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Bloody Palace - About the Mode & Tips
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Bloody Palace - About the Mode & Tips

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Check out this guide on the Bloody Palace mode in Devil May Cry 5! Find out what this mode is and how to unlock, when is it coming to Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5), tips & tricks to beat this mode, & more!

Bloody Palace - Summary & Walkthrough

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How To Unlock Bloody Palace Mode

Complete The Game In Human Or Devil Hunter

Complete The Game In Human Or Devil Hunter

You will be able to to unlock the Bloody Palace Mode by completing the game in either Human or Devil Hunter difficulty. After finishing the game, you will be able to access the Bloody Palace mode.

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Bloody Palace Mode - Overview

Challenge Mode Putting Your Skills to the Test

Bloody Palace, Horde Endurance Mode

The Bloody Palace is a game mode in Devil May Cry 5 that pits your character against multiple enemies. You will need to hone and develop your skills in order to overcome the horde of demons that await you in the Bloody Palace!

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Made Up Of 101 Floors

Bloody Palace, Made Up Of Multiple Floors

Bloody Palace is made up of different floors or levels which you will need to progress through. Completing the last level of the Bloody Palace

Defeat Enemies To Progress Through Floors

Bloody Palace, Defeat Enemies To Progress Through Floors

In order for you to progress to the next floor or level of the Bloody Palace, you will need to defeat the enemies that spawn on the floor with you. Only after the last enemy is defeated will the next level be available to progress to.

Encounter Bosses On Different Levels

Encounter Bosses On Different Levels

Every so often, you will encounter bosses from the main story in the game. Remember to keep you guard up as these bosses each have different attack patterns that you must distinguish to conquer!

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Bloody Palace Is A Timed Game Mode

Bloody Palace Is A Timed Game Mode

Bloody Palace is a timed game mode. You will need to defeat all the enemies and complete all the levels before the timer runs out! If the timer reaches 0 it is game over!

Defeat Enemies & Complete Levels To Add Time

Defeat Enemies & Complete Levels To Add Time

You can extend the remaining time by defeating enemies. Weak enemies reward you with a small time bonus, while harder enemies grant you more time to finish the game mode!

Not Taking Damage Rewards Bonus Time

Not Taking Damage Rewards Bonus Time

Completing a level without sustaining any damage will reward you with bonus time for the next levels. Aim to avoid taking damage to prolong the time limit and make it to the top floor!

Suspend The Game To Take A Break

Suspend The Game To Take A Break

If you are starting to feel a bit overwhelmed at the number of levels you need to go through, worry not! Bloody Palace allows you to stop and take a break anytime! You will be able to resume the game at your current level later on.

Rest Areas Allow You To Resupply

Rest Areas Allow Nero to Resupply

There will be "Rest Areas" in between certain levels that let you take a short break before heading to the next level. These areas will let Nero restock his Devil Breakers. Rest areas are specific to Nero only.

Keep All Red Orbs Collected After Exiting

Keep All Red Orbs Collected After Exiting

The Bloody Palace will reward you with tons of Red Orbs as your progress through the stages. You will be able to keep these Red Orbs after exiting the mode and use them to upgrade your characters & skills!

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Bloody Palace Tips

Recommended Character for Beginners: V


V is a great character to get through this game mode since he does not need to get close to enemies. This lets him rack up precious time by avoiding damage from enemies!

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Collect Blue & Purple Orbs In Missions And Shop

Blue Orbs Increase Life Gauge

Blue Orb Image

Blue Orb Fragments are broken pieces of a Blue Orb. These fragments contain crystallized life force which will be able to increase your character's life gauge, but will only do so after you collect enough pieces to form a Blue Orb.

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Purple Orbs Increase Devil Trigger Gauge

Purple Orb Image

Purple Orbs are stones that contain crystallized magic. These stones, when collected, will increase the time that your character can stay in the Devil Trigger state.

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Use These Orbs To Increase Vitality & DT Gauge

It is highly recommended to max out both the Vitality & DT Gauges to equip yourself for the journey. Having maxed out both gauges will prolong you in battle and increase your damage output in Devil Form!

Don't Forget To Customize!


Before starting the Bloody Palace, it is recommended to customize your loadout first in order to get better and stronger skills that could help you as you progress in the Bloody Palace!

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Focus On Weak Enemies First

Focus On Weak Enemies First

Weaker enemies are easier to bring down. Focus on the fodder enemies first in order to clear out a large number of enemies and get rid of any nuisance when you decide to focus on the tougher enemies.

Collect Orbs Before Proceeding

Collect Orbs Before Proceeding

There may be orbs that drop from enemies when you defeat them. Don't forget to scope out the level after defeating enemies to find any red orbs to increase your in-game currency, and green orbs to restore your vitality!

Bloody Palace Boss List

Practice Different Levels In "Warm Up"

Practice Different Levels In Warm Up

After clearing a level, you will be able to go back to it, and practice on enemies that spawn there including bosses! Use this to sharpen your skills and learn how to defeat these enemies in the quickest time possible!

Bloody Palace Release Date

Bloody Palace Release Date Announced
Release DateApril 1, 2019

The Official Devil May Cry 5 Twitter has officially announced that the Bloody Palace mode will be coming to the game on April 1st as part of a free update! Get ready to put the pedal to the metal in this challenging mode when it drops!

Official Tweet

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