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The Case of Wainwright Jakobs - Mission Walkthrough

The Case of Wainwright Jakobs - Mission Walkthrough | Borderlands 3

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The Case of Wainwright Jakobs - Mission Walkthrough | Borderlands 3 - GameWith
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Read this Borderlands 3 Guns, Love, and Tentacles walkthrough of "The Case of Wainwright Jakobs" main mission. Including mission tips, boss fight battles, and more!!!

Table of Contents

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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The Case of Wainwright Jakobs Walkthrough

The Case of Wainwright Jakobs Walkthrough Chart

1Talk to Mancubus Bloodtooth
2Talk to Wainwright, and then Mancubus again
3Head back to Cursehaven and go to the Eye Witness
4Ring the doorbell to see if the detective is there
5Talk to the townsfolk to find out where the detective is
6Head to the Withernot Cemetery
7Defend Detective Burton from enemies
8Revive the detective and take the gate key from him
9Use the key to open the gate to the venue and head to the Dustbound Archives
10Once inside, talk to Harriet and go to the Holography Chamber
11Clear the area of enemies
12Use the projector to learn about the planet's history
13Head to the next area to find the second Holotape
14Go back to the projector to play the second Holotape
15Head to the next area to find the third Holotape
16Make your way back to the projector and play the Holotape
17Survive the Ambush
18Head for the Founder's Office
19Defeat the Empowered Scholar along the way
20Once you reach the office, look around for some information
21Head back to the lodge and talk to Mancubus
22Insert the Delta-3 tape into the player

3. Heading to the Eye Witness - Tips

Cursehaven Is Now Full of Enemies

Cursehaven Is Now Full of Enemies

Unlike the previous mission, Cursehaven will now be filled with enemies. These include cultists as well as Skriches. Enemies will now also have some variety with some enemies having shields and some having armor!

7. Defending the Detective - Tips

Enemies Are Skriches

Enemies Are Skriches

Enemies attacking the detective are Skriches. Most of them are weak to incendiary weapons, but a few will be armored. Switch to a corrosive weapon to deal with the armored Skriches!

11~18. Defeating Cultists - Tips

Eliminate Skrits First

Eliminate Skrits First

Skrits are a new type of enemy that you will encounter during this mission. Despite their small size, they can become a nuisance since they can harass you at range. Make sure to prioritize killing these enemies first.

Keep Moving To Avoid Larger Enemies

Larger enemies such as the Malechs and Grawns will do a lot more damage than the Skrits. However, these enemies are quite slow, and you can evade their attacks by simply being on the move. You can dispatch them at range after taking care of other enemies.

13. Second Holotape - Tips

Second Holotape Location

Second Holotape Location

The second holotape can be found behind a bookshelf. Look for the bookshelf with a skull and approach it. You will be given the option to interact with it. The bookshelf will move, revealing a room with the holotape!

15. Third Holotape - Tips

Destroy the Barricade to Progress

Destroy the Barricade to Progress

The path leading to the third holotape will be blocked by a barricaded door. Look around for a vent which you can enter, and use it to circle around the door. From there, you can destroy the barricade using the explosive barrel next to it!

Defeat the Ascendant Grawn To Get Holotape

Defeat the Ascendant Grawn to Get the Holotape

Once you reach the third holotape's location, you will face off against an Ascendant Grawn. Use a corrosive weapon to melt the enemy's armor and easily win the fight! Killing this enemy will be how you acquire the third holotape.

Empowered Scholar - Boss Battle Tips

Initially Weak To Fire

Initially Weak to Fire

Initially, the Empowered Scholar is weak to incendiary weapons since it has no health or shields. Use your fire weapons to quickly bring down the health of the enemy!

Destroy Shards To Stop Boss From Regenerating

Destroy Shards to Stop Boss From Regenerating

Once the health of the Scholar is low, it will become immune and summon a red dome around it. It will now start to slowly regenerate health. Destroy the shards using corrosive weapons to stop the regeneration process!

Will Regenerate Shields & Armor

Will Regenerate Shields & Armor

When the boss is low, it will become immune again, and teleport to one of the pillars in the area. It will summon the dome again, and begin regenerating a shield or armor. Use the floating rocks as a platform and ride it around the pillar to destroy all of the shards!

Use the Appropriate Weapon To Finish Off Boss

After the Empowered Scholar gains armor, it will not become immune anymore. Use the appropriate weapon to quickly shred the boss' armor, shield, and health to finally defeat him!

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Story Progression & Walkthrough

Check Out the Guns, Love, and Tentacles Walkthrough!

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