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Zombies Act 4 Bad Signal Mission - Defeat Gorm'gant

Zombies Act 4 Bad Signal Mission - Defeat Gorm'gant

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Act 4 Bad Signal mission guide for Zombies/MWZ in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 2023 (CoD MW3 2023). See how to Investigate the Anomaly, Leave the Dark Aether, defeat Gorm'gant.

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Mission Overview and Details

Act 4: Contact

Act 4: Contact
Story Mission
Bad SignalMissions:
- Investigate the Anomaly
- Leave the Dark Aether
- So Many Teeth Charm
- +10000 XP

Only the story mission "Bad Signal" is in Zombies Act 4, there are no other tiers or missions.

Preparation Before Entering Mission

Possible To Complete Solo

This mission was previously very difficult for solo players, but an update released on December 19 has made the final boss fight easier for solo players. But if you still find yourself struggling, grab a friend or use the Bulletin Board to find help to complete the mission.

Multi-Player & Co-op Forum

For Multiplayer, Healing Aura Is Recommended

We highly recommend the Healing Aura as your Field Upgrade if you are playing as a squad with other players. This is a very efficient way of reviving downed squad members instantly without having to carry many items in your Rucksack.

Recommended Weapons

LMG and Assault Rifles are recommended. There are lots of Zombies, Hell Hounds, and Special Zombies that you will want a weapon that can carry lots of ammo.

Best Guns and Weapons For Zombies

Recommended Tactical

The Experimental Gas have been nerfed against this boss, but they are still effective against it, so we recommend bring them to the battle as an extra source of damage.

Recommended Drinks For Completion

Energizing yourself with drinks will also help you along the way in the Bad Signal mission. The Jugger-Nog, Speed Cola, Quick Revive is a must and the other 3 is recommended.

Jugger-Nog CanDrink to gain: Increase Max Health
Speed Cola CanDrink to gain: Reload and replate armor faster
Quick ReviveDrink to gain: Reduce the health regen delay time by 50%. Reduce the time it takes to revive an ally by 50%
Deadshot DaiquiriDrink to gain: Aiming down sight moves to enemy critical location. Increase enemy critical damage
Stamin-Up PerkDrink to gain: Increase run and sprint speed
Tombstone Soda CanDrink to gain: On death create a tombstone stash at that location containing your rucksack inventory in the next game.

Grab A Tombstone Perk


Since the main boss in the Bad Signal Story Mission is very strong, you might want to drink a Tombstone Soda so you can keep all your items if you die. Usually for Story Missions, if you die in the Story map, your tombstone will be built in the Story map. But for the Bad Signal, your tombstone will be built in the White Zone in the regular map so it will be easier for you to get your items back.

Tombstone Perk - How To Get And Use

Grab Self-Revive Kits

Even if you are in a squad, you will want to have some Self-Revive Kits with you. This will help revive yourself since your squads will also be in battle and might not be able to get to you.

Preparation Before Flying To Bad Signal Map

Use 45 Minutes Fully In First Map

The 45 minutes will be reset in the Bad Signal Map so use your full 45 minutes in the first starting map. Gather as much items needed and be ready for the new map.

Purchase Sentry Guns And Get Turret Circuits

For the last Boss Battle, the Sentry Guns and the Turret might help you out. While purchasing items before heading to the Bad Signal map, grab at least 3-4 Sentry Guns and also grab a few Turret Circuits from loot when running around the map.

Deadbolt Turrets Do Not Always Spawn

The Dealbolt Turrets seem to spawn randomly from our experience. You should normally see them near the top of the cliff at the beach, but we had cases where we were not able to find a single one.

Bring Lots Of Armors Or Have Golden Armor Plate

Since there will be full of Zombies and Special Zombies, as well as Hell Hounds, you will wan to carry with you lots of armors. It will also be easier if you have the Golden Armor Plate. This will automatically heal up over time so it will be very useful when you are in continuous combat.

How To Get Golden Armor Plate Schematic In Zombies

Pack-a-Punch 3 Times

It is recommended to have at least 1 weapon that has Pack A Punch of 3 times. If you have enough money, then you might want to get both of your weapons up to this level.

Need Lots Of Essence So Bring Aether Crystal

To Pack A Punch a weapon 3 times, if your weapon is at Level 0, you will need at least 30,000. You can complete Contracts, but it is also recommended to bring an Aether Crystal.

How to Enter The Bad Signal Map

Head To Exfil With Star (Marked Bad Signal)

Exfil with stars

Be aware that there are 4 Exfils with Stars on them. 3 out of the 4 Exfils are for the past Story Missions. If you place your cursor on the map, it will indicate Bad Signal, so make sure to check before heading over or you will be sent to the other Story maps and you can not return.

Pyramid Portal Indicates Special Exfil

Special Exfil

The Bad Signal Exfil point will have a pyramid like structure as its exit point.

Vote To Enter The Exfil


If you are with a squad, you must vote within your squad to see if everyone wants to enter the anomaly or not. If you are a Solo Player, then you can enter without voting.

Break The Seals

Break the seals

When you enter the Anomaly, you will be heading to 4 locations to break the seal. The seal is a rock triangular monument that you can interact with and activate it.

Activate Seal And Defeat Zombies Inside Ring Of Smoke

Ring of Smoke

When you activate the Seal, a circle or ring will surround you and the seal. You will want to defeat zombies inside that range so try to lure the zombies as much as possible and defeat them inside. Once you get to a point, smoke will arise from the seal and blow away the zombies.

Defeat The Gorm’gant And Escape


Like the Act 3 Story Mission, the final boss of the Bad Signal is the Aether Worm: Gorm'gant.

What To Do Before The Battle

First Prepare The Deadbolt Turrets

If you brought Turret Circuits with you and you found the Deadbolt Turrets near the beach, the first thing you should do is load those up.

Gather Armor Plates

If you don't have armor plates, you can be killed in 1 shot by the powerful attacks. To prevent this, remember to you have all the armor you can carry before you start the battle.

Deploy The Sentry Guns

Setting up Sentry Guns can help a lot with the battle. The Gorm'gant will spawn as soon as you drop down to the beach, so set up all the Sentry Guns you have before facing the boss.

Change Parachute Settings

Go to Settings and choose Mouse & Keyboard or Controller, whichever you're using, and switch to the Gameplay tab (push L1, R1 on PS) and changing the Parachute Auto-Deploy to "Always". This will prevent taking fall damage when Gorm'gant attacks from below and send you flying in the sky.

Battle Tips And Strategy

Stay Close To The Building With The Restrooms

Right above the Ammo Cache in the middle of the beach, there is a building with restrooms inside. We recommend staying near this building during the battle since it can provide cover from the laser beams and purple orbs that track you.

However note that one step onto the road can trigger Gorm'gant to surface right in front of the building. The only time you should move away from this building is when you need to replenish your ammo. Otherwise, always be ready to retreat into the building.

Do Not Step Into The Beach When Getting Ammo

If you want to replenish your ammo during the battle, only go when Gorm'gant is hiding underground so you don't get attacked. Also, do not step foot on the lower surface where the Ammo Cache is. Make sure you are standing on the rock hill to grab it from above. If you step foot on the lower surface, Gorm'gant will immediately rise to the surface to attack you.

Destroy The Purple Orbs As Soon As Possible

The most damage that you will be inflicted by are the purple orbs that will chase after you. If you get hit without armor, it will be critical. Destroy them once you see them.

If you are inside the building, the purple orbs can only get to you through the door, making it easier to destroy them without getting hit. Gorm'gant also cannot swallow you or hit you with its laser beam while you are inside the building, so you can take care of the purple orbs safely.

Use Explosives To Force The Boss To Surface

Gorm'gant occasionally hides under the surface during the battle and can also recover its health while underground. To force it to come back to the surface throw any explosive weapon near its position. Just look for the trail of smoke coming out of the ground and trigger an explosion near it.

You can use any explosive device such as a Breacher Drone, Semtex, Monkey Bomb etc. If you're out of bombs, shooting the trail of smoke with your gun also has a chance to make it come up.

Be Ready To Deploy Your Parachute If You Get Eaten

Keep tapping the button to deploy your parachute (X button for PS) if you get eaten and continue attacking from the inside if you can. You don't actually die from being eaten. It's the fall damage when you get spit out that instantly kills you, so prioritize saving yourself and tap the button to deploy your parachute immediately if you get eaten.

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