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Essential Tips for a Pokemon Trainer

Pokemon Let's Go | Essential Tips for a Pokemon Trainer | Pikachu / Eevee

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Pokemon Let's Go | Essential Tips for a Pokemon Trainer | Pikachu / Eevee - GameWith
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From catching Pokemons to maxing out Stats, this guide will teach essential tips to make the most of your journey towards becoming a Pokemon Master in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee!

Essential Tips for a Pokemon Trainer

Pokemon Featured Article

Tips for Adventure

Tips for Pokemon Training

Swapping Pokemon Party Members

Use Your Pokemon Box From the Inventory

Pokemon Box

Pokemon Box is a feature where you can store all of your Pokemons you previously caught in a stowage, where you can select and organize your team anytime you wish from your Bag. In Pokemon Let's Go, you will have access to your Pokemon Box at anytime during your adventure, and not just in Pokemon Centers!

Using & Accessing Pokemon Box

Utilize Excellent Throws and Berries

Pokemon Let

Use Berries, Better Pokeballs & Excellent Throws When Catching Wild Pokemons

Use all that you can, Berries and better Pokeballs to enhance your chance of catching them, and aim for perfectly timed excellent throws for added bonus!

Tips & Tricks to Catching Pokemons

Ride Pokemons to Cover Ground Fast


Riding on Certain Pokemon Provides Travel Speed Boost

Certain large Pokemon can be brought out of your Pokeball to ride on their backs. By doing so, some Pokemon will provide substantial speed boost when traveling!

Recommended Pokemon to Ride Early On

Which Pokemon Are Rideable?

Learn Type Strength & Weakness

Pokemon Let

Learn & Exploit Type Weaknesses

Each Pokemon in Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee have been updated with new Types introduced in later version of the game. Some moves may not work as it did initially on the original Pokemon. Always remember to check their weakness prior to their battles!

Move & Type Related Articles

Learn to Utilize Partner Exclusive Moves

Use Powerful Partner Exclusive Moves as a Game Changer

Partner Exclusive Moves are unique feature first introduced in Pokemon Let's Go which has powerful traits & effects. Learning to use these effectively will help you fight Gym Trainers and even your friends through online battles!

Partner Exclusive Move Related Articles

Use Master Ball to Capture Rare Pokemons

Save Up & Use Master Ball on Pokemon You Need to Get

Special Pokeball That Can Catch Any Pokemon When Used

Being a special Pokeball that can catch any Pokemon in a single throw, it would be advised that you save up the Master Ball for a special occasion; using it against Rare legendary Pokemon, shiny Pokemons and more!

Master Ball - Information & How To Get

Master Balls Can Be Randomly Found in Cerulean Cave

Master Ball Can Be Found As a Rare Drop in Cerulean Cave

Although rare, the Master Ball can be found as a random drop loot in the Cerulean Cave. This area is only accessible after you beat the game.

What To Do After Beating The Game

Utilize Combo Capture to Level Up Fast

Catch Same Pokemon in a Row to Gain Combo Bonuses

How To Level Up Faster

By capturing the same kind of Pokemon in a row (a.k.a. Combos), you will gain a stacking bonus multiplier to your Exp. which will eventually stack up to tremendous amounts!

How To Level Up Fast Guide

Save Farming Money Until End-Game

How To Earn & Farm Money

Battle Elite Four & End-game Trainers for Money

One of the most efficient methods of earning money is by fighting the Elite Four and other end-game Trainers repeatedly. These trainers will be available once you have beaten the Pokemon League on your first time, so no need to farm Money during your initial game play!

Elite Four & End Game Trainer Rematch Guide

Know Your Hidden Stats to Min-Max Your Pokemon

Know Your IVs & Base Stats to Max Out Your Pokemon

What Are Individual Values (IV)s

Knowing your Pokemon's hidden Stats, such as IVs and Base Stats will give you the edge you need when facing touch opponents. Knowing what each of these are and how these stats work is a must-have knowledge for player looking to min-max their Pokemon!

IVs & Base Stats Guide

Maximize Your Pokemon's Potential With Super Train

Boost Pokemon's IVs with Hyper Training

Hyper Train Pokemon Day Care

In Pokemon Let's Go, Pokemon's IVs can be boosted through a process called Hyper Training, a feature only available for Pokemon who reached Level 100. In order to apply these hyper training, you will need to visit the Pokemon Day Care in Route 5 and also have an unique item called Bottle Cap or Gold Bottle Cap.

IVs & Base Stats Guide

Pokemon's Nature & Effect

Nature Image

Each Pokemon that exists are assigned with unique personality, Nature, as referred in game. These natures effect the Pokemon's overall stats according to each traits. Though negligible when just aiming to beat the story, these Pokemon natures will be a crucial key to min-maxing your party for PVP battles and against Master Trainers.

Pokemon's Nature - Featured Articles

Remembering Forgotten Moves

old move

The moves that Pokemon learns by levelling up can be taught again by meeting a special NPC in Indigo Plateau. Remembering a move will each require an unique item called the Heart Scale. Be sure to check out where you can get your hands on them!

Remembering Forgotten Moves - Featured Article

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Check Out What To Do After Beating The Game

Move Article

Pokemon Database

Check Out Type Chart

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