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DMC5 | Nero Gameplay Guide - Ability & Weapon Tips | Devil May Cry 5

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DMC5 | Nero Gameplay Guide - Ability & Weapon Tips | Devil May Cry 5 - GameWith

Read this Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5) guide about Nero - including info on Nero's voice actor, gameplay, weapon, ability and Devil Breaker tips and techniques, combo moves, character controls, & more!

Devil May Cry 5 Nero - Voice Actor & Known Roles

Character Gameplay Guide

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Table of Contents

Nero - Character Overview

Devil May Cry 5 Nero Character Overview
English VA Johnny Yong Bosch
Character Debut Devil May Cry 4 (2008)

Nero first appeared in Devil May Cry 4 as a young Devil Hunter who works for the Order of the Sword. Somehow related to Dante, and inherited powers from Sparda, he has lost his arm and now fights demons with the use of his weapons & Devil Breakers.

Recommended Abilities For Nero

Ability Recommendation and Criteria

Ability Criteria For Usage
Wire Snatch 2 · This skill is versatile and can be used in combat
· Extends range and is easy to use
Air Hike · Allows you to double jump
· Air combos become easier
Speed · Unlocks faster movement
· Allows you to search for items and collectibles more efficiently
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Wire Snatch 2 Is Required

Wire Snatch

Wire Snatch is frequently used for fighting enemies as Nero. It is very useful to pull enemies closer to connect combos. At the start, this might be expensive to get but prioritize this when buying upgrades for Nero.

Be Formidable In The Air With Air Hike

Air Hike allows you to double jump, making it easier to the pull off combos in the air. It might be expensive at first, but once earned, it's useful anywhere, so prioritize this skill as well.

Recommended Skills

Ability Details
Streak【Weapons】Red Queen
A rushing attack that sweeps up surrounding enemies
Split【Weapons】Red Queen
A descending slash that slams through an enemy and cuts them right down the middle
Combo B【Weapons】Red Queen
· Red Queen Combo derivative
· Effective against single enemies
Roulette Spin【Weapons】Red Queen
· Spin the Red Queen midair to cut up enemies
· This attack will give you some air time
Payline【Weapons】Red Queen
A quick mid-air rushing strike that exploits an enemy weakpoint
Color Up 2【Weapons】Blue Rose
Hold □ to charge the Blue Rose for a powerful attack
Max Act【Weapons】Red Queen (Exceed)
Fill up the Exceed gauge immediately after an attack by pressing L2
Breaker Plus【Weapons】Devil Breaker
Increase the size of your Devil Breaker magazine by 1.

Combo B is Recommended To Get Early

For early skills, Red Queen Combo B is recommended. Since it only requires repeated presses of Δ, the combo is easy to pull off. Also, since many boss fights are one to one, this is a great early addition to your arsenal of moves.

Attack Up Using MAX Act

Nero's Exceed deals additional damage to your Red Queen attacks. With MAX Act, you can instantly charge up your Exceed gauge, to allow you to deal even more damage, so master this move.

Nero Exclusive Techniques

Unique Battle Techniques Exclusive To Nero Gameplay

Nero has unique techniques that he can use in battle that is not available when playing as Dante or V. Make sure to check each technique to know how to use them in battle effectively.

Technique Details
Exceed · Sword power rises to 1 to 3 times
· Usage timing is limited
EX Act · Compatibility with Exceed
· Chargeable while attacking
· Timing is difficult and practice is needed
Devil Breaker · Pull enemies closer
· Buster Skills are strong
· Breaks when special skill is used

Rev Up Red Queen's Exceed System

Nero's blade, the Red Queen, is powered with the Exceed System - a combustion engine that when revved up will wrap the blade in flames. Using the Exceed System will raise the Red Queen's attack power so you can deal more damage to foes.

Always Use EX Act To Maintain Exceed Gauge

When fighting enemies, always aim to use EX Act (L2 whenever you strike with Red Rose) to instantly fill up your Exceed gauge. This keeps your damage up, allowing you to kill enemies faster! Don't worry about breaking your combo as missing EX Act on hits does not affect your combo string.

Use Devil Breakers For Dynamic Fights

Devil May Cry 5 Nero Devil Breaker - Buster Arm

In DMC 5, Nero is able to exclusively use Devil Breakers. Combo the Devil Breaker technique Wire Snatch with the Buster Arm to create powerful techniques to destroy demons. It's recommended to use these together to start and finish Nero's combos.

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Taunt Enemies To Keep Stylish Rank Up

You can taunt your enemies to maintain your Stylish points in the middle of the battle. When your foes are in the distance, use Taunt to draw them nearer to you.

Nero's Recommended Combo Flow

Best Combo Procedure For Nero

1 Use Devil Breaker to Wire Snatch enemies closer
2 Attack using the Red Queen
3 Attack using the Blue Rose
4 Finish combo by using Devil Breaker Buster Arm

1. Use Devil Breaker's Wire Snatch To Start Combo

Use the Wire Snatch technique to draw enemies closer to Nero or pull Nero closer to his targets. This is a great combo starter and can be used in a lot of combat situations.

2. Attack With The Red Queen

After using Wire Snatch, pull out Nero's Red Queen and slash at your enemies. You can use the Red Queen whether in the air or on the ground. Rev it up to use the Exceed System & deal powerful damage to demons.

3. Shoot Enemy With Blue Rose

You can up your Stylish points and combo by shooting at enemies with the Blue Rose in between usage of the Red Queen. The gun is useful in attacking enemies in the air. You can also jump, use the gun, jump again and then use the Red Queen for more Stylish points.

4. Finish Combo With Devil Breaker Buster Arm

Nero's Devil Breaker Buster Arm is a very powerful weapon. It is recommended to be used as the combo finisher to annihilate his foes and bring up his Style rank.

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