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Best Way to Farm Schematics Solo - Deliver Cargo Farming

Best Way to Farm Schematics Solo - Deliver Cargo Farming

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MW3 | Best Way to Farm Schematics Solo - Deliver Cargo Farming | CoD Modern Warfare 3 2023 - GameWith

How to get Schematics in CoD MW3 2023 Zombies. Includes how to survive Red Zone, play solo, get Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe blueprint, Refined Aetherium Crystal, Deliver Cargo in MWZ.

Table of Contents

Zombies Advanced Guide - Red Zone Strategy

Prior Knowledge to Farming Legendary / Ultra Schematics

Repeat Delivery Cargo Contract In The Red Zone

walkthrough map

You want to go to the Red Zone as quickly as possible and complete the Deliver Cargo Contract, which is the easiest contract, as many times as you can. The Deliver Cargo Contract always appears in the same spot in the Red Zone, so anyone can do this once you memorize the route you need to take.

You can complete the contract in about 5 or 6 minutes for some rare rewards once you get used to it. If you're looking for Ray Gun, Wunderwaffe DG-2 or Refined Aetherium Crystal Schematics this is highly recommended.

You Can Do This Solo While Avoiding Combat

no equipment or weapons

You will be moving around using your parachute, vehicle and also running while constantly avoiding combat. This can be done alone without any rare items.

You don't need to take any weapons with you, or put anything in your rucksack. But you will need Decoy Grenades, so don't forget those.

What To Bring

WeaponsNone (or any weapon you don't mind losing)
TacticalDecoy Grenade
LethalClaymore (preference)
Field UpgradeAether Shroud

Claymores can be used when zombies follow you into buildings. We recommend Claymores since they are harder to miss, but you can choose whatever you like.

Field Upgrades will be used in a pinch. You probably won't need it too much, but it is safer to have it.

Request To Join Squad If Someone Is Already There

tower location

If there is another player with this strategy in the same match and they get to the location in the map above first, it will make it very difficult for you to make it work. In that case, you can request to join their squad. If they allow you to join you can complete the objective together.

How To Join Another Squad

Open the Ping Wheel menu (up on the D-pad by default) and select Request To Join Squad on the lower right side. If the squad accepts your request, you can then join them to complete the contracts together.

Leave The Match If You Can't Join

If they didn't let you join their squad and they are already on the contract, we recommend leaving the match. As mentioned before, you have nothing to lose if you started with no weapons and nothing in your rucksack. You can also go for a successful Exfil, but that will take more time.

How To Leave A Match

Open the option screen and choose "Leave Match". However you will lose any weapons or items you have in your rucksack so be mindful of that.

Tactical, Lethal, Field Upgrades won't be lost. However, Tactical and Lethal equipment will be unequiped so remember to re-equip those when you start the next match.

Prepare An Operator For This Strategy

There will be times when other players get to the contract first, or possibly die in middle of the Red Zone. You also want to keep the option to leave the match, so have one operator that has no armor or rucksack so that you can use that operator without worrying about losing anything.

You can create an Operator by going to the Strike Team tab in the Lobby screen. Choose "Recruit Operator" to create up to 3 Operators.

Best Way to Farm Legendary / Ultra Schematics Solo

Find A Vehicle First

When you start, first find the nearest vehicle and go to the spot marked No.1 in the map below (it's a tower in the Red Zone). If a player is already there, it is better to Exfil or leave the match.

Walkthrough Once You Get To The Tower (Click To Expand)

schematic farming walkthrough map
Simple Walkthrough

This is a simplified walkthrough you can use while playing. Please see▼section below for the details.

Simple Walkthrough
  1. Use the ladders to go to the top of the tower and parachute towards No.2 marker.
  2. Use the zipline to go from No.2 to No.3
  3. - Once the Deliver Cargo Contract appears, use the zipline to go to No.4
    - If you only see an Escort Contract on the map, accept it at No.3. Then climb the ladder beside it and use the zipline to go to No.4.
  4. Use the zipline to go from No.4 to No. 5. Jump to No.6 and climb the ladder.
  5. - If you accepted the Escort Contract, wait for the vehicle to drop then parachute to it to activate it. Then climb the No.3 ladder and go back to No.6 and wait for it to fail.
    - If you see the Deliver Cargo contract, parachute from the roof to go straight to the marker on the map to accept it. Run under the bridge, up the stairs then climb the ladder at No.6.
    Use the parachute to get to the gas station roof at No.7.
  6. Throw a Decoy Grenade from the roof of the No.7 gas station. Go down and open the door and get on the vehicle. Head to No.8
  7. Complete the Contract and receive the reward from the rift.
    Get back on the vehicle and open the map. Find an Ammo Cache in the Orange Zone and head there.
  8. Refill your Decoy Grenades using the Ammo Box.
    Once you have the Decoy Grenades, get back into the vehicle and follow the road back to No.1
  9. Climb back up the No.1 Tower. Repeat the whole process.
    If you already have what you want, you can parachute to the nearest Exfil point.

Step 1

Use the ladders to go to the top of the tower and parachute towards No.2 marker. You don't have to worry about zombies as they won't spawn at the top of the tower. Double-check your following procedures.

Open the map and check if the available contract is either an Escort or Deliver Cargo Contract in the Red Zone. This will determine what to do in Step 3

Step 2

Once you land on the balcony of the No.2 building (with the curved roof), go to the other side where the zipline is. Use it to go from No.2 to No.3

Step 3

As mentioned above, what you do here will depend on which contract is available in the Red Zone, the Escort or Deliver Cargo.

If Deliver Cargo Is Available

If the Deliver Cargo Contract is available, use a different zipline to go to No.4

If Only Escort Is Available

If you only see the Escort Contract Contract available, get off the No.3 roof and run to the table in front of you. Accept the Escort Contract. Then climb back up to the roof using the ladder and zipline to No.4, then to No.5. Jump down to climb up the ladder on the opposite side of No.6, the triangular building. Wait for the vehicle to drop, then parachute to it to activate it. Go back up the ladder at No.3 to go back to No.6.

If the Deliver Cargo Contract is not available, you can make Deliver Cargo appear by failing the Escort Contract.

Step 4

Zipline from No.4 to No.5

Step 5

run up the stairs to safety

The Deliver Cargo Contract is at the marker in the map above, you can parachute straight to it. Once you accept it, immediately run under the bridge, throw a Decoy Grenade and run up the stairs on your left. Run to the right and go up the ladder at No.6.

Use the parachute to go to the roof of the gas station at No.7.

If Deliver Cargo Is Not Available

If you accepted Escort at Step 3, it will take some time for the zombies to destroy the vehicle. If they stop attacking it, shoot any zombies near it and they will start attacking again. If you don't have a weapon, you can also get close to the vehicle and run back up to the roof to safety to make them attack it again.

Step 6

truck fastest route

From the roof of the No.7 gas station, throw a Decoy Grenade slightly to the left. When you see the zombies gather there, go down and open the door to enter the vehicle. Head to No.8. You can almost go straight to it as shown in the map above for the shortest route.

The reason you want to throw the Decoy Grenade slightly to the left is to avoid the route your vehicle will take. You don't want to damage your vehicle by running over the zombies, so try to dodge them as you head to No.8.

Step 7

Complete the contract at No.8 and receive the reward from the rift. If you didn't find what you want, go back in the vehicle and look for an Ammo Cache in the Orange Zone. Since the latest update, the Ammo Cache shown in the video is often a Stronghold, so look for another one around the No.9 area. If the vehicle is badly damaged, first look for another vehicle you can use.

You want to equip a Self-Revive Kit if you found one. Also obtain any armor plates you find.

Step 8

ammo cache in orange zone

Look for a weapon you can buy if you don't have one and an Ammo Cache to refill your Decoy Grenades. Once you have them, get back into the vehicle and follow the road back to No.1.

You Only Need To Buy A Weapon In The 1st Run

Once you buy a weapon on the 1st run or you brought one with you, no need to do so again from the 2nd run. Just get some Decoy Grenades and head to No.1 in the vehicle.

Step 9

Climb back up the No.1 Tower. If you didn't find what you want, go back to ▲Step 2 and repeat the process.

When To Exfil

Go To The Exfil Point Once You Have What You Need

To avoid losing anything you found in this run, remember you can exfil at any point. If you found what you were looking for or run out of time, get out of the Red Zone once you get to Step 9. Change vehicles if you need to along the way to get an Exfil point in the White Zone.

Endure In The Vehicle Until The Helicopter Arrives

If you are heading for the Exfil point and don't have any weapons to defend yourself until the Exfil arrives, buy a weapon in the White Zone Wall Buy if you can and use the vehicle to get away from the zombies while you wait.

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