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Knives Out is a Trophy Achievement in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8 / RE8). Find out knife only run guide, knives out challenge, how to complete melee only & more!!!

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Trophy & Achievements Guide

Knives Out Achievement - Preparations Guide

Game Preparations Before Starting

Challenge Knives Out After Clearing The Game Once

Without new game plus items from clearing the game for the first time, the difficulty for this challenge will skyrocket. Aim to challenge this trophy when you've beaten the game.

New Game Plus

Use Karambit Knife

Knives Out

For melee weapons, make use of the Karambit Knife for main weapon. this knife can be unlocked in the duke's shop after beating the game, and comes with a low cost of 10000.

Karambit Knife - Stats, Attachments & Where To Find
Tips! Karambit Knife deals a lot of damage despite its looks. It has the power to carry players to complete this challenge

LZ Answerer Is Great But Difficult To Unlock

The best knife for this challenge is the LZ Answerer. However, it is a difficult to get weapon as it requires an SS Rank in all Mercenaries stages. This is purely optional as Karambit Knife is enough to clear Knives out challenge.

Mercenaries Mode - SS Rank & Rewards Guide

Max Out Stats With Food

Max Out Stats With Food

As you'll be getting up and personal with knives, every bit of stats help. Eat all foods to raise max health, speed & guard efficiency.

Food & Cooking Recipes - Ingredients & Tips

Prepare Ample Amount Of Health Recovery Items

As you'll need to engage bosses with knives, taking damage is expected, it is imperative players get a lot of healing items in stock to live it through.

All Bosses List - Villains & How To Defeat

Knives Out Achievement - Knife Only Tips Guide

You Can Use Other Weapons In Some Scenarios

There are some instances like the Heisenberg Boss Battle, Lady Dimitrescu (Final Form) where players can use weapons other than the knife.

When You Can Use Weapons
5 Bells Puzzle
・When breaking locks on gates with weapons
・Detonating Explosive Barrels (Barrel damage isn't counted as weapon damage)
・Destroying the green sludge in Reservoir
・Breaking wood planks in Lake
・Breaking the orange lights inHeisenberg's Factory
・Chris: When avoiding enemies while using laser (Exploding enemies don't count as weapon damage)
・In Chris's final battle, it'll count as weapon damage if you use the laser, so only use the knife to attack
・ Flash Bomb & Grenades count as weapons damage

The tip is to not attack enemies with guns. When using weapons to solve puzzles, avoid collateral damage with spread weapons like shotguns, and use Magnum or handguns instead.

Choose Casual Difficulty

Choose Casual Difficulty

The trophy can be done with Casual mode, where enemy HP & attack damage is lower. Enemies also move slower.

Difficulty Levels - Differences & Settings

May Fight Enemies Instead Of Running Past

Enemies will be weaker in Casual mode and can be killed relatively with the Karambit Knife. It may be more efficient to just kill the swarms rather than try to run past them.

Guard Often When Fighting

When fighting, use guard often. Not only this blocks annoying grab attack from Lycans, it also opens them up for counterattack.

Save Often

Save Often

If you use any weapons than a knife, the challenge will fail. To prevent progress lost due to accidents, save often so you can roll back when something goes wrong.

Confirm Progress With Challenge Screen

Press "Pause" & open the Challenge menu. Look at the "Knives Out" challenge to see if you've made a mistake. The count should be "0" at all times.

Knives Out Achievement - Knife Only Video & Walkthrough Guide

※ Following Guide is based on using Karambit Knife!!!

1. Prologue ~ Village

Video Guide

Key Points
・Stay indoors & avoid open grounds to buy time from the Lycan swarms
・Nothing worth noting after the initial swarm

2. The Castle

Video Guide

Key Points
・Take your time with the Moroaica in the crypt as they're slow
・Pay attention to the Witch's first strike
・Ready your explosive weapons like pipe bombs near parts where you need to blow up walls to let in cold air
Boss Fight
・Look out behind as Lady Dimitrescu does her first pass around the tower
・Focus on evading when she's in the air as there's nothing you can do
・After the event, storm in for attack. You can be a bit more aggressive

3. House Beneviento

Video Guide

Key Points
・Deal with Lycans slowly before you get the 4-Winged key
・Ignore the Large Lycan when you get near the gate that needs the Iron Insignia Key
・House des not spawn enemies so proceed as normal

4. Reservoir

Video Guide

Key Points
・Beware of enemies popping from ground when leaving House
・ When fighting Varcolac, engage it in-doors, then attack its rear as it tries to move away
・Only use weapons when breaking planks or destroying the green sludge
Boss Fight
・Except when during acid attacks, just slash away
・Can also target its rear, near the tail
・When its true for is exposed, attack it even if it causes damage

5. Stronghold

Video Guide

Key Points
・You can ignore all Lycans up until the lever
・Activate the 2 levers fast
Once the lever is activated, the swarms arrive. If things get tough, explode the barrels (careful not to let weapons hit anything but the barrel)
・You can charge through all enemies in the Stronghold interior
・Use guard and force your way through at the final gate
Boss Fight
・Don't attack until boss reach the ground
・When it came down, keep attacking & maneuver to its rear
・If it calls in Lycan reinforcements (only 1 in casual), prioritize the new arrival
・ Keep sticking to the boss's rear and you can win

6. Heisenberg's Factory

Video Guide

Key Points
・Kill the enemies in the pathways for easier maneuvering
・After the Relief of the Horse location with the gimmick, you can use that to take care of enemies
・After attaching the Large Cog up till the shafts, run past all enemies
・Ignore the 2 Samcas. They will return when the ladder drops but just bear the damage & push forward
・After getting the Key Mold, bait the Sturm to open areas then bypass it
Boss Fight
・When fighting Sturm, you'll land hits easier if you get behind it & attack using aim mode (L2)
・Near the end of Heisenberg fight, get behind it and attack (While it may not look like it, you're doing damage to it)

7. Finale (Chris)

Video Guide

Key Points
・Equip your knife to the shortcut menu
・Kill all Lycans you encounter for safety
・Force your ay through after the Large Lycan
・Collect as much supplies along the way for the boss fight
・When in laser mode, use it to attack barrels to thin the herd
・Enemies blown away by the laser don't count as weapon damage so won't break the challenge
Boss Fight
This Is The Hardest Part In Challenge
Do Not use laser as it will break the challenge
・You can only hit its left arm or feet as rear attacks won't land
・This will be a long fight, so use guard actively

Finale (Ceremony Site)

Video Guide

Key Points
・Bring lots of Healing Items (Buy from Duke's shop if needed)
・When its up in the air, just block
・While it may be difficult to hit, attack the long fingers. When she flies, aim for the mold near its feet
・Guard when it uses the Bright Ball attack
・Once it is restrained, you're cleared to use all weapons. Blast away to your delight

Knives Out Achievement - What Is It?

Use Knife Only For Trophy & Challenge

ConditionsFinish the story using nothing but close combat weapons. (Not including the self-propelled artillery against Heisenberg, or when prompted to shoot in the final battle against Miranda)

Beat the game using only knife to complete a trophy & challenge. You'll get 70,000 CP for the achievement.

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You can use guns for any non-combat purpose. For instance, shooting jewels on the ceiling. As long as you don't hit an enemy with a bullet, you're good.

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