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How to Level Up Fast - Weapon XP Farming Guide
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MW3 | CoD Modern Warfare 3 2023
How to Level Up Fast - Weapon XP Farming Guide

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How to level up guns fast in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (2023). Learn how to farm weapon xp/exp/experience points and best way to level up guns fast in CoD MW3 (2023).

Table of Contents

The Basics To Level Up Fast

Use Weapons You Want To Level Up In Battle

The amount of experience points you can earn during combat varies greatly depending on how much you use that weapon and how many enemies you kill. So, it's not just about bringing the weapon to the battlefield. So make sure to actively use the weapons you want to level up in combat.

Use Double XP Tokens

Use Tokens To Get More XP For A Limited Period

XP tokens allow you to boost leveling for a certain period. When you have enough time to play, activate 2XP Tokens and play for the entire duration to maximize their benefits.

How To Get 2XP Tokens?

PromotionsSometime you can get 2XP tokens as part or as a bonus for participating in the promotional event.
CampaignsCompleting Campaign missions may also reward players with 2XP tokens.
Battle PassBy purchasing and progressing the Battle Pass, you can receive 2XP tokens.
StoreSome versions of the game may allow players to purchase 2XP tokens using in-game currency or real money

Howt To Use 2XP Tokens?

XP Tokens screen

On the Lobby screen, you can find all the Available Tokens by pressing the L3 button on PlayStation series or the Left Stick on Xbox series.

Don't Miss Double XP Events

Call of Duty Modern Warfare  Double XP Events

Keep an eye out for Double XP events. During these events, you'll earn twice the normal weapon XP, which can significantly speed up your gun's level progression.

Double XP Event Schedule & 2XP Tokens Guide

Try To Complete Challenges

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Daily Challenges

Completing Daily and Weekly Challenges can earn you at least 2,500 XP boosts each. Challenges may require you to kill specific targets with specific weapons, such as headshots or multi-kills.

These Challenges Are Random & Has A Time Limit

Take note that this weapon related challenges are randomized and can only be completed within a specific time frame or until the next day when they refresh. The challenges are quite advantageuos for those who've unlocked a diverse arsenal of weapons. By doing so, you can participate in a greater number of challenges, which can result in earning a substantial reward of 2500 XP or even more.

Two Fastest Ways To Level up

After mastering the basics, advance to ▼Zombies or ▼Multiplayer mode to level up. Refer to the instructions below for details.

[FASTEST] Leveling With Zombies (MWZ)

Note! This may be adjusted with the next patch.

What Is Modern Warfare 3 Zombies (MWZ)

zombies mode

In the Zombies mode (MWZ), your tasks are to explore the open world, complete contracts, and secure and extract. Search for valuable items, collect acquisitions, and work with others to complete mission objectives before you're overwhelmed.

Possible To Get Unlimited XP

Zombies will respawn endlessly at specific locations, allowing you to earn a massive amount of XP by defeating them. Depending on the weapon you use, it may take more than an hour, but with a weapon at Max Level 20, it should take around 40 minutes. Make sure to keep your weapons in the Insured Slots to avoid losing them when you die.

Check Out the Details on How to Level up in MWZ!

Better To Level Up While Teaming Up With Friends

If you want to level up in Zombies mode, it's better to play with friends rather than in a random match. This is because focusing only on your own leveling during the match may lead to neglecting the mission, which can cause problems for other players.

Also, if you play solo with weapons that are not up to max level or not suitable for group fights, such as Handguns, you may have a harder time surviving the zombie hordes.

Therefore, playing with friends is advisable to ensure everyone is on the same page and you can work together to complete the mission while also leveling up.

Find Someone to Play Co-Op With!

Zombies Multiplayer & Co-Op Forum

Leveling With Multiplayer Modes

Quick Play With Playlist Filter

Quick Play With Playlist Filter

If you want to find a match for the game modes you wish to play, you can use the Playlist Filter feature. Keep in mind that XP tokens have a time limit, so it's advisable to select only those modes which are easy to earn points and can be finished quickly.

Domination and Hardpoint Are The BEST For Leveling

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Squad Spawn XP

Match Time: About 10 mins

If you want to level up quickly in MW3, playing Domination and Hardpoint modes is recommended. These game modes have specific positions that are strategically placed, allowing you to earn about 200 XP for each base capture or defense. Each game mode lasts around 10 minutes so that a 30-minute token would allow for three matches.

Use A.C.S

Call of Duty Modern Warfare A.C.S or Automated Computer Spike
Details The Auomated Computer Spike (A.C.S.) slowly captures points and temporarily hacks nearby enemy devices.

When playing Domination, Hardpoint, and Ground War, it is recommended to choose A.C.S. as your Field Equipment. By placing A.C.S. near a specific position, you can earn XP in small increments every few seconds.

Kill Confirmed Is Also An Option

Dog tags in Kill Confirmed

Match Time: About 10 mins

In this mode, you earn 75 XP by defeating enemies and collecting their dog tags. Enemies come to pick up the fallen tags, making it easy for you to catch them (or, conversely, easy for them to take you down). The match duration is limited to 10 minutes, so you don't need to worry about running out of time.

Hardcore Team Deathmatch For Experienced Players

Hardcore Team Deathmatch

Match Time: About 5 mins

The Hardcore mode is designed to offer a challenging gameplay experience with limited HUD, low health, and friendly fire enabled. Players die easily, which often results in early game endings (around 5 minutes).

However, the XP earned per kill is high, making it a time-efficient mode. If you are confident in your skills, Hardcore mode may be your best option.

Tips For When You Can't Beat The Enemy

Try To Get More Headshots

Aim for headshots whenever possible, as they can help you level up your guns faster than body shots. Use your sniper weapon to consistently get headshots to get bonus weapon XP. Using attachments like the Recon Perk to your weapon can help you aim more accurately.

Play With Friends Or Party Up Online

Playing with friends can help you get more kills and you can assist each other in completing challenges. Additionally, playing with more experienced teammates can help you win more games and, in turn, earn more XP for surviving, getting kills, and completing objectives thus making it easier to level up your weapons.

Experiment With Your Loadouts

Be sure to customize your loadouts with attachments that you unlock as you level up your weapon. Some attachments can improve the weapon's performance, making it easier to get kills.

Map Awareness Optimizes Field Equipment Placement

Gaining insight into where players are prone to move, gather or pass through helps you choose optimal spots for your field equipment's location. Knowing where the objectives are located on the map and placing equipment strategically near them can help secure control or defend against enemies attempting to capture these points. This increases the likelihood of it being triggered or deployed effectively, thus letting you earn more XP on the long run.

List of Ways to Get XP

The XP earned listed here is for reference only. The XP earned may vary depending on the playlist.

Common to All Playlists

Assist25 - 85 XP
Allies finish off your target
Kill100 - 150XP
Deal the last hit on the target
Revenge 110 - 135 XP
Headshot 110 - 135 XP
Point Blank 145 XP
Kingslayer 120 -135 XP
Avenger100 XP
Revenge110 XP
Wall Bang 160 XP
Buzzkill100 XP
Double Kill 110 XP
Using UAV 10 XP (Every few seconds)

Kill Confirmed Only

Kill Confirmed75 XP
Collect an enemy team's Dog Tag
Denied Kill25 XP
Gathering your own team's Dog Tag

Domination Only

Capture 200 XP
Capture Kill 150 XP
Defense200 XP

Hardpoint Only

Unlock Target 200 XP
Hardpoint Hold10 XP (Every few seconds)

Ground War Only

Defense 25 XP
Squad Spawn25 XP
Capture300 XP

Try To Achieve Killstreaks

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Get Killstreaks

Killstreaks are rewards earned by achieving a specific number of consecutive enemy kills without dying in the process. The more kills you can chain together without being eliminated, the more XP rewards you get. Customize your loadout to maximize your chances of achieving high killstreaks.

XP Bonuses May Also Stack

Weapon XP Farming CoD MW3

This effectively maximizes the experience points (XP) you can acquire from a single kill.

What Happens When You Earn XP?

Player Level Increases

CoD MW3 Player Level Increases

When you earn experience points and your player level increases, you will unlock weapons and features based on your level. You can check what rewards you can obtain on the "Progression" screen.

Weapon Levels Also Increase In The Same Way

CoD MW3 Weapon Levels Also Increase In The Same Way

Earning experience points will also increase the level of your weapons. There are primarily two benefits to leveling up your weapons. The first one is unlocking attachments based on the weapon level. The second one is expanding the variety of attachments that can be equipped.

Unlock Weapon Attachments As You Level Up

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Unlock Weapon Attachments As You Level Up

For example, a weapon in its initial base level cannot equip most attachments, but as you level it up, you'll be able to equip attachments like Muzzle, Barrel, Optic, and more. You can check what rewards you can obtain on the Weapon Progression screen.

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