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Mosh Pit Guide - Rules & Maps

Mosh Pit Guide - Rules & Maps

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Mosh Mosh Pit is a game mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 2023 (CoD MW3 2023). Guide includes Moshpit rules, what is it, meaning, maps, tips to win, game modes, stages, and more!

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Mosh Pit Overview

The Mosh Pit Has Four Game Modes

Team DeathmatchAn exercise in attrition. Eliminate enemy players until the score limit is reached to win.
Kill ConfirmedRecover dog tags to score for your team and deny enemy scores.
DominationCapture, hold and defend objectives to earn points. First team to the score limit wins.
HardpointCapture the Hardpoint and hold it against attack. The first team to reach the score limit wins.

Which Mode You Can Play Is Randomly Determined

When you start a queue with Mosh Pit, which mode and map you will play in will be entirely random.

Maps That Can Be Played in the Mosh Pit

Maps During The Beta Release

  • Rust
  • Highrise
  • Favela
  • Skidrow
  • Estate

Voting May Determine the Stage

There is a chance you can play a map you want through voting. However, since it's a majority vote, it can sometimes end up that you get a stage you don't like.

Team Deathmatch - Mosh Pit Mode

Team Deathmatch
Time Match10 Mins
How To Win- Team that gets 75 kills first wins
- Team with the most kills at the end of the time match wins

Team Deathmatch is a fast-paced mode wherein players rush to get the most kills as a team. Spawn is very quick, allowing players to quickly come back to the battlefield.

Tips To Win

Don't Be Scared To Flank Or Circle The Map

Since the mode is so fast-paced, you can take risks when it comes to positioning. Run around the map, flank enemies, or even circle around them to catch them offguard.

Make Use Of Corners To Surprise Enemies

Since everyone is running around, you can use this to your advantage. Make use of corners to catch enemies just as they are rounding the corner.

Kill Confirmed - Mosh Pit Mode

Kill Confirmed
Time Match10 Mins
How To Win- Team that collects 75 Dog Tags first wins
- Team with the most Dog Tags at the end of the time match wins

Kill Confirmed is pretty similar to Deathmatch, but instead of kills, it counts Dog Tags that can be collected from the corpses of enemies.

Tips To Win

Collect Teammate Dog Tags To Deny Kills

One of the best ways to keep the other team from winning is by collecting the Dog Tags your teammates leave behind. This will not count towards their kill count!

Make Sure It's Safe When Collecting Dog Tags

Players can use Dog Tags as bait. Make sure that the area is clear first to get the Dog Tags or it might end up that it's your Dog Tag that will be collected.

Long-Range Kills Are Not As Recommended

Since the whole idea is to get Dog Tags, being on the ground is the best way for this game mode. If you are on a team, you can coordinate for a long-range attacker to hit enemies, while an on-the-ground teammate collects it.

Domination - Mosh Pit Mode

Time Match-
How To Win- Team that first gets 200 points for holding a point wins
- Team with the most points at the end of the time match wins

This is another game mode that focuses on controlling a point. However, in this game mode, there are multiple points that players can take simultaneously to earn points!

Tips To Win

Try To Hold 2 Points At A Time

Generally, it's best to always have 2 points under your control at a time. This will allow you to get points quickly, while also making sure you don't overextend yourself across the battlefield.

When Capturing A Point, Make Sure It's Clear Or You Have Backup

Do not just try to capture points without coordinating with your team. Captured points are likely guarded by enemies so make sure you clear them out first or have backup nearby to help you when needed..

Hardpoint - Mosh Pit Mode

Time Match5 Mins
How To Win- Team that first gets 250 points for holding a point wins
- Team with the most points at the end of the time match wins

This game mode focuses more on being able to hold a point, rather than kills. This counts the overall time that a team holds a point, not who held it longer at a time.

Tips To Win

Make Sure To Have The Point First Before Going On The Defensive

Your first priority should always be to secure the point. This will allow your team to get points even if you're killed. Do not go after kills without securing the point first.

Always Have A Teammate Near The Point

Once you've secured the point, make sure that you and your teammates are close enough to react if ever the enemy team tries to take it back. Do not stray too far from it.

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