Quick Attack
- Double Kick

Electric Type Pokemon Team

Lt. Surge's party consists of three Electric Type of Pokemon. He also has a Raichu that knows Fighting moves, making it a challenging to fight since Ground Types weaknesses are Fighting Type moves.

Battle With Ground/Rock Type Pokemon

Lt. Surge only has Electric Pokemon. They are weak against Ground Type Pokemon but his Raichu has Fighting Type moves that Ground Types are weak to. Exercise caution!

Recommended Pokemon

Diglett IconDiglettDiglett is a Ground Type Pokemon you can catch in Diglett Cave to the east of Vermilion City. At level 19, it learns "Dig" - a powerful Ground Type attack.
Dugtrio IconDugtrioDugtrio evolves from Diglett at Level 26. It is impervious to Electric Type attacks that can be thrown at you.
Charmeleon IconCharmeleonTeach the Charmander you receive the move "Dig" which is a TM you receive in Cerulean City. You'll be able to do heavy damage to Lt. Surge's Electric Pokemon this way.

Dig Move TM Available in Cerulean City

The TM for the Dig can be house in Cerulean City. You can find a Team Rocket member in north east of the city, outside of a house with a hole in the wall.

All Technical Machine (TM) List & How to Get

vs. Lt. Surge Play Tips

Use Ground Types Against Electric Type Moves

Battle With Ground/Rock Type Pokemon

Lt. Surge's Pokemon's natural weakness is Ground/Rock Types. Having a couple in your party will help battle against their Electric Type attacks.

Beware Raichu's Fighting Type Moves

Keep a lot of recovery items handy as Raichu has Fighting Type moves like Mega Punch & Mega Kick. These moves are powerful against Ground Types and can deal a good amount of damage.

Lt. Surge - Gym Leader Overview

About Lt. Surge

Lt. SurgeThe tough-looking Lt. Surge is the Vermilion City Gym Leader. Known as the Lightning Lieutenant, he's an expert on Electric-type Pokémon, including his partner Raichu. This cautious Gym Leader has set up his Gym in a way that prevents challengers from getting to him easily!

Rewards Gained When Beating Lt. Surge

TM TM36 - Thunderbolt
Badge Thunder Badge

Rematch Information - Lt. Surge

Lt. Surge's Rematch Overview

You can fight Lt. Surage again after beating the Pokemon League & entering the Hall of Fame. Challenge him again at the Vermilion City Gym!

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Lt. Surge's Pokemon List

PokemonWeakness / Most Used Moves
Electrode IconElectrode (Lv.56)[Weakness]
- Ground
[Commonly Used Move]
- Swift
- Explosion
Electabuzz IconElectabuzz (Lv.56)[Weakness]
- Ground
[Commonly Used Move]
- Thunder Punch
- Thunder
Magneton IconMagneton (Lv.56)[Weakness]
- Ground (x4)
- Fire
- Fighting
[Commonly Used Move]
- Thunder Shock
- Thunder Wave
Jolteon IconJolteon (Lv.56)[Weakness]
- Ground
[Commonly Used Move]
- Pin Missil
- Thunder
Raichu IconRaichu (Lv.57)[Weakness]
- Ground
[Commonly Used Move]
- Mega Punch
- Mega Kick
- Thunderbolt

Use Ground Types Against Lt. Surge

All of Lt. Surge's Pokemon are Electric Types. A properly leveled Ground Pokemon with strong moves can blast through them easily.

Be Careful Of The Raichu

Lt. Surge still has his unique Raichu that has Fighting Type moves. Keep your Pokemon's health up to counteract his Fighting Type damage.

Recommended Pokemon vs. Lt. Surge Rematch

Rhydon IconRhydonRhydon has powerful Ground Type moves like "Earthquake". It has high attack power, capable of heavily damaging Lt. Surge's Electric Pokemon.
Golem IconGolemGolem's attack power is pretty high, making it a strong opponent against Electric Type Pokemon.
Dragonite IconDragoniteDragonite can be taught the Ground move "Earthquake" via TM. It has incredible attack power than can easily take down opponents in this battle.
Snorlax IconSnorlaxSnorlax can deal big damage due to its high attack power. It has "High Horsepower" and can be taught "Earthquake" - powerful Ground Type moves that can steamroll Lt. Surge's Pokemon.
Dugtrio IconDugtrioIf properly leveled, Dugtrio has strong Ground Type attacks that can do maximum damage on Lt. Surge's Electric Types.
Alolon Dugtrio IconAlolan DugtrioThough the Alolan Dugtrio has lower speed, it has higher defense than its regular version. It also has the same Ground Type skill set as the regular Dugtrio.

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