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All Perks List - Vests, Gloves, Boots & Gear
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MW3 | CoD Modern Warfare 3 2023
All Perks List - Vests, Gloves, Boots & Gear

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The list of all the Perks in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 2023 (CoD MW3 2023). Includes Vests, Gloves, Boots, Gear, the Effects, and How to Unlock.

Table of Contents

Vests Perks List

Infantry VestInfantry VestUnlock Level: 4
Slots: Primary, Secondary, Tactical, Lethal, Field Equipment, Gloves, Boots, Gear
- Increases Tac Sprint duration and reduces refresh time.
Duplicate effects do not stack. If equipped with Running Sneakers, gain the effects if Lightweight Boots.
Engineer VestEngineer VestUnlock Level: 10
Slots: Primary, Secondary, Tactical x2, Field Equipment, Gloves, Boots, Gear x2
- Spot enemy equipment, Field Upgrades, and Killstreaks through walls. Aiming down sights highlights them for the team.
- Faster Field Upgrade recharge.
Gunner VestGunner VestUnlock Level: 20
Slots: Primary x2, Tactical, Lethal, Field Equipment, Gloves, Gear
- Deploy with max ammo.
- Improved reload speed.
Demolition VestDemolition VestUnlock Level: 30
Slots: Primary, Secondary, Tactical, Lethal x2, Field Equipment, Gloves, Boots, Gear
- Resupply Lethal and Tactical equipment every 25 seconds.
CCT Comms VestCCT Comms VestUnlock Level: 40
Slots: Primary, Secondary, Field Upgrade, Gloves, Boots, Gear x2
- Increases duration enemies stay on radar and zooms out radar for you and nearby allies.
- Enemies you kill drop intel packs, which generate a radar ping for you and nearby allies when collected
Duplicate effects do not stack. If equipped with Data Jacker, gain the effects of Mission Comlink.
Overkill VestOverkill VestUnlock Level: 50
Slots: Primary x2, Tactical, Lethal, Gloves, Boots, Gear
- Increased weapon swap speed.
Reload while sprinting
coming soonAssassin VestUnlock: Season 1
Slots: Tactical, Lethal, Gloves, Boots, Gear
- Immune to UAV and enemy radar effects (including while stationary). Duplicate effects do not stack. If equipped with Ghost T/V Camo, (Gear), you gain the effects of Hijacked IFF Strobe (Gear).

Gloves Perks List

Quick-Grip GlovesQuick-Grip GlovesUnlock Level: Default
Increased weapon swap speed.
Scavenger GlovesScavenger GlovesUnlock Level: 52
Resupply ammo and throwing knives from dead players.
Commando GlovesCommando GlovesUnlock Level: 29
Reload while sprinting.
Ordnance GlovesOrdnance GlovesUnlock Level: 15
Throw equipment further. Reset fuse timer on thrown back grenades.
Marksman GlovesMarksman GlovesUnlock Level: Armory (Level 25)
Reduced sway and flinch while ADS.
Assault GlovesAssault GlovesUnlock Level: Armory (Level 25)
While jumping, accuracy and time to ads is improved.

Boots Perks List

Lightweight BootsLightweight BootsUnlock Level: Default
Increases movement and swim speed. Reduces noise while swimming.
Climbing BootsClimbing BootsUnlock Level: 19
Increased climbing and mantling speed. Reduces fall damage.
Stalker BootsStalker BootsUnlock Level: 54
Increased strafe and ADS movement speed.
Tactical PadsTactical PadsUnlock Level: 47
Increased slide distance and allows for full ADS while sliding.
Increases stance transition speeds and crouched movement speed.
Covert SneakersCovert SneakersUnlock Level: Armory (Level 25)
Eliminates footstep sounds.
Running SneakerRunning SneakerUnlock Level: 45
Increase Tac Sprint duration and reduces refresh time.

Gear Perks List

Eod PaddingEod PaddingUnlock Level: Default
Reduces damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire.
Tac MaskTac MaskUnlock Level: 10
Reduces strength of enemy flash, stun, and gas grenades. Immunity to shock, EMP, and Snapshot Grenades.
Mission Control ComlinkMission Control ComlinkUnlock Level: 11
Reduce Killstreak cost by one [1] kill. Reduce Scorestreak cost by 125.
Bone Conduction HeadsetBone Conduction HeadsetUnlock Level: 24
Reduces combat noise, allowing improved identification of enemy footsteps and gunshots.
L/R DetectorL/R DetectorUnlock Level: 43
Warns of hostile laser and radiation sources.
Ghost T/V CamoGhost T/V CamoUnlock Level: Armory (Level 25)
While moving, blocks detection by UAVs, enemy radar sources, and Heartbeat Sensors
Mag HolsterMag HolsterUnlock Level: 34
Improve reload speed.
Blacklight FlashlightBlacklight FlashlightUnlock Level: 36
Shows recent enemy footsteps.
Threat Identification SystemThreat Identification SystemUnlock Level: Armory (Level 25)
While ADS, automatically pings enemy locations in crosshair.
Signal JammerSignal JammerUnlock Level: Armory (Level 25)
Emits signal disrupting placed enemy claymores and mines. Warns of nearby enemy equipment.
Hijacked IFF StrobeHijacked IFF StrobeUnlock Level: Armory (Level 25)
Undetectable by AI targeting systems, and thermal optics. Does not highlight in enemy Tactical Cameras or Racon Drones.
Data JackerData JackerUnlock Level: Armory (Level 25)
Enemies you kill drops a smartphone. Collecting the smartphone generates a radar ping from that location.

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