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Hostile Takeover - Story Mission Walkthrough

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Read this Borderlands 3 story mission walkthrough guide of Hostile Takeover. Including mission tips, boss fight battles, and more!!!

Table of Contents

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Sanctuary The Impending Storm
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Hostile Takeover Walkthrough

Hostile Takeover Walkthrough Map

Promethea - Meridian Outskirts Map

Hostile Takeover Walkthrough Map 1

Promethea - Meridian Metroplex Map

Hostile Takeover Walkthrough Map 2

Hostile Takeover Walkthrough Chart

1After Lilith talks to you, head to Ellie and talk to her
2Go to the Meridian Outskirts in Promethea using the Drop Pod
3Answer the Distress Call to meet and talk to Lorelei
4Follow Lorelei. After speaking with her again, Digistruct a ride and travel through the Meridian Spillways
5Keep on following Lorelei
6Defend the civilians against Assault Troopers
7Trail Lorelei and help her Liberate Watershed Base
8Open the Base's door and defeat all enemies inside
9Use the central console to contact Rhys
10Digistruct a vehicle and find an Atlas operative
11You will then find and talk to Zer0
12Follow Zer0 and secure the weapons depot
13Defend against the Maliwan counterattack
14Once all enemies are defeated, loot the depot
15Find the Holoblade upgrade and give it to Zer0
16Regroup with Zer0 at the Halcyon Spaceport
17Defeat Gigamind and loot his brain
18Head back to Watershed Base and and contact Rhys
19Insert the Gigabrain into the Gigareader to complete the mission

1~5. Progressing the Mission

Straightforward Mission Sequence

Straightforward Mission Sequence

The sequence of events in this section of the mission are straightforward. Follow the prompts on the screen and minimap to quickly get through this part.

6. Defending Civilians

Enemies Are Now Shielded

Enemies Are Now Shielded

Enemies that appear from here on out will now come equipped with a shield! This means that you will need to deal more damage to defeat Assault Troopers. Alternatively, you can use shock weapons to instantly shred their shields.

7~8. Liberating Watershed Base

Enemies Will Now Have Elemental Damage

Enemies Will Now Have Elemental Damage

You may encounter enemies that deal fire or shock damage. Remember that each element has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, try to engage fire enemies when you have shields up to reduce damage taken!

12. Securing the Weapons Depot

Armored Enemies Appear

Armored Enemies Appear

Armored enemies are denoted with a yellow health bar. This means that they take reduced damage from all elements except for Corrosive and Cryo! Equip these types of elemental weapons to instantly melt their HP.

13. Defending Against Counterattack

Aim For the Ball Behind the Badass

Several Badass Heavies will be deployed during the counterattack. These enemies can soak up damage and will relentlessly chase you. Aim for the ball on their backs as these deal critical damage and stagger them, allowing you to reposition if needed.

Gigamind - Boss Battle Tips

Super fighting robot gigamind
Recommended Level

Gigamind Throws Projectiles

Throws Projectiles To Attack

Gigamind will use ranged attacks to fight you. These include throwing drones that home in on you, and lasers that it emits from a forcefield. Since these are projectile type attacks, keep your distance in order to avoid them.

Use Shock Damage To Melt Shields

Use Shock Damage To Melt Shields

Gigamind will start the fight with a full shield bar. Use shock damage to instantly destroy it, allowing you to chip away at its health. Note that Gigamind's shield will not regenerate once it has been depleted.

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Aim For the Red Spot On Its Back

Aim For The Red Spot On Its Back

Once its shield is depleted, it will create a force field in front of it that can deal damage to you. Get behind Gigamind and shoot at the red dot on its back to deal critical damage and avoid getting damaged by the shield.

Assault Troopers Regularly Spawn

Assault Troopers Regularly Spawn

Assault Troopers will regularly spawn during the fight. Gigamind will also deploy some drones that reinforce their shields, making them a pain to deal with. Take care of the drones first as they do not have much HP, then turn your attention to the Troopers.

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Sanctuary The Impending Storm
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