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How to Beat Giovanni (Viridian Gym) & Recommended Pokemons

Pokemon Let's Go | How to Beat Giovanni (Viridian Gym) & Recommended Pokemons | Pikachu / Eevee

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Pokemon Let's Go | How to Beat Giovanni (Viridian Gym) & Recommended Pokemons | Pikachu / Eevee - GameWith
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Find out how to beat Giovanni of Viridian City Gym in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee in this guide! Learn traits of the trainer's Pokemon, how to counter, & play tips.

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Table of Contents

Giovanni's Pokemon Lineup

Giovanni's Pokemon List

PokemonWeakness / Most Used Moves
Dugtrio IconDugtrio (Lv.49)[Weakness]
- Water
- Grass
- Ice
[Commonly Used Move]
- Earthquake
- Sucker Punch
- Slash
Nidoqueen IconNidoqueen (Lv.49)[Weakness]
- Water
- Ice
- Ground
- Psychic
[Commonly Used Move]
- Earthquake
- Crunch
Nidoking IconNidoking (Lv.49)[Weakness]
- Water
- Ice
- Ground
- Psychic
[Commonly Used Move]
- Earthquake
- Megahorn
- Poison Jab
Rhydon IconRhydon (Lv.50)[Weakness]
- Grass (x4)
- Water (x4)
- Ice
- Fighting
- Ground
- Steel
[Commonly Used Move]
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Megahorn

Party Based on Ground Type Pokemons

Party Based on Ground Type Pokemons

You will face with Giovanni's Ground-Type Pokemon in the Viridian City Gym. Grass & Water Type Pokemon are your best bet in battling his list of Pokemon.

Bring Water Types To Defeat Giovanni

Most of Giovanni's Pokemon are Ground Types. They are weak against Pokemon with strong Water Type attacks so be sure to take some along to this fight.

Recommended Pokemon

Gyarados IconGyaradosGyarados has high damage capability and is a Water Type - the weakness of most of Giovanni's Pokemon. It is also a Flying Type and can avoid Dugtrio's Ground attacks.
Lapras IconLaprasLapras has the moves "Ice Beam" and "Hydro Pump" - both are weaknesses of Giovanni's lineup.
Blastoise IconBlastoiseBlastoise with Hydro Pump and Bubblebeam can deal super effective damage against all of Giovanni's Pokemon.
Slowbro IconSlowbroSlowbro is known for its high defense. It can stand well against Giovanni's Nidoking & Nidoqueen and take them down easily with Psychic move Psychokinesis.
Starmie IconStarmieStarmie is a Water & Psychic Pokemon. It has high speed & high Sp. Attack, making it effective against Giovanni's own Pokemon.
Poliwrath IconPoliwrathPoliwrath is a hybrid Water & Fighting Type Pokemon. It's effective against Giovanni's Persian which is weak to Fighting Types.
Dugtrio IconDugtrioDugtrio can fight well against most of Giovanni's Pokemon, except the Dugtrio in his roster. Level your Dugtrio up accordingly to gain victory in this battle

Partner Pokemon Are Mismatched Against Giovanni

Using the partner Pokemon in this fight may not yield the best results. Their Types are mismatched against Giovanni's lineup but if you do want to bring them in, level them up accordingly!

Partner Pokemon

Pikachu IconPikachuThough not the most ideal, Pikachu can battle against Giovanni's Pokemon with its Water Type attack called "Splishy Splash".
Eevee IconEeveeThough not the best to bring in this fight, Eevee can deal damage using "Bouncy Bubble", its exclusive move that deals Water Type damage & heals at the same time.

vs. Giovanni Play Tips

Partner Pokemon Not Ideal In This Fight

Your partner Pokemon are mismatched with Giovanni's Pokemon in this battle. Only bring them along if you have leveled them up properly & if they have moves that are weaknesses of Giovanni's Pokemon.

Water Pokemon Are Highly Recommended

Giovanni's Pokemon are weak against Water Type attacks. Pokemon like Lapras, Gyarados, Slowbro, Starmie, etc, can easily go through his lineup. However, swap them out when facing Nidoking/Nidoqueen.

Use Fighting Type Pokemon For Persian

Giovanni's Persian is the only Pokemon in this lineup that isn't weak to Water or Ice. Use a Fighting Type Pokemon to quickly bring it down.

Giovanni - Gym Leader Overview

About Giovanni

About Giovanni

Giovanni is the Gym Leader of the Viridian City Gym. He is also the leader of Team Rocket.

Rewards Gained When Beating Giovanni

Rewards Gained When Beating Giovanni
TMTM41 - Earthquake
Badge Earth Badge

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