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Make catching them all a breeze with this guide on catching Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee. This includes tips and tricks to catching Pokemon and what you get from catching them!

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How to Catch Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Pokemon Let

Catching Pokemon in Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee is the same as in Pokemon Go! Walk up to a wild Pokemon to enter the "Catch Challenge", then simply throw your Pokeball to catch it!

No Battles with Wild Pokemon

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Unlike the previous Pokemon games, players won't be able to weaken Wild Pokemon through battle in this game. Instead, they'll have to use a variety of tricks such as using berries to catch Wild Pokemon.

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Get Exp. From Catching Wild Pokemon

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Although there's no battles anymore, you can still level up the Pokemon in your party from catching Wild Pokemon. Every time you successfully capture a Pokemon, every Pokemon in your party will receive Exp.

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Capture Circle Determines Catching Difficulty

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In the "Catch Challenge", the Pokemon will have a colored circle around it that will show how difficult the Pokemon will be to catch. The smaller the circle, the harder it will be to catch!

Capture Circle Color Guide

RedExtremely Hard

Coop Throw Pokeball for Higher Capture Chance

Pokemon Let

With the Switch, it's possible for two people to work together to capture the Pokemon at the same time! Throwing the balls together in sync will greatly raise your chances of catching the Pokemon!

Dual Wield Switch Controllers to Perform Coop Captures

Players can also do the Coop Capture together if they want. It's as simple as holding one of each Switch controller in one hand and timing the flick of the controllers when throwing the Pokeball.

Coop Captures Use Twice the Pokeballs

The drawback to using the Coop to capture Pokemon is that you also use twice as many Pokeball than you usually do. This can easily burn through your supply of Pokeballs if you're not careful.

Use Items to Make Catching Pokemon Easier

Use Higher Quality Balls for Difficult Pokemon

Pokemon Let

There are different types of Pokeballs in the game that you can use with better variety ones making it easier to catch Wild Pokemon. It's recommend to only use higher quality ones on rare or difficult Pokemon.

Different Types of Pokeballs and Effects

PokeballBasic tool to capture Pokemon
Great BallHigher chance to catch Pokemon than the Pokeball
Ultra BallHighest quality ball that can be bought
Master BallCan capture any pokeball. Only 1 in the game

How to Select Balls During Capture Challenges

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You can select which ball you want to use by going to your bag. Select which type of ball you want to use from your inventory and it will appear in the challenge!

Feed Wild Pokemon Berries to Lower Capture Difficulty

Feeding Wild Pokemon Berries will make them easier to catch depending on the berry you use! This is really helpful when catching Pokemon with small Orange and Red Capture Circles.

Berries and Effects

Razz BerryIncreases Capture Chance
Nanab BerrySlow Down Capture Circle Speed
Pinap BerryIncreases Chance of Getting Item
Silver Razz BerryModerately Increases Capture Chance
Silver Pinap BerryModerately Increases Chance of Getting Item
Silver Nanab BerryModerately Slows Down Capture Circle Speed
Golden Razz BerryGreatly Increases Capture Chance
Golden Pinap BerryGreatly Increases Chance of Getting Item
Golden Nanab BerryGreatly Slows Down Capture Circle Speed

How to Feed Wild Pokemon Berries

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Players can give Wild Pokemon berries through their bag. Simply go to your bag and select which type of berry you want to give the Wild Pokemon, then press use to give it to them.

Wait for Pokemon to Stop Moving Before Throwing

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Observe the Pokemon first before throwing any Pokeballs at it. Some of them move around the screen during the Capture Challenge so make sure to time your throw when they are stationary so you won't miss.

Pokemon have Actions to Deflect Your Balls

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During the Capture Challenge, a Wild Pokemon will do an action to swipe away any ball thrown at it. It's recommended to throw a ball at it right after it does that action.

Time Your Throw to Hit When Capture Circle is Small

Pokemon Let

The Capture Circle will continuously shrink and expand during the Capture Challenge. You will get a better chance of capturing the Pokemon if you hit the circle at its smallest!

Perform "Excellent" Throws to Increase Capture Chance

Pokemon Let

When you hit the Capture Circle at its smallest, you will get a message saying "Excellent"! Getting this message means that the chances of catching the Pokemon has gone up!

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