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How to Use All Terrain Karts (ATKs)
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How to Use All Terrain Karts (ATKs)

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Learn how to use the All Terrain Kart (ATK), Fortnite Battle Royale's newest in-game vehicle!!

How to Use All Terrain Karts (ATKs)

Table of Contents

ATK Most Known Locations

All Terrain Kart Drifting

ATK Tips

Doing Tricks On The ATK

What Is The All Terrain Kart?

What Is The All Terrain Kart ATK

The ATK has been vaulted as of v8.00 Patch Update. We'll update this if it ever comes back to the game.

The All Terrain Kart is the first vehicle available in the world of Fortnite, introduced during Season 5.

Season 5 Summary

Bring Your Squad With You!

The in-game transport can carry up to four people with enough space for your entire squad.

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All Terrain Kart PC Controls

Button Controls

Button Movement
W Accelerate
S Reverse
A Turn Left
D Turn Right
E Get On or Off ATK
Space Powerslide / Drift
L Ctrl Change Seats

Getting On/Off the ATK

Getting On/Off the ATK

To get on or off the ATK, press "Interact". Choose the driver side if you want to drive the vehicle, if not, you can just choose any passenger side.

Switching Seats

Switching Seats ATK

You can also switch seats within the ATK. Pressing the Switch Seats button will move you around the available seats.

Driving The ATK On Mobile

Driving The ATK On Mobile

Most of the controls for the All Terrain Kart are located on the right side of the screen while the directional pad serves as the steering wheel of the ATK.

Mobile ATK Controls List:

Mobile ATK Controls ListDirectional pad that allows players to steer the ATK.
Mobile ATK Controls ListGet on or off the All Terrain Kart.
Mobile ATK Controls ListSwitch seats in a clockwise manner.
Mobile ATK Controls ListPress down to powerslide or drift the ATK.

Dedicated Powerslide Button

Dedicated Powerslide Button

As of patch v5.30 of Fortnite, a dedicated powerslide button for the ATK on mobile (iOS/Android) was added to the UI.

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ATK Known Locations

Here are some locations in Fortnite where we have found ATKs. We will update this list if we find more, so stay tuned!

Playground Mode

Playground Mode

As of the V5.30 update, there is now an abundance of ATK's in Playground Mode! Try practicing your driving skills over there or simply hop in for a joyride!

Check Out Playground Mode Here!

Desert Biome

Desert Biome ATK Locations
Desert Biome ATK Locations
Desert Biome ATK Locations

The Desert Biome has many areas you can explore to find ATK spawn spots. Check out Paradise Palms and the Race Track.

Lazy Links

Lazy Links ATK Locations
Lazy Links ATK Locations
Lazy Links ATK Locations

ATKs can be found randomly scattered around the golf course and residential area of Lazy Links.

Snobby Shores

Snobby Shores ATK Locations
Snobby Shores ATK Locations
Snobby Shores ATK Locations

Snobby Shores also serve as a spawn area for the All Terrain Kart. You can find them in house garages and parked beside walls.

NOTE: All Terrain Karts do not spawn at the same spot in every match. You may have to look around the specified area more before you can find one.

Map Information

All Terrain Kart Drifting

How To Drift

All Terrain Kart ATK Drifting

Press the SPACE button while accelerating and turning in the direction you want to go until the ATK produces tire marks on the ground.

It takes a while to get a hang of drifting, but remember, practice makes perfect!

Purpose of Drifting

Purpose of Drifting ATK

Drifting with the All Terrain Kart results in a Speed Boost which you can use to move faster around the Fortnite map.

There are three levels of speed boost. The longer you drift, the stronger your boost.

Speed Boost Levels

ATK Drift Level 1

ATK Drift Level 1

EFFECT: Blue Light

This is the lowest but fastest level to gain a speed boost with ATK. Beginners will find this the easiest to use.

ATK Drift Level 2

ATK Drift Level 2

EFFECT: Yellow Light

Drifting for a few seconds longer will give you medium speed boost.

ATK Drift Level Max

ATK Drift Level Max

EFFECT: Red Light

Once the tires glow red, you will get the maximum speed boost you can achieve from ATK drifting.

Drifting Techniques

Drift in Open Space

Look for wide, open spaces to drift. This gives you a chance to get the maximum speed boost!

The Donut

When pressed for space, maneuver the ATK and try to form an "O" or "donut" when drifting.

Avoid Obstacles

Try to avoid hitting any objects or obstacles when drifting, this will break your speed boost combo.

ATK Tips

Passenger Building

ATK Passenger Building

Try your hand at building structures while your friend is driving the ATK.

Your team might find it helpful if you build walls to protect yourselves or ramps for thrilling jumps!

Building Basics

Drivers Cannot Use Weapons

ATK Drivers Cannot Use Weapons

You cannot use your weapons while driving the All Terrain Kart but passengers are free to rain bullets down on enemies!

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Fall Damage

ATK Fall Damage

You can receive fall damage depending on the height of the ATK jump and how hard you land.

Be careful not to jump from extreme heights or you might knock yourself out.

ATK Health Bar

ATK Health Bar

The ATK has its own health bar that goes down when taking damage.

Landing the wrong way, hitting obstacles like other vehicles or trees, and getting hit by bullets & explosives can damage your All Terrain Kart.

Flipping Is Possible

ATK Flipping Is Possible

If you find your ATK has rolled over, press the "E" button to flip it and get back on track again!

Roof Bounce Pad

ATK Roof Bounce Pad

The ATK's roof doubles as a bounce/jump pad. Use it to reach high places!

How To Do Tricks On The ATK

How To Do Tricks On The ATK

Tricks on the ATK can be done by jumping off of high places. You will be able to see your Trick Points building up on the lower left of your screen. Make sure to land cleanly so you won't "wipeout" and lose your points!

Currently, no experience is gained when doing tricks, but there may be other uses for it in the future!!

Use Rifts

ATK Use Rifts

Driving an ATK through Rifts will teleport you and your vehicle to a high point directly above your location. You will be able to rack up trick points as you wait for the ATK to land on the ground.

Check Out Rift Locations Here

Ask A Passenger To Build A Ramp

ATK Ask A Passenger To Build A Ramp

Ask one of your passengers to build stairs in front of your ATK. This will create your own high point so you can jump off and get trick points.

Ask Your Passengers For A Jump Boost

ATK Ask Your Passengers For A Jump Boost

Passengers can help the driver make higher jumps by pressing the down button and releasing at the same time!

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