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Read this Borderlands 3 DLC - Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot walkthrough guide of "One Man's Treasure" main mission. Includes mission tips, boss fight battles, & more!!!

Table of Contents

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Winners and Losers The Plan
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One Man's Treasure Walkthrough Pt. 1

One Man's Treasure Pt. 1 Walkthrough Chart

1Head to the Market District
2Defeat enemies that appear along the way
3Use the Hyperway and head to the Golden Trough's trash chute
4Gather trash around the area
5Once you've gathered enough trash, head for the Golden Trough and pile the trash
6Use Ember's bomb to detonate the trash pile
7Kill Stanley to get his keys
8Use the key to open the trash chute to reach the compactor
9Make your way through the compactor to find Trashlantis
10Once you reach the entrance to Trashlantis, place the key to happiness on the ground
11Enter Trashlantis to meet the mayor
12Follow the mayor
13Gather Loader Power Cells and head to Refuse Ridge
14Defeat the Scraptrap Nest and Scraptrap Prime
15Once your defeat all enemies, grab the AI Chip Scraptrap Prime Drops
16Find a way to get inside Tony Bordel's fort
17Make your way through the fort, and take the Constructor Eye

2~17. Defeating Enemies - Tips

Bring Corrosive Weapons For Armored Enemies

Bring Corrosive Weapons For Armored Enemies

You will encounter Rusted Loader Bots in the area. Use corrosive weapons to deal with them as the elemental damage will quickly eat away at their health bars.

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Use Incendiary Weapons on Flesh Enemies

Use Incendiary Weapons For Flesh Enemies

You may also encounter thugs of Pretty Boy during this mission. Since they are mostly flesh enemies, Incendiary weapons will be able to kill them quickly.

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Keep An Eye For Surveyors

Keep an Eye Out For Surveyors

Surveyors are airborne robot enemies. Keep an eye to the sky as these enemies can be a nuisance when left unchecked. Use shock weapons to burn away their shields before switching to a corrosive weapon for the killing blow.

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4. Gathering Trash - Tips

Gathering Trash - Tips

Where to Find Trash

  • Picking them up around the area
  • Opening garbage cans and garbage bins
  • Killing Casino Trash Bots

There are a number of ways to gather trash in the area. You will sometimes find them just lying around. You can also open garbage bins to find them. Casino Trash Bots will not fight back and do not have much health so you can melee them to save some of your ammo.

7. Killing Stanley - Tips

Use Corrosive Weapons

Stanley is a bot, meaning he is armored. Use a corrosive weapon to quickly kill Stanley and save yourself some time.

10. Placing the Key to Happiness - Tips

What is the Key to Happiness

The key to happiness is nothing. You do not need to place anything on the ground. Just wait for the Mayor to open the entrance to Trashlantis for you.

13. Gathering Loader Power Cells - Tips

Kill Loaders to Get Their Power Cells

Kill Loaders to Get their Power Cells

You will be able to acquire Loader Power Cells by killing Loader Bots. Remember to use Corrosive weapons as these enemies are armored.

16. Entering the Fort - Tips

Destroy the Clogged Pipe

Destroy the Clogged Pipe

There will be a pipe that is clogged with trash. Shoot at the trash to destroy it, revealing the entrance to Tony Bordel's fort.

One Man's Treasure Walkthrough Pt. 2

One Man's Treasure Pt. 2 Walkthrough Chart

1Return to Trashlantis
2Give the power cells to Freddie
3Place the parts on the broken constructor
4Take the improvised power source from Freddie and place them on the constructor
5Open the gate and escort the Clapstructor while eliminating enemies in the area
6Once you reach the barrier, check on the Clapstructor to open the barricade
7Continue escorting the Clapstructor while killing enemies
8Check on the Clapstructor to open another barricade
9Eliminate all enemies in the area
10Defend Clapstructor as it reinforces the beams
11Kill Tony Bordel
12Return to the Mayor once Clapstructor completes reinforcing the beams
13Talk to the Mayor to end the mission

5, 7, 9. Escorting Clapstructor - Tips

Primarily Use Incendiary Weapons

Primarily Use Incendiary Weapons

Most of the enemies that you will be encountering will be human enemies. Incendiary weapons work best as these will instantly burn their flesh. Stronger enemies will have armor such as the VIP Mobster and Thug, so use corrosive first to take out their armor.

11. Killing Tony Bordel - Tips

Tony Bordel Is Armored

Tony Bordel is a human enemy, but will be armored. Use your corrosive weapons to take out his armor before raining down your bullets into him.

Scraptrap Nest & Scraptrap Prime - Boss Battle Tips

Boss Fight Has 2 Phases

This boss fight will have 2 phases. The first phase will require you to defeat the Scraptrap Nest, while the second phase involves the Scraptrap Prime boss fight.

Scraptrap Nest Boss Tips

Use Splash Damage To Deal With Multiple Enemies

Use Splash Damage to Hurt Multiple Enemies

There will be multiple Scraptraps coming at you from multiple angles. It is recommended to control this crowd of enemies with splash damage weapons, grenades, or skills. It would also be useful if you deal corrosive damage as these enemies are armored.

Keep An Eye On Your Minimap

Keep an Eye On Your Minimap

Your minimap will also be a useful tool in this boss fight. Use it to get a rough idea of where the enemies are coming from. You can use this to avoid any surprise attacks coming from behind, and avoid getting cornered by this enemy.

Scraptrap Prime Boss Tips

Use Corrosive Weapons On This Boss

Use Corrosive Weapon On This Boss

Scraptrap Prime will also be heavily armored. Use your corrosive weapons to deal damage to him and decimate his health bar.

Move to The Side to Avoid Buzzaws

Scraptrap Prime will occasionally throw out a fan of buzzsaws in front of it. You can dodge this by jumping to the side.

Constantly Move Around the Area

Scraptrap Prime will also give chase. However, when he comes close enough to you, he will stop to perform his attack. Constantly move to stay away from this boss' range and avoid taking damage from its melee attacks.

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Winners and Losers The Plan
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