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Destroy Chairs, Utility Poles, & Palettes Challenge (Week 4)

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Destroy Chairs, Utility Poles, & Palettes Challenge (Week 4)

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Get to completing the Season 7 Week 4 challenge "Destroy Chairs, Utility Poles, and Palettes Challenge" with our guide! Complete with tips, appearances of objects and recommended locations to complete the challenge!

Destroy Chairs, Utility Poles, & Palettes Challenge Season 7 Week 4

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Table of Contents

Destroy Items Challenges

Destroy Items - Summary

Destroy Items
DetailStage 1: Destroy 80 Chairs
Stage 2: Destroy Wooden Utility Poles
Stage 3: Destroy Wooden Palettes
ChallengeSeason 7 Week 4

It's time to break stuff! Destroy the target items to complete each stage of this challenge!

Battle Pass Required To Complete

You need a Season 7 Battle Pass to complete this Challenge. Click the link below to find out more about the challenges that you can complete with the Season 7 Battle Pass!

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Recommended Search Locations & How They Look

Stage 1: Destroy Chairs

Stage 1 Destroy Chairs

Chairs can be found in almost any location in the map. Although some can be found outdoors, most chairs can be found inside houses.

Stage 2: Destroy Wooden Utility Poles

Stage 2 Destroy Wooden Utility Poles

Wooden Utility Poles are most commonly found along major roads on the map.

Utility Pole Locations

Utility Pole Locations

The map above shows the best locations for utility pole hunting. Bear in mind that if someone gets to these locations first, you might not find any utility poles.

Stage 3: Destroy Wooden Palettes

Stage 3 Destroy Wooden Palettes

Wooden Palettes can be found in industrial areas and are also a great source of wood.

Wooden Palette Locations

Wooden Palette Locations

The marked locations have the highest number of palletes. Other locations may spawn a few palletes but these are good places to start.

Tips To Complete The Challenges

Prioritize Landing In Areas With Target Items

Prioritize Landing In Areas With Target Items

Since you need to destroy items, getting to them quickly is key to completing the challenge!

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Play Large Team Modes

Large team modes have "safe areas" where you can move about in relative safety and complete your challenges without getting eliminated!

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